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  1. Not as bad as having a very small angry penis!
  2. HOGGY HOGGY HOGGY oi oi oi What a plonker!!.
  3. Shi.te! A bang average at best, championship side. Shows are poor players, Stacey, Fastnack, Hernandez, Barnes, Gibson. Shows the players that give the ball away in bad areas, Fastnack, Mcallum, McLean and Stacey. I know it's Liverpool but.... Why didn't he start with Sainz?? A question of how many l fear
  4. Should have known l would get replies from Twats!
  5. What a disgrace, got most of the decisions wrong! Caused confusion by making strange decisions. Keep to your own game, take your co commentators wirh you and leave mens Football alone!
  6. This man will relegate us, if he's not gone by Monday l will be amazed.
  7. I'm deadly serious! After watching this crap lately, and today, no matter what the score will be, have we got the quality to stay up? I think we are poor right through the side, inc Wagner
  8. So l posted after our defeat at Rotherham, that the squad wasn't good enough. Lot of you saying typical reaction to one defeat. The likes of Gibbs, Fassnactk, Stacey, not the quality we need. Well what was going on yesterday? 11 behind the ball, hoof ball, midfield went missing. I am convinced Wagner is not good enough. Let's see what happens against a good side like Leicester!
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