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  1. Keith Scott


    What do Carl Robinson, Chris Llewellyn, Mike Sheron, Ged Brannan, Keith Briggs, Paul Dalglish, Dejan Stefanovic, Chris Brown, Raymond De Waard, Elvis Hammond, Vadis Odija-Ofoe, Chris Killen, Michael Theoklitos, Dario Dumic, Ricky Van Wolfswinkel, and Harry Kane all have in common? Answer. They all contributed more in a Norwich City shirt than Ondrej Duda. You're welcome. Keith.
  2. Keith Scott

    Lets discuss Duda

    Complete waste of a shirt. Worst signing in NCFC history. Must have something on Farke. Who wants to go next? Thanks in advance, Keith Scott.
  3. Keith Scott

    Farke out

    Any manager who persists in playing Duda deserves sacking and could have no complaints. The guy is actually worse than Carl Robinson. The most pointless player in the history of NCFC. Farke is a disgrace for continuing to play him.
  4. Keith Scott

    match thread

    A worthy bump if i do say so myself.
  5. Keith Scott

    match thread

    History suggests he isn't capable as we've lost every game in which we've falling behind. A damning statistic on Farke.
  6. Keith Scott

    match thread

    Disgraceful display. Unfortunately Farke hasn't proved once this season that he is capable of rousing the players at half time. Duda one of the worst signings in NCFC history. Although i'm sure Hogey will be along later tell us that some nonsense 'statistical data' that he is in fact one of the best players on the pitch....
  7. Keith Scott

    match thread

    Shock horror!!
  8. Keith Scott

    match thread

    Duda in the team. Gonna be a struggle going up against Sheff Utd with 10 men.
  9. Keith Scott

    match thread

    I am. I am watching Cantwell lose the ball virtually every time he gets it. Like I said, abysmal.
  10. Keith Scott

    match thread

    Cantwell has been ****ing abysmal! Loses it everytime.
  11. Keith Scott

    B****y H***

    Liverpool have been poor for weeks. The Watford manager picked the right 11 players and told them to have a go. As such they got the result they deserved. Our manager did neither and we got the result we deserved. K. Scott.
  12. Keith Scott

    Games today

    Liverpool were poor against us but we didn't take advantage, didn't help we were playing with 10 men with Duda in the team. Watford have done what we we weren't capable of. No excuses. This weekend confirms relegation for us and deservedly so.
  13. Keith Scott

    Norwich v Leicester match thread

    If anybody thinks Duda was anything other than utterly ****e for the 3rd game in a row I suggest they rewatch tonights game. The guy once again strolled around like he couldn't give a **** for 90 mins. Then compare him to Emi who was making tackles all over the pitch. Busting a gut to get forward whenever the chance arose. Duda didn't make any attempt to get in behind the opposition defence, casually jogged forward behind the play every time we had a break, didn't help out defensively. He basically looked like he was hiding throughout. Either he's unfit or his attitude stinks, either way a complete waste of a shirt. Big Keith Scott.
  14. Keith Scott

    Great result

    Considering we were playing with 10 men as Duda is utter, utter, utter ****e! Buendia superb. Big mistake not playing him v Wolves. All the best. Keith.
  15. Keith Scott

    Norwich v Leicester match thread

    Duda must have something on Farke. Complete waste of a shirt.