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  1. Ldc you wont put me in my place believe me! Like l said l say it how it is and lm normally right, si you f.ck off!
  2. I say how it is, always have always will, premier or championship
  3. Oh dear not sure you understand football til. Lot of women with Pmt on here tonight me thinks!
  4. Drmich, what a total waste of space!! Might aswell play Michael Wyn Jones up front, he is absolute Sh.te. Playing well but 3 mistakes, 4 with Drrrrrmich Rupp cant pass water
  5. Probably had his best game yesterday, but hes still crap! Rupp, Duda, mclean, drmich, trybul, leitner,klose, all not good enough for next season. Godfrey was immence.
  6. You go down the cheap route thats what you get. We ve been there quite a few times. Very poor them roo and yes Drrrmich too. Still, stuff the premier its sh.te anyway. Happy to come down with 100mill and bounce back, Roll on next season. By the way we need to try and get lan Culverhouse involved, the best half of the Lambert era!
  7. Would these two muppets get in our worst team ever?
  8. Rupp is one of the worst players lve ever seen play for us! Im serious!
  9. Oh dear what the Farke has he done!! Clueless lm afraid
  10. Basically squatting vermin, dont play with fire otherwise you will get burnt!!!
  11. Are we going to have 'LEE RIGBY RIP' on our shirts next season?? Where were all those smelly, unwashed, jobless, green haired squatting freaks when Lee was butchered on our streets in broad daylight? protesting, pulling down statues? dont think they were!
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