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  1. Until we get rid of Yee Army and OTBC 20 times during a game, fans from other teams laugh at us! It's squirmish!
  2. Chris Goreham is a wa.ker! Keeps repeating himself over and over again with dross. Times he mentioned that we were 2 0 up and pegged back to 2 2 was cringingly cringing!
  3. Might be expected, not delivered though!
  4. Our choice of pass and final ball is woeful. Should have been out of site with a bit of quality!
  5. Oh dear looks like Liz was true to her word, 2 Blackouts so far!
  6. One plus point, lve only heard OTBC sung 5 times! Pity we cant substitute the fans!
  7. Garbage Sinani, nunez, omabadelle very poor, tell how poor we are, McLean our best player!
  8. K Sara Sara It's plain to see to see He's better than Villas Emi K Sara Sara
  9. As long as its not Sunak, Badenoch or Zahawi, Braverman. Liz Truss for me
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