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  1. After McLeans performance vs Watford I wouldn't pick him on Saturday.
  2. Thought he linked up well with Sargent on Saturday, and look at Pukki's goal, that balled played through by Normann is exactly the passes Pukki is craving for.
  3. All players that aren't playing are better than the ones who are. Thats always the view of fans. Some of players have a chance Tuesday to give Farke a decision to make.
  4. If you're going to play wing backs think Giannoulis would be better, especially the way Williams defended yesterday.
  5. After aarons and McLeans performance yesterday, no thanks.
  6. And then again when Krul made a save which would've made it 1-4
  7. Midfield was an absolute shambles yesterday. McLean was rank.
  8. I wouldn't get too carried away with Brentfords start, they will have their tricky patches.
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