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  1. 81 mins gone. Farke sure loves giving our players plenty of game time.
  2. Has PP really done enough to start? Again Vrancic just isn't doing enough to start, and yet gets the game time that Dowell isn't, so he can get up to speed. This would be ideal time to give Dowell a start, with Stieps the most likely candidate to take over now he's back. Think I'd prefer Mumba on left instead of PP. And if not Dowell in No.10 today, i'd push Mclean up there and slot Sorenson next to Skipp
  3. Is that Scott Hogan who went to Villa a few years ago for a scandalous amount of money?
  4. I don't see why people think Jacob will only be defensive if played in midfield. We've got to give him that chance to play and grow into that role. I think he would be more forward thinking than people think. Mclean is a driving force but is quite sloppy, Rupp looks rusty, and Vrancic just doesn't know where the goal is at the moment. Migth be time to give Skipp a rest and try Jacob. Mclean is probably fresh enough to continue in midfield, but I would try Dowell instead of Vrancic in No.10 role. IMO Its too soon to simply put Stieps back in the No10 and he needs some cameo roles to show he's back in the swing Gibson has to play if he's fit, but Zimm to continue if not. Just wish Farke would make use of his subs, as I fear several games a week and playing majority of players for 80-90mins per game might come back to bite us, and we need our strongest side to be fresh for some of the tougher games coming up
  5. Great hard earned win, and great weekend for results. My only concern is someone highlighted we've got 7 games in 21 in what already is a gruelling season. Today we;ve had 11 players playing 90mins, which Farke tends to stick with majority of every game. We're going great guns but I hope the players don't get burned out, and with subs getting so little game time, it's hard for the periphery players to "get their rhythm" as Farke said in interviews
  6. I agree with Capt Pants. We bought Sorensen as Tettey's replacement, and then got Skipp in. IMO Sorensen was bought for his tackling game, but always looked like he had great vision and passing skills. I side with Capt pants in that No.10 has caused us problems all season and I'd love to see us try a Skipp/Sorensen midfield and Kenny in No.10. Kenny gives us more physical presence up front as well. Sorensen must have been told he was bought as 1st choice, but obviously that changed when we got Skipp. I can see us keeping Skipp for another season if we go up, as it'll be a natural progression, playing regularly and settled at a lower level Prem club. Can't see it if we fail, and with Vrancic just not really establishing himself in the No.10, the double SS midfield partnership is an exciting one Trouble is, just can't see Farke dropping Kenny, or Rupp, before trying Jacob there
  7. We really need more goal threat, and take the pressure off Pukki. I really like the idea of: KrulAarons Hanley Gibson Sorensen/Giannoulis*Skipp McLeanBuendia Idah, CantwellPukki but Farke rarely changes, and over saticks with his players hoping they'll suddenly come good so expect KrulAarons Hanley Gibson SorensenSkipp RuppBuendia Mclean CantwellPukki I just find this midfield too defensive, and as we;ve been lacking goals (we've been scraping wins by a single goal all season) we need more fire power. Idah and Pukki together doesn't need such intricate passing, and Idah will be more direct (& likely be more of a handful than Mclean)
  8. If we go up we need to let him go and look to strengthen. If we don't I'd keep him. I really don't think he should be anywhere near the starting 11 as he hasn't got the space or strength to last or influence the majority of the game. That said, his strength is his eye for a pass, and is one of our best at set pieces, so I'd keep him for when we're chasing games, or need his passing to open up tired defences.
  9. If people say on here about letting it go (when the topic of Rhodes come up as a striker) imo I have to say, why do people care so much we beat Ipswich two seasons ago. Who cares! Lets concentrate on this season
  10. We gambled on Pukki rediscovering his goalscoring form at this level. Perhaps we played it safe. Perhaps we actually took the bigger risk?
  11. I get all clubs go through purple patches, and we've had our fair share of injuries, but I do wonder if Farke's weakness is he avoids squad rotation, tends to stick with players even if they're not playing well, and does tend to keep the starting 11 on for majority of games, only to make late subs. Swansea was our 3rd game in 6 days, and this is a gruelling season, and players are looking jaded, so I do wonder if more squad rotation would help the players?
  12. Agree Thirsty, but the thing is so do the senior players. Pukki's dried up for 8 games without a goal, and yet plays every game whether he looks jaded or not, Vrancic, Mclean, Rupp, even Cantwell are all blowing hot and cold, so it's not just about your age. Josh certainly started brightly and hopefully has a bright future with us. Just need the senior players to step up, now we're in a purple patch
  13. Is Josh Martin injured. Would like to see him given a chance
  14. Really, hes started the last 3 games against not great opposition and hasn't done much
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