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  1. Another humiliation on national television. To Liverpool's C team! This can't go on any longer, surely? All the best. Keith.
  2. 43 games 5 wins, 6 draws, 32 defeats 28 scored, 89 conceded. 11.6% win rate The manager of the Dog and Duck Sunday league team would genuinely do well to have worst stats than this managing in the Premier league. It actually beggars belief. Would any other club on the planet still be employing a manager with this record? Would any other fanbase on the planet be advocating sticking with a manger with this record? All the best Big Keith Scott.
  3. Na, the squad isn't as bad as results and performances suggest. It has the potential to be competitive. Unfortunately the manager and coaching staff are completely out of their depth at this level. All the best K. Scott.
  4. Farke's premier league record. 43 games 5 wins, 6 draws, 32 LOSSES. 28 scored, 89 conceded. An 11.6% win rate!!!!! And the if this poll is anything to go by the majority thinks he should be given more time! Only at Norwich folks Like i always say, you get the club you deserve. All the best, Keith.
  5. Farke and the players got off lightly. They are making the club a national laughing stock. They deserve every impassioned anger filled boo they get. As does this thread. So this ones for you Lakey. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! All the best. Big Keith Scott.
  6. He should go today if survival is the priority. Which for the good of the club it absolutely should be. Unfortunately our board are such sentimental **** cats that we could lose all 38 games (which is a genuine possibility) and they still wouldn't sack him. All the best. Keith.
  7. If Farke is here for the duration genuinely think we will get the lowest points total in history. We are so far out of our depth in this league under Farke it's frightening. All the best Keith Scott.
  8. To have any chance of lasting more than two seasons in the prem, new owners. To have any chance of surviving this season, unfortunately a new manager. All the best. Keith.
  9. We are about to find out just how much they care about staying in the Premier League. Can they be ruthless for the first time in their tenure?..... All the best Keith.
  10. Great guy, done great things for the club. But time to throw sentimentality out the window. For the sake of NCFC he needs to go. He simply cannot cut it at this level. Far, far, far too naive. Another relegation is unacceptable. All the best. Keith Scott.
  11. Shambles. Farke can't cut it at this level. All the best. The Scott.
  12. Lucky to be going in all square. Against Watford! Still a shambles defensively. Sort it out Farke. All the best K. Scott.
  13. Dropping omobamidele was a poor decision. He has been our most reliable centre back. We are getting dominated by Watford!! Lose today and even the happiest of clappers will surely question Farke at this level. Except Hogey obviously. All the best Keith Scott.
  14. Arsenal are clearly there for the taking today. Think most teams would gave got a result against them today. We just aren't up to it at this level and a big reason for that i'm afraid to say is the manager. All the best. K. Scott.
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