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  1. I'm sure 2/3 will be injured at all times. It's what we do.
  2. Derby much much much bigger club, will get paid more, better facilities, attract better players at Derby in league one than Rotherham probably can in the championship. A new exciting project at Derby. Not really a job he can turn down.
  3. If and it's a big if we get promoted. Which by the way I don't think we will how confident are you that Dean smith is the man to take this club forward. Farke got the boot for whatever reason, wasn't get enough out of his squad, because we had lost our identity. I would argue the same thing is happening now. Granted we have had a decent points haul in the last 7 games, I feel once we start playing the better sides things might become a little bit trickier for us. We are desperate for Hayden and Giannoulis back in this side, we are all pinning our hopes on the midfield looking better once Hayden is back, let's hope he can come himself fit once he is back.
  4. If we put in a performance like that in the prem it would've been 6-0. Constantly giving the ball away, poor distribution from Krul, getting over run and letting a team put in that many crosses from out wide.
  5. And where do you think he has more chance of winning a trophy? Hardly a fool is he. Chance to manage in the champions league at a club that can attract and work with some of the world's best players. It's not like he's leaving Brighton to go manage in Saudi on silly money. What a stupid Post.
  6. I doubt Ashley ward played many reserve games, he was too good for reserve football. Bloke was quality.
  7. Rashica was pretty **** when he came on last night.
  8. Someone said in the week how Brentford would've done the same as us if they had sold there best player (Toney) when getting promoted. Well I bet they would've brought in a similar replacement. Not a completely different type of player. Still.not over the fact we replaced him with an out and out winger.
  9. Couldn't we have just given Emi a new £150k a week contract and bid £25m for Skipp instead of spending all that money on Rashica, Tzolis, Sargent, Lees-Melou transfers and all that money on loan fees and wages for Kabak, Normann, Williams & Gilmour
  10. Personally I don't think Hanley/Omobamidele partnership works. Think you need the left footed CB to help you build from the back and be more progressive. Just gives you much better balance. I think we need to get Gibson back to some sort of form. He's like rusty and error prone when he's featured at back end of the season and vs Wigan.
  11. There's not too many players in this side I'd be sad to see leave. Rashica is hardly putting in the performances to warrant a bigger/better side wanting him.
  12. Probably won't be 11 changes but I'd expect to see Gunn, mcallum, Gibbs, dowell, sinani, Hernandez, Sara, hugill
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