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  1. Keith Scott

    Farke getting off lightly

    Just bumping this as I thought Farke got very lucky today. Awful game management once again.
  2. Keith Scott

    Your predictions - City v AFCB

    1-2 Bournemouth.
  3. Keith Scott

    Farke getting off lightly

    Wilder's other big advantage is his personality. He demands the absolute best from his players in every game regardless of opposition and when he doesn't get it he hammers them. You can imagine Wilder's pre match and half time team talks rousing his players. He has the fear factor. Unfortunately Farke doesn't seem to have this, in many ways he comes across as too nice. Our second half capitulations may have something to do with the way the manager addresses the players in important situations. Anyway, all the best. Keith.
  4. Got to say Farke has been a massive disappointment this season. All the vitriol for another embarrassing Premier league campaign seems to be going towards the owners. Which of course i understand as our owners are, and always will be tinpot. But everybody should know by now that these owners will never back managers. However I still feel Farke should be getting more out of the team. His tactics, in game management and possibly man management have all left a hell of a lot to be desired this season. I saw someone suggest Farke is a better manager than Wilder on another thread but for lack of backing. I'm afraid that's absolutely ludicrous. Wilder has adapted to the Premier league incredibly well. He is flexible, tactically sound, can change a game and has that fiery determination which is reflected in his players. I don't think based on this season Farke has shown any of those qualities which is a shame. Maybe he's not the messiah after all? Anyway, all the best. Keith Scott.
  5. Keith Scott


    Have to say after another clueless performance from Farke the scales have tipped. It is now 49%/51% in favour of the manager. Woeful.
  6. Keith Scott


    Guys we're really getting off track here. I can't reiterate enough that this thread is supposed to be percentage based. Let's see some numbers apportioned to who you feel responsible for yet another embarrassing Premier league campaign. Cheers, Keith.
  7. Keith Scott


    Anyone revised their percentages after today?
  8. Typical NFN Norwich fan. Unfortunately Carrow Road has always been 95% full of them. Which is why the atmosphere has always been so dull. Anyone else cringe when the oppo have a penalty in front of the River end and about five fans stand up waving their arms whilst the rest of the NFN's sit in silence? Honestly i just imagine fans up and down the country laughing at the scene wondering what the hell is wrong with Norwich supporters. Message to Vos and the rest of the NFN's, it ain't the opera, it's football. Get. A. Life. All the best, Keith.
  9. Keith Scott


    Appreciate the replies but i'm really looking for percentages here guys.
  10. Keith Scott


    Looking for percentages here guys. Personally i'm sticking with a 50/50 split. For now....
  11. Keith Scott


    Just to update you all. My thoughts have altered slightly over the last few weeks on this. Farke's continual mistakes week after week have now seen the percentages change to a 50/50 split. As with all of our recent prem campaigns this is a shambles from top to bottom. Anyway, all the best, Keith.
  12. Keith Scott

    Genuine question

    Farke has made a lot of mistakes this season but he isn't the problem. Our tinpot owners are the problem.
  13. In other words Wooster. Tin pot owners.