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  1. It's not horrible, it's not incredible. It's all pretty meh. Cant imagine many queues outside carrow road this morning for it. One things for sure it's better than half and half monstrosity we had in the prem under alex neil.
  2. Michael Bailey posting on twitter that both of these likely to go out on loan. Gilmour recovering from injury too. Says we are still looking to add another sitting type midfielder.
  3. Not a chance. Think we did well to get the fees we got for them. Both have struggled after so called 'bigger' moves.
  4. We need players who can step up, players who can get us promoted and perform in the prem. Not players who if we go up need replacing again. Trybull is one of those for sure.
  5. The story of the 3 is linked to the twitter account of Nick Ma****er a journo who I believe has links to Webber. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/amp/news/josip-drmic-among-canaries-set-to-have-wings-clipped-following-relegation-1596619289000?__twitter_impression=true Norwich are prepared to offload Josip Drmic, Tom Trybull and Moritz Leitner as they continue to rebuild after relegation. Piece on @pasport wire shortly. #ncfc Drmic has already suggested he’s looking for a move anyway but appears to have little future at Carrow Road. #ncfc
  6. Pukki, Idah & Sinani. I thought Sinani was more of winger/no10 but looks like he will be used as a striker. Maybe 1 more in.
  7. There isn't many playing in their prime that are playing at a higher level etc that I would want here. Apart from the 3 you named, Redmond Kane & Maddison How much would it cost to bring those 3 in, not much change from £200m.
  8. I would imagine so, someone who has spent most of his career playing in the German top flight. Heard rumour of Hamburg in the 2nd division. Think he spoke of going back to Switzerland aswell. They wont struggle to find a new club, whether we get fees for them or clubs take their wages off our hands remains to be seen. Should imagine we would be happy to get the wages off the books. If Drmic is earning £25k a week in the championship on his remaining 2 years of his contract. That's £2.5m saved etc.
  9. Is rhodes the type of striker Farke wants now tho. One who plays off the shoulder and runs all game. That's not Rhodes.
  10. Brentford fail to go can see Watkins and Benrahama going. Fulham fail to go up could see mitrovic going, and maybe even scott parker.
  11. Personally think Godfrey will move on and prove how good he is. Dont get me wrong hes made mistakes and is still raw but put him with the right coach, next to another experienced centre half and he will flourish. Playing in a side where he isnt under pressure to be starting every single match if hes going through a iffy patch. Has all the attributes, speed, power, leader, passing range to be a top centre half.
  12. Wouldnt be at all surprised to see Aarons, Godfrey, Buendia & Cantwell go. Dont think any big guns coming in for Lewis. Krul & Pukki will stay.
  13. Just think tho, 4 successful loan signings instead of the duds we signed couldve been the difference between staying up and relegation.
  14. Keep: Krul Oxborough Byram Hanley Zimmerman Famewo McCallum McLean Siti Gilmour Jorgensen Placheta Hernandez Martin Sinani Idah. Let's get some youthful energy, some pace, and some physicality in the side.
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