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  1. NCFC tend to be loyal and will give Farke time to bring the new group of players together. I don't think he's untouchable though, and fans booing, seats empty well before the final whistle is a very telling sign. If we're talking about replacements I'd go Eddie Howe. Good track record in Premiership, and never having huge budgets to work with.
  2. I can only assume substitutions were precautionary, with Kabak & Norman playing their first games, and Sargent coming off worse than others with his jet setting. Shows that when the quality goes the usual suspects start ball watching and we let the usual errors creep in. Would like Omo to be given a run with Kabak, and if we need to provide protective cover for the back 4, have Normann and PLM/Sorensen, playing as a two DM, but can't see Farke going for that. Would also allow Tzolis, Sargent & Rash playing behind Pukki,
  3. We've lost our first 5. Our season starts every new game in the hope we might get a result and kick start our campaign Not confident about Everton though after their result!!!
  4. I think it's a little harsh as Nornann & Kabak have only had 1 game. Each [player will get sharper and the team will "gel" per game as the new players get used to each other. We've got more new players than we've ever brought in under any other window. In terms of "gelling" Rashica & Sargent play together as has Tzol & Giann , and the hope, as we've spent approx £8m per player there (& £6m on latter, which is not small fry for us) is we can get all of them in the team pretty sharpish and playing together. Time isn't with us, but there's a long way to go. Just hope Farke is brave enough to get them in quick
  5. Two positives from today. Sargent offers more muscle and "nuisance" up front to support Pukki. Normann looks quality and will get better. Kabak will hopefully improve and get sharper, but just how do you stop the incessant mistakes and leaky defence?
  6. In 4 seasons, I'm not sure if Farke knows what "which is all about being defensively sound as a starting point" means
  7. Sissoko was a beast, and cost but a few million for Watford. Players who don't fit our style seem to be effective, it's a shame our style is allowing every team to outplay us so easily. Ajer cost a few million more than we were prepared to pay, yet Brentford looking solid in defence so far, whilst we still look a shambles, 4 seasons in with Farke! A shame we can't bring in a defensive coach! I'm a Farke fan, but he must be running out of time?
  8. I think Kabak will get sharper and improve as he plays more with our players. However, I'd drop Hanley and see if Omo & Kabak can form a partnership. Sorry but drop Mclean & Gilmour, and play PLM & Normann in front of back four Then have Tzolis & Rash out wide, Sargent behind Pukki, either that or Cantwell in No.10 behind Sargent We have to try 4-2-3-1
  9. Have been saying, and hoping, once we got Normann, that would allow us to go 4-2-3-1. Thought we'd adopt it against Watford, but we've been outplayed and out-muscled now against poor Arsenal, and now an average watford. 4-3-3 just doesn't work. Am beginning to wonder if Gilmour is too lightweight and trying to fit him in, isn't going to work One could forgive Kabak who hasn't played and may not have been match fit/sharp. He'll adapt, but we persist we Hanley. Bring back Omo!
  10. So how is Hanley playing, after Farke defended him so vehemently in his recent press conference? Surprised Omo got dropped as I believed he played well against Arsenal.
  11. I asked for a truce, happy to cut my losses on this one as I can't see it happening
  12. After 4 defeats, I'd take point, but we don't like playing Watford. 3 points puts us right back in the mix, and we'd forget about those last 4 games!
  13. I'm not a fan of Rupp. IMO he doesn't add anything to the team, or improve the team. But I guess what Farke likes about him is his versatility, and level of work he puts in. He doesn't stand out, but puts in a good shift, without looking impressive. My frustration is that if others don't put in a good shift Farke drops them, yet Rupp seems to get a starting spot most games, wherever Farke can fit him in. I've never really known what Rupp's best position is, but we trust in Farke whether we win, lose or draw. He sees more than I do
  14. Well hello horsefly. I see you're still not happy, and still picking holes in my responses. In my original post I said i'm personally not interested in talking about Ipswich. I'm allowed that opinion, as you are allowed yours (even about me, despite making personal assumptions about me). In all my further posts I haven't actually talked about the local rivals, so haven't deviated from my original post (more like trying to defend myself from others who are trying to rip my statements apart). So I'm not contradicting myself, even if you have the opinion I am. PS I was around in early 70's when our local rivals were a real force! I've said, I have the opinion I prefer talking about Norwich, rather than rivals, and went onto to say we all have opinions. I see nothing contradicting about that If you like talking about our rivals , do so. I get many people like seeing our rivals struggle, and that's great for them. You can talk about it here, or do so on their forum. It's your choice. In all my responses (I'm sorry if 've offended people, quite clearly many, but if you read all posts and topics, nearly every person gets berated for saying something on here) I haven't talked about "our rivals," I've been defending those attacking me. So I haven't contradicted anything. Anyone can take any statement out of context (Thanks Bot for doing an audit on all my posts-You are most certainly on the ball ) Are you saying you don't believe there are aggressive posters on this forum? Are you saying you're actually not being aggressive towards me and it's all in light hearted jest? Posters make comments in jest, and others state things because they are angry. C'mon to deny no one is ever aggressive on this forum is a lie? As I said, every opinion is valid, whether it's right or wrong, and everyone is entitled to make their own opinions. I made a general statement (ok so it's upset people, and for that I apologise) about my opinion of personally wanting to talk Norwich (I love debating Norwich, and have no interest talking about "them" even in their current demise), rather than what's happening down the road. You're choosing to express your opinion about what I'm saying (and some personal jibes at me. E.g. Or did you think "binner land" referred to the world of refuse collection?, followed by comments about "your command of English is so appallingly bad. Best not to call people thick when you say such ridiculous things"). You've also said I don't have any self awareness. I spend most of my life helping others, so dislike your comments. You win! I just don't like laughing at anyone else's demise or problems, even if it's our arch rivals. I get it many do, and that's fine. We all see things differently. FTR several people agreed with my original post, but I don't see you berating them, especially if they share my same opinion. Why not go after them for agreeing with such an utter "piffle" statement, to be consistent FTR I never said anyone had to f*ck off from this forum. I said I don't give a f*ck about talking about them. I said if you like talking about other clubs, join they're forum. I said nothing about leaving this forum. Be on both and get the best of both worlds. Several of the comments I've made have been taken out of context (e.g. Graham said I'd said KL are a local rival, when my post said local teams/rivals). We both have our own opinions. Any chance of a truce on this as we see things differently, and have different opinions? And if I don't get attacked again, I won't make any other comments on this thread and leave you guys to it But I'll get involved on other threads as that's my choice and my opinion to share. Have tried to be fair. Have tried to apologise. Can't do more than that, but I haven't contradicted myself
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