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  1. Good idea but the songs they make up atr crap (y'army). Hog do you wear a turban or something? My views are the same as 80% of hard-core fans, grow up!
  2. I agree nothing better than OTBC sung loud before game and maybe start of 2nd half, but to sing 15 times during a match is embarrassing, original barclay boys will agree with me. We had great songs, a lot of them you couldn't sing now without fear of getting a warning from the ticket office! Much better variety. The songs the City fans sing now are sh.te! Perhaps we need a new playlist
  3. At last a real NCFC Barclay Boy! Yes those were the days East Rider, we sung them nowadays topics on this site would be going off the scale by the do Gooders! Night
  4. Twonk, that's a new word thanks. Yes l have loads of times, but difference is l know the words and probably only sing it once or maybe twice a game if things going well
  5. He's that poor we re all spelling his name wrong!
  6. East Rider How many NCFC football songs do you know or sing? I bet it's OTBC and Y' Army? Thought so
  7. Sung properly and at the right time l agree, but come on its a joke, we are a laughing stock!
  8. Every time our cabbage fans try and sing, l cringe, l post, simples
  9. What's more embarrassing, John Sargent or our lot trying to sing 'on the ball city' again and again (cringe!)
  10. I agree with you Holty, he's not good enough at this level. Tactically especially. We've made the same mistake as last time, no dominating, ball playing centre half. Hanley l can live with but Gibson a big panic buy, no where near good enough. If we don't get a centre half and defensive midfield player by next week l fear for us big-time! Think l would try that Williams,if he comes holding, tough and decent on the ball. Unfortunately the end for Pukki also, looks a shadow of player he was.
  11. Agree with that, good but not good enough
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