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  1. Surely after watching us you can see when things are going well Farke likes to keep a very settled side. Only change I would make is Gibson if hes 100% fit and probably someone like Hernandez in for Vrancic and move Cantwell to 10. That's it. Wycombe are bottom and will be going down but they put up a pretty decent fight and caused us a few problems when we played them at home earlier in the season so let's not get complacent.
  2. On the subject of new managers im glad we've played Cardiff and Bristol City twice. McCarthy and Pearson will certainly make them hard teams to beat.
  3. Wouldnt suprise me if we see Dowell start on Tuesday. Personally think Stiepermann will be back as our main No10 very soon. Dowells minutes work out at around 5 games played for us this season. Getting back from injury, getting match sharp and staying injury free seems hard for him, which is a shame because on paper Cantwell, Dowell & Buendia sounds very good.
  4. If you wouldve offered 13 points from those 5 games after the Swansea game I think we all wouldve taken that. I'd take winning the next 2 and a draw vs Brentford to be honest.
  5. Gotta be Steven Naismith he was absolute dross, cost us £8.5m and 50k a week for 4 years. Had a good debut and remember him putting in a good 45mins against Newcastle. That was it for 4 years. Got released and still cost an extra £1m in a promotion bonus. A player who had seen his best days. Whoever sanctioned that money and wage to a 29 year old knowing there would never be a resale value?
  6. No chance you'd get him for less than £20m. Just need to hope Spurs think a loan at another premier league club will help him. Hopefully that will be us.
  7. Doesnt it value our whole squad at £106m. Would you accept an £106m offer for our whole 1st team squad.
  8. I really hope they do appoint Henry, awful manager. Just another manager who's living off his hype as a great player.
  9. Be amazed if Brentford dont beat Coventry, be delighted with a draw
  10. Marley Watkins. Woeful player, receiving over £1m pounds for him was a stroke of genius.
  11. From what their fans have been saying about him and Andre Gray this season I'm not sure they will be too concerned. But he is good for putting away a penalty.
  12. A great player who deserves what's coming his way. His attitude is something alot of younger players would benefit learning from. He will get a move whether we're promoted or not and i dont think anyone can begrudge him of that. Are we really in a position to turn down, say £30m for example. No not really. He gave us this season when he really could've downed tools and pushed for a move. Such a consistent player, how many times especially in the championship could you say, "max was poor today" not too many.
  13. Gibson, Aarons & Cantwell all have the highest with 4 yellows. I'm not sure when the cut off is to 10 yellows before a suspension. Think we may have passed that already.
  14. All its, buts and maybes. IF we do go up do we have a squad half made up of players who probably wont be good enough, the likes of Vrancic, Stiepermann, Zimmermann etc. Last thing we want is to get promoted and not even compete like last time and were probably too loyal to the players that got us there (that's not a criticism as there wasnt much choice financially anyway). IF we dont go up and lose, Emi, Cantwell & Aaron's. Gibson, Giannoulis, Quintilla, Skipp all return to their clubs, then theres a big rebuild needed. Players like Famewo, Mcallum, Sinani etc who have done ok on loan spells come back in the mix but not if we get promoted.
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