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  1. Our record for going for injury prone players isn't great. That being said Bennett's injuries seem to have been several years back, and sometimes a no nonsense defender is what you want Mawson played some 20 games for Fulham. The injury records just make me nervous!
  2. Totally disagree. Both Pukki and Drmic have been given plenty of chances to score. You can't just say you sympathise. And both Pukki and Drmic have sqaundered numerous chances (and that's a fair assessment) If it had been on the other foot and he'd scored a few for us I would be sympathising, but chances have been created, and whilst it does take players time to adjust to the english game, he's looked quite poor for majority of the time he's been here, especially for Swiss international (although you could argue Pukki has look a shadow of himself ever since his toe injury) If a player is openly talking about his situation and stating "he could stay or go" then clearly he's not committed to the cause. Let him go and bring in players who are hungry to play for us, whatever the league
  3. Klose, Hanley and Byram all have injury records + Championship is far more physical than Premiership and look out how easily we were out muscled this season Weve played zonal marking for two seasons now, with Farke even admitting he plays this because he doesn't feel we have the players for man to man marking. And look at how many we've conceded last two seasons. Playing with current players mean we'll do so again and we'll leak, ship in and give more goals. Just because they've played in Premiership for a season doesn't mean they'll be better, stronger defenders this season. They might be young and talented but as a back four, with Aarons, Lewis Godfrey and whoever is fit to partner Godfrey, but they've has looked weak for two seasons now. We'll ship in many goals this season again for all the reasons above. I'd be amazed if one or more of those mentioned don't go, but we desperately need so stronger, more physical defenders to sure up one of the leakiest defences we've ever had.
  4. When typo's go wrong! And you thought it was just football that's gone wrong at NCFC. Look at the top story. Now we have some other interesting issues to sort out!!!!!!!!!!
  5. That Krul desperately needs to stay. He keeps getting better and better, and oh for a solid defence in front of him. That we may possess young defenders who could go for millions, but for two seasons now teams have banged in goals for fun. Godfrey has improved despite a bruising season, and with Zimm "could" form a solid CB pairing, but that's a big if as the injuries have shown it's not a given. Will Klose be good enough in Championship or is his best behind him. Both Zimm, Klose & Hanley could be good pairing for Godfrey, but are now injury prone. Same with wingbacks. Lewis & Aarons look great going forward, but are they good enough defensively. With Byram & McCallum we have ready made replacements but do we have strength in depth. Thank goodness for tettey, and in Jacobsen have we at last found the missing piece of the puzzle in a stronger, athletic CDM? Add Sitti and perhaps we;ve finally got some grit. However, without tettey we've looked woefully lightweight. We've proved neither Rupp, Maclean or Trybull form solid midfield pairings and none of those have worked. Jury still seems out on Rupp in just what his best position might be, and perhaps Mclean or Vrancic will operate more effectively further forward, with Tettey/Jacobsen holding the centre? I'm slightly concerned Rupp already seems a favourite of Farke though Onel has got better and better as the season has gone on. Buendia's genius has been overshadowed yet again by petulance, but in Onel & Paleska we now have width and speed. Whether Buendia &/or Cantwell are here remains to be seen. Both would be a huge bonus to retain in Championship, but we still seem to be missing an effective No.10. Do we want to persist again with Stiep in hope he re-creates his last Championship form? Pukki oh Pukki. If you find your scoring boots and stay then we'll all be happy. Idah looks young and hungry and has looked far more impressive in so many short cameos than Pukki & Drmic put together. Could well bags goals a plenty next season, but being young will have dips in form. Pukki and Idah need to lead us, but we need a quality 3rd striker as this season has shown without Pukki's form there are no goals elsewhere. Words cannot describe Drmic. IMO I hope he leaves, as I've seen nothing from him all season, and we look to replace. One of our poorest signings in many a season. Any thoughts?
  6. Yes the club have been prudent and financially look sound, but this isn't "just" a business. First and foremost its a football club!
  7. I'm pleased we've hit the ground running with two quick transfers in, but what I don't get is why we feel we can spend, and as Webber says, look for a bit of quality this season, when last seasons transfer was a complete joke. All cheap has beens, and despite Byram being the only exception, he came with an injury record. I thought Sheff U spent sensibly, but to not even spend beyond £1m for a single player in the promised land was a disaster and an embarrassment and we went in with a threadbare squad I agree. Managers come and go and are made the scapegoat, but this Board has made mistake after mistake and get away with it. Yet another promotion handled poorly but our untouchable Board. And we still get the "we love this club and do things in its best interest" but this season season has been one of the clubs biggest disasters in it's history. C'mon Delia, let's be avin yer. Webber comes out with some honest explanations. Its about time Delia and co did the same
  8. Perhaps we need to sell our defenders else we'll leak goals galore next season, just like we did last season!!!!
  9. F*cking lucky Villa. Wham didn't turn up today
  10. Kenny Maclean wtf were you doing there!!!!!
  11. Just hope we get a sight of Idah and not his usual few minutes cameo
  12. Yes but one on one and he hits it straight at the keeper. He was banging them in for fun before his injury. How for has he gone off the boil
  13. Our 9 men mustr be kn*ckered. You gotta laugh cuz farke's still only used 3 subs!!!
  14. At least a Norwich player has got on the scoresheet
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