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  1. Quite ironic really that we have a squad full of foreign players, a foreign head coach and foreign staff assisting him yet we must never under any circumstances have foreign owners! How hypocritical is that!
  2. Oh my days! Good game even though we concede from a set piece again and can’t score, yep good game
  3. Even though we have every player in the box we concede a winning goal from a set piece yet again! Zonal marking is really working well isn’t it?
  4. Only team below us not getting a point at least at the moment is Bolton, we really need something from this!
  5. The point I’m making is you are factually incorrect! You made a statement which you can’t back up with the facts! This from the person who always has a go at people for getting facts incorrect or not backing up what they say with facts! So once again I ask what do you base this quote on that they are the most experienced owners, because I’m intrigued as to what it is, or is it just your blind loyalty to Smith and Jones?
  6. You made the statement not me but there is Peter Coates at Stoke for one, so I’m curious as to why you imply they are the most experienced? What criteria are you basing it on when it’s not length of time clearly is it? I would hazard a guess there would be maybe 10 clubs or more with longer owners, and Gibson is one of them too, so what do you base it on?
  7. On what basis do you consider them to be the most experienced football owners in the country? There are definitely people who have owned clubs longer than Smith and Jones have owned Norwich, so it certainly isn’t on how long they’ve owned us is it?
  8. As it’s that time of year, Turkey for me with Besiktas to win at Osmanlispor For City game both teams to score Good luck Kathy and Lincsy
  9. You ought to take heed of your own words too! So maybe Murphy should get lambasted this week then as he’s been worse than Olivera? Should we sell him too?
  10. Not referring to just this thread! It’s the people like you who think that nothing was wrong! One win in 9 it is, whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the second half yesterday it’s too early to think everything is rosy again, let’s see what the Christmas period brings before we cream our pants again, shall we? And that’s called realism, not pessimism as some will no doubt say!
  11. Yep we are world beaters again who are going to storm up the League and win the title, never mind getting in the play offs
  12. So how many of the Nelson haters on this thread were wanting him to miss the penalty last night? Maybe the haters will take on board Nelson’s finger to the lips and shut the fuck up now!
  13. We win ONE match after 8 without a win and we are world beaters all of a sudden, and going to make the play offs again! You couldn’t make it up.
  14. Great second half from City, well done Farke for changing it at half time! Best game in a City shirt for Vrancic Well done lads
  15. Do people seriously think we will get decent money for Klose or Franke? We will do well to get 4million for Klose and as for Franke, we paid 3 mil for him and will get nowhere near that for him, in fact lucky to get 1.5 mil for him
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