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  1. They have a great history like our friends down the road. Won the double in 1888 I think..
  2. I remember being quite a good hard working and commuted player.. Think he played quite a bit in.lg1 but our rise was too rapid for him to keep pace.. I hope be gets fit and plays well again tho I don''t think even at his best tgat will be a huge benefit for scrum.
  3. Ahhh Ayayla.. That assist for Jerome at Wembley will never be forgotten.
  4. Yeah..if we lose all our games we will be bottom... If only u had the legs to go with your mathematical genius u could replace Rachel rile on countdown...
  5. They r a zaha injury away from being relegated.... Once they r relegated, and they will be relegated despite their investment, they will be in financial meltdown....
  6. Unless we get silly money or have a really good replacement lined up, I think this would be crazy. Our biggest problem is that we need a strong no nonsense cb to cope with aerial bombardment from teams like sheff utd(actual full backs that can stop crosses coming in too would be useful) The issue with that is that big strong no nonsense defenders tend not to be the type that can play tippy tappy build from the back type build up
  7. To be fair to the blades, they got used to the total football and the master of the beautiful game, neil warnock, so ofcourse they would never have seen gamesmanship, bending rules,time wasting and anti football tactics. A rhodes Hatrick in a 4-0 win should please them...
  8. Tettey will definitely not play I think it''s fair to assume. Husband may get another go or they may want to give pinto more minutes as a LB . I''d probably stick with a spine krul Hanley MacLean pukki and maybe rhodes to try to build confidence and sharpness then player other back up players
  9. Too early to make any rash judgement Huge positive is we look like scoring goals and 5 in 2 games is pretty good, we just need to find a balance to shore up the defence. If we persist with 2 very attacking full backs/wing backs I think we have to sacrifice pukki MacLean or leitner to fit in either a 3rd centre back or help for tettey. But early days still. Wondering if we need to play krul and rhodes v Stevenage to build confidence but then krul needs to kno hid place is up for grabs if he doesn''t perform..
  10. Robert Chase did alot of good, some of it maybe by luck than judgement, and he may have been at the helm during our most successful period but he didn''t leave us in that position. He left us languishing in 2nd tier, fire sale of players, deep in debt,without our best manager and best chance of promotion, and with Gary Megson!!
  11. Been average to poor since signing but unlike some, even though I don''t think he should be played, if he s in the team he gets my full support. To be fair to him, I don''t think he has the attributes to succeed the way farke likes to play,. He doesn''t have the pace and mobility needed. In a pulis or mccarthy type team i think he woukd do ok. I don''t know but maybe stieperman played yesterday as kind of back up as farke knew we were weak that side, especially as I think Hernandez was on that side too and was never going to provide help defensively
  12. Good job Farke made the decision to play Hernandez then. Also good job he brought on Srbeny who set up the 2nd goal
  13. Top 3 Aston villa Stoke Derby Bottom 3 Birmingham Bolton Rotherham Norwich to be 8th
  14. Based on what both have done since leaving, I would say mid table mediocrity and relegation battles coupled with allegations of bullying so thank God we have moved on.
  15. It depends on you''re perspective. Realistically, we have little money, have had a huge turn over of players and left with a squad of promising youngsters and underachieving older players. Realistically mid table is what we should expect. No doubt there are still some who think we should be walking away with the league so if you have unrealistic expectations you should be pessimistic. I''m optimistic personally..but in general don''t most fans hope for the best and expect the worst?
  16. Lime green.... Don''t think I like it..the main colour is ok but the stripes etc just makes it look messy but the 3rd kit should be a bit left field and different..
  17. Blue with white sleeve...white shorts and a picture of a bin where the badge should be, with 3 flys hovering above it. Seriously I wouldn''t mind blue and white half like that centenary kit we had as long as it was a much lighter blue than the scums. How about a rainbow kit to tie in with pride tomorrow? With Fashanu automatically printed on every shirt.
  18. Think maddison took a few days when he had knee ligaments scanned. I''d guess 4 weeks out but that''s just a complete guess
  19. Won''t know for sure until the real football starts but we seem to have a much much better squad now. Practically swapped Murphy and replaced him with the 5 or 6 players we needed...plus the maddison money clearing our shortfall. You would think that i would have learned now at 41 but I''m expecting top 6 and promotion now..
  20. I would take ruddy over both keepers at the moment. Krul will be more comfortable with playing out from the back. And IF we sign him and he s as rubbish as some are saying we have Matthews and McGovern anyway but I''d be shocked if he isn''t better than both even if not as good as he used to be. Seems like PPL want a good experienced keeper but as Elvis sang "don''t be Krul"....
  21. Experienced keepers that are good and available are hard to come by. If we get another keeper I can only see a promising youngster like Gunn was or a keeper that''s had bad times recently so unlikely to play at his club.. Would anyone take now Joe Hart? Fraser Forster? Lorus karius?
  22. Oliveira has overall done well for us although last season was obviously disappointing. At his best, he is a match winner but I think he has to play in an attacking team. I see parallels with his performance for Alex Neil compared to farke with Grant holds performance for Lambert v hughton but Holt didn''t sulk. If we can get the best Oliveira back we will have a forward line to rival the Jerome grabban Hooper (lafferty) of the promotion season but I can''t see tgat happening unfortunately.
  23. In regards to ragget t, I really don''t understand why we didn''t play him forvthe last few games last season to help him acclimatise and be more ready this season.
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