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  1. I can tell you now Russell martin isn''t on 10k a week. Double it
  2. Luckily England have wealth of players coming through, if they develop the way they are England could have some very handy players at there disposal. Also having a manager who seems to want to look at these younger players helps.








    Spot on about missing out on Zaha, had Southgate been in charge a year or 2 earlier he would probably be an England player now.
  3. Move Klose

    We All Wanted A Rebuild

    Sadly we wanted a new side built round the younger players, but these are the ones getting sold.

    We wanted a side built round Murphys, Maddison, Pritchard etc but now these are gone/going we are still left with Jarvis, Naismith, Wildschut and there massive wages.

    Im not blaming the current regime because its the position webbers been put in, and you cant sell players no one wants to buy, its just a shame we dont have the time to build that side around 3 or 4 good young players.
  4. Move Klose

    The sale of James Maddison

    Michael Bailey retweeting that now saying ''productive day'', some legs in that one.

    Sounds decent money

  5. Move Klose

    Incoming signing!

    Alan Nixon, journo for sun i believe on twitter:


    8 hours ago

    NORWICH. In late and hard for Ben Marshall ... may beat Millwall ... NOT in paper

  6. Move Klose

    The sale of James Maddison

    John Percy telegraph journo just tweeted:


    1 minute ago

    More Maddison update. Understand #lcfc have now agreed a fee of £25m with Norwich after instalments etc. Medical expected in next few days #ncfc #otbc
  7. Move Klose

    Incoming signing!

    Tbf this was doing the rounds hours ago on twitter
  8. Move Klose

    Season Of Consolidation?

    Would we all take another season like this one knowing next summer we will probably have a much better scope to work with with big earners out of contract in the summer of 2019








    That''s probably at least £200k a week there. So nearly £10m in wages. And from that list only 2 of those players are anywhere near a starter for us.

    Give Webber & Farke a blank canvas like that and they will be better judged from then on.

  9. Move Klose

    Villa Firesale

    Funny post, surely people can see there in a mess due transfer fees & wages they are paying out as well, so how would we afford them. Surely you all understand the financial position we are in now.
  10. Move Klose

    Naismith is off to...

    McGovern, Martin, Jarvis, Naismith will all definitely be allowed to move on next summer probably for no or a small fee if we can find someone who will pay the wages.

    Tettey & Wes will be released.

    We''re probably not desperate to move on Klose because unlike the likes of Martin & Naismith Farke actually rates him, but because of his wage he would probably go if someone comes in with half a decent bid.

  11. Move Klose

    Naismith is off to...

    Well not really because hes awful. To be fair the 25% of his wages we''ve saved could be £10k a week which would be better spent on someone who at least shows some interest.
  12. £4.5m ????????????????????????????? Jeez
  13. Move Klose

    Naismith is off to...

    Yer Michael Bailey says 25% of the wages will be paid by Hearts. Which is say £10k a week which will pay a new signings wage.McGovern is another they will probably try and shift, big wages as he was a free & coming off the back of a good euros, supposedly turning down being a No2 in a prem side to be our No1.
  14. Move Klose

    Team for Bristol City...

    Well hes with the squad because he was signing his initiation song in the team hotel last night.
  15. If you think we would get £18m for Maddison then your deluded.

    £4m for Klose, probably half of that.

    We wont get a fee for Martin.