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  1. It certainly was money well spent, they survived. All that matters. They will now reap the financial rewards and have every chance to establish themselves for a few seasons. Cheers Keith Scott.
  2. 100 million well spent. They will now reap the rewards for taking the premier league seriously. Good luck to them.
  3. Lambert had fight and character as did many of his players. Farke has no fight or aggression in him. And outside of Tettey and Krul, none of this squad has any character. This isn't just the worst Norwich team in prem history. It's the worst team in Prem history. To not pick up one point from a losing position is an utter, utter disgrace. And that statistic alone should see Farke given the boot. Big Keith Scott.
  4. Awful at defending set pieces. Haven't gained a point from going a goal behind all season. Unforgivable stat. And that is all on Farke. Cheers, Keith.
  5. And instantly proving once again why he has so many 'haters'. Nuff looking a bit silly there.....
  6. It just proves this embarrassing season has all been on Farke. Finally puts out our strongest line up when the season is over..... Cheers. Keith.
  7. Had it 'Alex'. Didn't feel a thing. What about Farke this season though? Line ups, tactics, subs, in game management, all utterly abysmal don't ya think? Zero points from losing positions? Truly shameful, no? All the best. 'Keith'.
  8. Yet to see anyone defending Farke on this thread, even some well known 'clappers', very telling.... Keep it coming guys Cheers. The Scott.
  9. Yes the board are tin pot and didn't back him, but even taking that into account Farke has been a clueless embarrassment this season. Surely today was the last straw for even the happiest of happy Clapper (barring Hoggy and LDC obviously)? Come on guys let's be 'avin you! Cheers. Big Keith Scott.
  10. Farke 67% Delia 33% All the best, 100% Keith Scott.
  11. It's only right the club start looking at potential replacements. Farke has failed miserably this season and really been shown up, completely lacking in his in game management, zero motivational skills, and tactically naive. A poor start in the championship next season should see the end of him. However, Carlos Carvahal? No thanks!!
  12. 65/35 in favour of Farke now. Another game sitting there stroking his goatee, looking clueless behind the eyes as we are getting battered. Special mention to Delia though for another Premier League season of no investment. We are lucky to have her guys. God bless her and God bless 'plucky ol' Norwich'. All the best. Big Keith Scott.
  13. Can't pick out individuals, they've all been an embarrassment. But Farke takes more of the blame for me. Preperation awful. Line up wrong. Use of subs only when game is over as per. Another game where he sits stroking his beard looking absolutely clueless. But let's be honest outside of 92/93 this club is always an embarrassment at Premier League level. Owners don't belong. No money, no ambition. The nation is laughing at us once again. Feel free to disagree. All the best, Keith.
  14. Nope cos our fans are the softest touch in English football.
  15. If it hasn't finally sunk in after tonight it never will. Completely clueless.
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