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  1. I think after the next two games Knappers job will likely be easier to decide. We cant stick with this.mediocrity. anyone can see we're not going anywhere under Wagner
  2. I dont think Wagner knows what our derby is, or means. I just think his tactics and our players wont rise to the occasion and sadly theyll beat us. I want us to do well but its impossible to see that under Wagner, and we need a fresh start, even if it takes Ipswich beating us to open our deluded Boards eyes. Hopefully Knapper will then act
  3. I'd prefer to give him 50-60mins every game instead of Onel, and then we can judge him. Surely he cant be any worse than Onel?
  4. Maybe next year Idah will come good, haha! Sounds like it's pretty dire. It's been pretty dire for quite a few games now!
  5. Blimey, Sainz getting a full 19mins run out today. Things are improving!!!!
  6. So in summary, it's pretty turgid stuff, and once again we're playing poorly, against a poor team for the 4th or 5th game in a row. It's not really getting better? Maybe Gibbs can come on for Idah (who never does anything when he starts!) and get that last min sneaky goal!
  7. Why report on Ipswich.This is a NCFC game thread. Go on Ipswich board and post these updates if that's who you support? I like supporting Orient (my Dad's team) and Wrexham but don't post updates for them, Cambridge or King's Lynn Don't get this love affair with what Ipswich are doing
  8. Astonishing Onel gets a start each game and yet performs poorly with no end product! Mclean in defence again. Maybe this is his calling! Idah getting a start now needs to show he's not just a super sub. Rowe and Sainz to come on is encouraging against tired legs. Here's hoping Knappers Jan plan is to replace Onel!
  9. Its so dour we have to keep opening up threads on billy and todd. Why cant we move on?
  10. Sara and nunez gives us no protection whatsoever. And surely Idah has to start up top ahead of Gibbs
  11. Even the commentators were saying Batth was unlucky to be dropped, and they also said he'd look far more accomplished than Duffy, for even the few games he'd been playing. Kenny isn't the answer long term in defence, especially when we've played such poor teams recently, but you could argue Duffy has been poor all season and yet seems undroppable
  12. How.long is he suspended for for us. Really want Batth and Warner to continue against QPR
  13. Haha we could lose 5-0 and Wagner would still say we played well!
  14. Like how we scraped a 2-0 win over Malta, and France manage a 14-0 win over Gibraltar
  15. My worry is we're keeping Wagner until nearer Jan, when his contract will be up for review. To me this smacks of the cheap option, rather than getting rid of now because the results and performances have been very poor. A poor result against qpr and this international break has been wasted. If promotion really were our priority for the season Wagner should be long gone by now.
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