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  1. Should have set alarm bells ringing amongst every Norwich fan as she as good as admitted three very worrying things. 1. She is too soft and sentimental to sack managers when necessary as has been proven to our cost on more than one occasion. 2. She doesn't have the desire to compete financially as go against her idealistic socialist views. 3.She has no intention or interest in selling. And will cling on to the club as long as humanly possible. Very worrying indeed.
  2. Keith Scott

    The whole money thing I find irksome

    And this is the point people keep missing. Nobody is saying spending guarantees survival, but it gives you a chance. Spending nothing all but guarantees relegation. This is a money league. Delia doesn't like it. So why is she here. And why are the fans so accepting of an owner who has admitted she doesn't want to do what is necessary to compete at the highest level?
  3. Established teams will always be relegated at some point. However Southampton are now in their 8th consecutive premier league season. And Watford their 5th. So I would argue both have established themselves as Premier league teams. And they have done it through spending. We will be going straight back down after another pitiful attempt once again through spending peanuts. So this defense of the board doesn't wash i'm afraid.
  4. Our fans don't deserve better. Because they don't demand better. Thank you, and good night.
  5. Genuinely can't see us reaching Derby's haul of 11 points.
  6. Keith Scott

    As i've said for the last 20 years

    Bumpity bump bump. And goodnight.
  7. Keith Scott


    What percentage of blame do you apportion to each respectively for yet another embarrassing Premier league campaign. For me it's 60/40.
  8. You can't survive in the premier league with tin pot owners. Thank you and goodnight.
  9. Keith Scott

    Today's Match Thread

    Getting hammered by the worst Man Utd side in 30 plus years. You would like to think Farke will change things up at half time but he never, ever does. Cantwell having yet another shocker. No doubt he will re emerge at half time. And be in the starting 11 for the next league game. Weak management.
  10. Keith Scott

    Today's Match Thread

    Shocking performance. We are nowhere near good enough for this league. Players and manager out of their depth. Doesn't help when you have a player in Cantwell who loses the ball every time he is in possession. But he's young and 'one of our own' so it's OK.....
  11. Keith Scott

    Must go

    Yeah i'm sure all the rich, ambitious owners of the current premier league clubs were fans of their clubs before they took over.......
  12. Keith Scott

    Must go

    Spot on. This club will never ever progress under her ownership. Unfortunately with a sizeable portion of our yokel fanbase the Z list celebrity cook walks on water.