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  1. glory.win or die.

    30th June the pinch point

    In the Prem at least they seem to make their own rules and 1 of the rules is they only need a14 club majority to pass a vote as far as I u understand so the clubs will decide what happens in the prem. I have no idea how this will play out. My gut tells me the season will be completed somehow but they are now taking about over 70s isolating for 3 or 4 months so you have to think mass gatherings will be banned for similar period. If the season can not be completed all other outcomes are unfair but ppl have to remember it's no ones fault, this is unprecedented
  2. glory.win or die.


    Duda has been disappointing but to be fair he won the penalty/red card helping us beat Bournemouth, which alone is more than most of those players you list ever did.
  3. glory.win or die.

    Today’s headlines.......all game nul and void

    I tend to think this is all an over reaction.. ok I get large crowds are seemingly a bad idea when trying to control a virus but, unless everyone is going to stay indoors for 2 weeks with no human contact, no one going to work,shopping, out to restaurants or pubs etc I cant see how stopping spotting events is really going to help. Perhaps if things get that bad, the whole world closing down for 2 weeks,24 hour curfews etc might actually cause less issues in the long run..
  4. glory.win or die.

    TWTD Having Yet Another Meltdown Part Two.

    They tried, but their star striker Norwood had the gun
  5. glory.win or die.

    Team V Leicester

    Unsure on injuries but I'd try. Krul Aaron's hanley godfrey Lewis Tettey vrancic Cantwell buendia Duda Drmic (because I think Pukki needs a rest)
  6. glory.win or die.

    Justin Fashanu

    My first thought is him ending john o'Neills career and then the elbow on gary mabbut...are 3rdly his **** attempts on record breakers at kicking a ball hard
  7. glory.win or die.

    Sam McCallum

    Interesting feature on Sam McCallum on sky sports news. Repeated at 1430 and 1630 today if anyone interested...
  8. glory.win or die.

    If we go down -

    What ever happens, it's nice to go down with players other teams want, and will pay big money for, rather than being stuck with players we can't get rid of. In today's market, if we sell Aaron's Lewis godfrey cantwell and buendia I expect at least £100m for us to reinvest
  9. glory.win or die.

    Rupp and Duda

    I thought Rupp was poor yesterday. Duda wasnt at his best but it's a hard game to judge any non defensive player because they are staying disciplined for the team and dont have the opportunities to play to their strengths. Duda is class and wont be here next season anyway. Rupp is a good reliable squad player, donecwell overall since he joined,an upgraded Simon Lappin.
  10. glory.win or die.

    If Pukki had pushed......

    I really want to whinge about the push but even I woukdnt have given a foul. It was almost a carbon copy of the 'push' on Zimbo v Spurs that led to his hand ball, free kick, goal.
  11. glory.win or die.

    Weak link anywhere?

    I'd be tempted to leave two up front in wide areas all game..they leave so much space with TAA and Robertson bombing forward, we need to either stop it or take advantage of the space when we win back possession. Their strength is also their weakness.
  12. glory.win or die.

    Norwich 0-9 Liverpool

    Thankfully Klopps german so 9 might mean no/nil I still think we will win, or at worst draw...why, I have no idea!!!!
  13. How much did they pay for Haaland? Ok he will be worth alot more when sold unless rumours of his buy out clause are true, but they are hardly picking up rough diamonds
  14. Hearing a player swear A fan heading the ball back when it's gone into the stand When mr Carrow is in the Barclay When a GK kicks ball and it goes straight through to the opp gk Foul throws
  15. glory.win or die.

    Strikers next season

    I'm not convinced Pukki will leave. Although I csnt see Finland dropping him for any reason, he will want to be playing regularly and be in the best shape for the Euros so may see staying with us as his best option as hes guaranteed games.
  16. glory.win or die.

    VAR (again, again, again)

    This is why I think VAR is a waste of time. In theory I would like it used for clear and obvious errors, but who decides if its clear and obvious? Offside is supposedly a matter of fact but even those close decisions are debated. For me, the ings one is debatable, Sterling a yellow I think was right, godfrey slid in and was more 'out of control'. But I accept there are different opinions. What is everyone's view on Cantwells pen claim? I thought he was going down before the contact,looking for pen. I'd happily get rid of VAR and trust in the human element. Mistakes will happen but the game remains human and emotional.
  17. glory.win or die.

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

    Ipswich Sheff utd Burnley
  18. glory.win or die.

    Moritz Leitner

    At times I have watched Leitner and thought he was a beautiful graceful classy player, maybe he is, but his end product is poor Doesnt score many,rarely looks like scoring when he plays, and doesnt get many assists. Didnt he go a long time without any assists even in the champs? Hes a luxury player and we can not afford luxuries
  19. glory.win or die.

    Sheffield United

    They have done brilliantly, but once things go wrong, which they will, they will be left in a mess. It's just a matter of time. Our model is built on stability,consistency and not boom m bust. Slow and steady wins the race
  20. glory.win or die.

    Klopp being a tw*t

    Although I think this is hugely disrespectful and a classless move, Klopps argument about respecting the winter break does make you wonder why,when agreeing to this new winter break, no one thought to legislate for the fa cup. Having said that, hopefully Shrewsbury beat them and we draw them at home in the next round
  21. glory.win or die.

    Tonights relegation games

    That's true. At the end of the day it's better for us if 17th place is closer. Villa winning actually makes 17th place 23points. A draw would have made it 24 points..Just the small matter of us winning another 6-7 games with a draw or 2
  22. glory.win or die.

    Duda signed

    Because you might like him, but not alot....
  23. glory.win or die.

    Rock & Roll VAR

    I'm sure I have seen IFAB say that they dont want VAR to be so forensic with off sides but the PL seem to have chosen to use it so precisely. No other league seems to have cocked up as much as the self styled best league in the world
  24. glory.win or die.

    Paradox in defence

    1. No 2. They played in a team that won the championship title which suggests not, but have suffered, I think from not having a regular experienced defender to organise them. 3. To an extent, we are open and attack which leaves space behind 4 About equal, their assists/goals suggest they are good going forward,not necessarily attacking, 5. Yes, 6. Yes
  25. glory.win or die.

    Given up

    Realistically we have every right to give up, but the players,coaches etc are paid to play and coach, they arent paid to stay in the league(although I'm sure there are bonuses for that) I expect everyone to give 100% regardless of chances of success.