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  1. Oh good god, not yet another thread about Farke & Smith. Can't we please stop the comparisons and get behind SA& and the team. Identities come in time, it's not great, there are sparks of what Smith is trying to do, & we have, as usual countless injuries. But we're on a very good run, even without playing well, and we're 2nd. You just can't please all the people all the time! But please just stop the incessant comparisons!
  2. To be fair I still don't think Smith knows his best 11, and that's only because of the curse of Norwich injuries. He's attempted to address the midfield, and both Nunez and Sara will take some time to adjust to the english game. Ramsey is showing he's a bright spot. Gibbs was giving us all hope he could be a longer term CDM star, until he got injured, and we've yet to see Hayden. Hence, and this is my main gripe, we're still relying on the woeful Mclean, but he's the best we have in the squad atm. I'm still not convinced we've got the right players to play 4-3-3, and if we did get up, we desperately need to strengthen our defence, and most probably all over the pitch. Last seasons atrocious recruitment continues to haunt us, and is evidence that both £9m plus signings are now out on loan. IMO I'd be surprised if we see either play for us again. Smith isn't everyone's cup of tea (no pun meant) but whilst it's not clicking (yet-and many a time we had that debate with Farke) he's picking up results, which is a sign his man management of the squad and subs is working. Again he's been allowed to bring in 4 players in two windows so he's still playing to best part with Farke's squad. There's a long way to go, and hopefully we'll be stronger once the key players( Sara, Nunez, Hayden, heck even Gian, Gibbs, McCullam) are back I personally get fed up of the constant Smith v Farke, as managers all have different styles. We can't have everything, and whilst the "style" is still much open, he's getting results, even without playing well. And we're 2nd What frustrates me is our mental fragility. We come out of the starting blocks on fire against a very good Bristol side, but come out sluggish and poor against a West Brom side, on a poor run, and can't seem to raise our game! And still gift poor goals from our defence. Can't remember the last time we had a "strong solid" defence
  3. I agree that if both loans work out and Tzlolis & Rash do well, we can see the postives from the business end, in that either they'll come back firing on all cylinders for us, else we'll recoup most of our outlay or make a profit. Tzolis is a strange one, and clearly struggled to settle, not getting much game time, despite others looking awful. Fresh start and a good season and he could play a big part for us. Rash i feel differently. I get the feeling he knows he was signed for the Prem, didn't play well, and just wasn't up for the hard graft of the EFL. Should/if etc we get promoted IMO I'm not sure I'd want Rash back to play for us. I wonder how the other players might react to him returning to, so if he has a good season I'd hope we recoup the money and re-invest in someone else As for Webber's Prem recruitment, it ain't good, but it seems Smith is having a bigger say in our transfers, and if Sara, Nunez & hayden come good, there's hope that our recruitment is on more solid ground
  4. Surely you wouldn't take your team photo without your star striker just cuz he's off ill?
  5. He showed little last year, and hasn't shown he can make an impact this year. Looks like he doesn't want to play for us in EFL, so good riddance to him. I don't think we'll really miss him Is it permanent or a loan?
  6. Just think how much stronger we'll be once Hayden & Sara start playing, Surely Onel & Cantwell need to start ahead of Sinani & Dowell
  7. At what point will Sara start getting mins. If he's on the bench, he should be good enough to be playing some minutes
  8. This is supposed to be a transfer thread. If we want to talk about Onel, can't a new "Onel" thread be started. Shows how little activity, or rumours there are
  9. Webber's no mug. It would have to be serious money before his head was turned to even consider. We can't even consider going with just Sarge, Idah & Hugill, when Idah's injured at present and on comeback trail If Pukki went, they'd look at a replacement, but I suspect it would have to be £10m+ to even consider
  10. I wasn't in either the Smith in or out camp, but always felt we should be fair and give him a time to stamp his authority on this squad. I always felt it unfair the calls for him to go after a few games. Too short sighted for several fans on hear, but they're welcome to their opinions We all feel better after two wins, and two good performances. Credit to Smith for seeing something in Gibbs and giving him a chance, same goes for Sinani who's looking like a new signing Still a long way to go, but pleased the squad do now appear to be playing for him. And I have to eat humble pie over the Sarge. What a revelation last two games, and clearly he loves playing in his favoured position. Has really improved from real effort, never in question, to finished product, and you have to give him real credit for that. Long may it continue!
  11. Interesting Ramsey & Cantwell are brought on ahead of Rash. We've gone from bottom to 5th in two games. Crazy league!
  12. That's my thinking. Surely they must have some who could strengthen our team
  13. Can't believe they've bought 16 players! Didn't fulham try and full squad makeover for the Premiership and it didn't work I feel sorry for the players who got them promoted and may not now get a look in. They're certainly showing they want to stay in EPL!
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