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  1. Samwam27

    6 goals in 15 away games...

    Our formation hasnt worked allseason, so should we try changing it? Especially as weve hit such a barren spell of goals!
  2. Thought he had an immense game and some of his last ditch defending was superb. But what I liked most was several times he got the ball he really drove out of defence towards midfield. He's growing as a defender, but can't help thinking we've missed a trick with him in midfield. He'd be box to box, have huge energy and I think he'd be superb from midfield driving us forward.
  3. Samwam27

    match thread

    Krul motm. Grwat penalties from cantwell and idah
  4. Samwam27

    match thread

    Good god this tef has bern appalling. Cmon u yellows
  5. Samwam27

    match thread

    Buendia goes off and we completely lose any creativity
  6. Samwam27

    match thread

    Extra time worst case for us. Sorry but premiership should be more important. Great 2nd half, but i fear we wont have enough for sheff u
  7. Samwam27

    match thread

    Well hallelujah
  8. Samwam27

    match thread

    Is Drmic even playing. Wasted transfer. Bring idah on
  9. Samwam27

    match thread

    Wtf. Our defence!!!!!!
  10. Samwam27

    match thread

    Again just what position did we buy Rupp to play in?
  11. Samwam27

    match thread

    Sheesh is that our first shot!
  12. Samwam27

    match thread

    We look very slow. No one seems interested yet
  13. Samwam27

    Farke post match press conference

    He's way, not affecting the first team, so does it matter?
  14. I'm not knocking a fantastic performance, but had we had more clinical finishing in front of goal, we'd have plenty more points on the table. Jamal took his goal beautifully. Chested it, waited for the ball to drop then picked his spot. Duda had a great long distance shot, but then had a great chance from centre of the penalty area and just seemed to choose to slam it, rather than place either side of Schmeichal This isn't a criticsim of Duda, but we're creating chances every game. Just seem to be lacking the composure to stick it away. still, we're given ourselves a chance, and need to keep the momentum going against Sheff U
  15. Samwam27

    Norwich v Leicester match thread

    Farke's playing mind games hopefully will confuse them for last 10mins!