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  1. Yes very true, perhaps they thought he was invincible!
  2. Just heard Captain Tom has been admitted to hospital with Coronavirus. Please God hope he pulls through and ' tomorrow will be a better day' for him
  3. Oh one more thing hog, a racist, BLM some people would say they do, where else could we get our knives, guns and drugs from?
  4. Ha ha love the responces. For the record lm not a scummer, l don't rate Farke that highly, l wasn't talking about yesterday's game, lm not a cabbage window licker, and as for Max Aarons, great player!
  5. Financially yes. Enjoyment without cheating prima donnas and crap refs no
  6. Yes Mr nutty got a tidy sum for it too, shame you missed out on it, still got paper on your floor? Ha ha
  7. What you mean supporters who know what they are talking about? There's not many of us on here!
  8. It's not an over reaction believe me, you probably agree with me deep down!
  9. We should of cashed in now on Buendia, Aarons and Cantwell because it wont be offered at the end of season! Although we are in a decent position at the moment, for me Swansea will win the league, Brentford runners up. I would hate to play Watford or Bournmouth in the play offs. Dont think we are good enough to keep in top two. Then nobody is going to pay the money we could have got. Could have got 50 mill possibly.
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