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  1. Are we a one man team? The stats certainly suggest so. It is not a healthy situation to be so utterly reliant on one player, much like Kane at Spurs. Let's just hope Buendia can stay fit and disciplined between now and the end of the season. If so we have every chance of promotion. However i hope Farke is already making contingency plans for life without Emi next season. No Buendia, no party. Cheers. Enjoy your weekend. And all the best. Keith.
  2. Keith feels whilst it is clear others need to step up with their goal contributions, Pukki will be the difference between promotion or another season in the championship. Maybe unfair to put so much pressure on one player but Keith feels due to lack of competition thats the way it is this season. He is the talisman. Maybe for inspiration he wouldn't be amiss to try and get his hands on some old footage of Keith Scott's greatest goals in a Norwich shirt. I know what you're thinking, where to start? Well, a particular favourite of mine was Keith's stunning debut volley away at Watford back in '95. Watch and learn Teemu. Get inspired. You can do it. Anyway, all the best. Big Keith Scott.
  3. Hate to say it but i genuinely think he's had his moment and we will never see the same player again. He looks finished and has done for a while. The real worry is we have absolutely no competition for him. Hugill has struggled and Idah is nowhere near good enough for the championship at present. A conundrum for Farke. All the best. K. Scott.
  4. McLean is not a number 10. Take off Rupp for Vrancic/Dowell. And Bob's your uncle. All the best. Big Keith Scott.
  5. If sinking to the turf crying was a result of the match plus other events we aren't aware of, fair play. If it was purely based on beating Liverpool 1-0 in league game it was incredibly cringeworthy and massively tinpot! And if I was in charge of a bigger club considering Hasenhuttl as a potential manager, that reaction would be giving me serious second thoughts on the guy. All the best, Keith.
  6. Vrancic must start every game when available, no excuses. Always look such a better side when he's on the pitch. Pukki really hasn't looked sharp in the last couple of games. Aarons seriously needs to up his game in the final third. Never looked like scoring, outmuscled. Very reminiscent of so many games last season. Farke really needs to address this against teams like Watford. And potentially Premier league teams next season. Must improve. Still, all to play for. K.S.
  7. Dominating but so wasfeful in the final third. Vrancic > Dowell all day long. All the best. Keith S.
  8. Truly awful from Farke tonight. Completely lacking in ideas and inspiration once again. Shame. Keith.
  9. Vrancic on with 15 left. Too little, too late. Once again poor game management from Farke. The Scott.
  10. No width. No threat in the final third. Lacking in urgency. Poor showing so far. Big Keith Scott.
  11. Cheers Unc. Now Aarons crocked. Another timely bump of this increasingly important and relevant thread necessary, i feel. (BTW Awful game management by Farke today i'm afraid to say) Shame. Still, all the best, Big Keith Scott.
  12. Just thought I'd bump this as looking at today's bench I think this pertinent thread needs revisiting. What say you? All the best. Keith.
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