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  1. They all seem to be coming out of the woodwork with stories now relegation is confirmed. This is interesting, and concerning in equal measures...and somewhat Unsurprising!
  2. I suspect many on the waiting list may have had 2nd thoughts with the cost of living increasing
  3. I'm not sure aarons offers much going forward personally. He definitely gets forward more and gets in good positions but rarely does anything once he gets there. I do think staying with us has held him back and he's stagnated.
  4. I also wonder why clubs don't just set up a 'Club transfer fund account'. Similar to a charity were fans can just donate money anytime they want. Over time I'm sure we wld all ve stupid enough to donate a few £s during good times to make it worthwhile
  5. Robert Chase used to offer a super season ticket which I think was available along with a standard one. The super season ticket was more expensive but covered you for any and every cup home match so some years it could be great value with 4 or 5 Cup matches Maybe something similar with an extra £30 on the season ticket cld earn extra funds
  6. My memory isn't great these days but wasn't the reason we loaned him out to fortuna sittard because he had a bad attitude and it was felt it would help him mature quickly which to be fair it seemed to do. We have all seen how good he can be, maybe inconsistent but at the moment everyone loses out and its a shame because he has real quality which is one thing we severely lack.
  7. We are a self funding club and part if our remit is to buy young players to sell on Buendia is the only players out of an estimated 30 or 40 he signed, that worked out in that respect. He was quick to criticise the previous regime but they signed Lewis,maddison,Godfrey, who were all sold for good money, the murphys were here from the previous regime sold for big money, aarons and cantwell are the only sellable players we currently have, both here before Webber.
  8. I still can't see them being a force. Sure, they are richer than most now but the big teams here, Liverpool,man u,Arsenal,Chelsea,man city are rich enough and have the pulling power of history and being fashionable. Maybe i thought similar with Man City but I. Pretty sure the best players and their partners prefer living in the Manchester area than Newcastle
  9. We have played alot worse than we did today, that's not defending today which was poor after the first goal but its nowhere near as bad as some games under Megson, or Hughton or even Farke in the prem.
  10. Fair enough, criticise his poor recruitment over 2 prem seasons but if fans want to shout abuse they shouldn't be surprised to get some back.
  11. He does come across as blunt and arrogant at times but climbing Everest etc isn't like going around Dereham looking for balloons, it's really quite incredible. For all his faults Webber seems the kind of person who will fully commit to what he does, ok so having 90% of him doesn't sound great but I bet he gives 110% when we do have him.
  12. Top 3 minimum. Hopefully top 2 coz I can't afford another Wembley trip
  13. IF the other 3 lost all their matches we woukd still struggle to over take them, and that's not possible as there are still games against each other. Allowing a couple of draws we probably have to win 3 draw 1 at least, it's not impossible but it's not going to happen but it's nice to still have a chance even a tiny one
  14. The league has been very average this season. You can bet next year if we get 85-90 points there will be 3 or 4 other teams close too, not like this year
  15. I'm I the only one who pays little attention to the commentators or Pundits? Twitter is full of so much hate against women,Martin Tyler, hoddle etc. If you don't like them fine, but who cares? If you need someone to tell you what's happening to enjoy a game, football isn't for you.
  16. Watford sounds a good fit for Dyche. Been there before, and I can't see any prem clubs wanting him so Watford,Stoke or maybe what would be my guess
  17. I love them.. Good old fashioned dirty team
  18. What a rubbish article. I could easily make it as a journalist if writing an article on what Talksport said 6 months ago counts as journalism.
  19. What a rubbish article. I could easily make it as a journalist if writing an article on what Talksport said 6 months ago counts as journalism.
  20. He got a slight nudge, but Like footballers a slight anything needs to be exaggerated so I think we swung his arms in the air to try to convince the ref to give a FK, forgetting completely about the ball. Similar to how every game Hanley will be under pressure from an attacker and will do his superman impression when he feels a hand on his back.
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