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  1. I think the one conclusion that can be drawn from the vehemence and bad language in this post is that we are all very upset by what happened. Let's hope the game is played to a peaceful conclusion and Mr eriksen makes a full recovery.
  2. I am certainly brainwashed then. Football is a team game. So the better group of players means the better league position. That's the principle. Now none of us know what the outcome will be from spending £35 million. And thats what supporting a club is all about. I think we have the best ownership and management we have ever had. I will be back at Xmas hoping I am right.
  3. So the line between the second tier clubs (that is not the bigoted six) now extends a bit into.the championship . Norwich wanted to become a top 26 club and have done so. Which makes City the role model for all middle ranking clubs who are not investment vehicles for the rich. Applaud the fact that our club has won the moral argument . Look forward to the coming season and hope this is 1985 not 2016. As for parachute payments Probably got those dates wrong but you know what I mean.
  4. I think df said no team will ever get 138 points so surprise surprise Norwich lost. I would guess mclean was asked to play a bit deeper as support for Omobamidele. Who talent that he is has obviously been asked to keep it simple so only Hanley brings the ball out from the back. Result lack of numbers in midfield. And if anyone thinks playing 72 hours after playing with 10 men against Bournemouth is easy. Especially with a deserved celebration in between think again. Clearly Norwich are a more physical and experienced team than 2 years ago and no doubt other players will be brought in. Probably need just 1 win from 3 games to win the league. Stop whingeing and thank the club for giving us some much pleasure.
  5. Just said much the same on the other thread. How about a petition from the current chumps top 6 fans supporting the expulsion if the big 6. Might just get a few signatures. Plus Portsmouth Lincoln and Doncaster fans getting into the chumps. Not the binners obviously. Plus forest green rovers etc from league 2 Then we can get Jeff stelling on board as Hartlepool would be back on the EFL. Pandoras box.
  6. So liverpool man c man u Tottenham arsenal Chelsea replaced by city Watford brentford Barnsley Bournemouth and Swansea. Lots of real fans Scottish fishing industry hit by losses of prawn sales in the sandwiches. Ordinary people can get into games not the super rich. The twists and turns of the super championship or the rich 6 winning most games. Expel them now. Then the players can sue for breach of contract and lots of top players will be available for free. Football is an allegory of life and this may be the beginning of awareness that its neo liberal policies which help the rich and hit the poor. Rant over.
  7. Saturday ncfc in the premier league. Monday I want Leeds yes Leeds to win a football match. I will wake up soon Lets celebrate the best football team to grace the championship. Self funded. English owned. Could Along come nodge start talking to their counterparts in the big 6 about a fan led revolt? Remember FC United of Manchester and AFC Wimbledon. Players are their contracts not breached if they cant play internationals. On the other hand the Premiership would be a sort of Super Championship and we are very good at winning that. NO do not sell our birthright for a mess of postage.
  8. Makes you proud doesnt it. Let's make it clear next season Norwich city are doing it their way and wont be spending the earth on average premiership players. Meanwhile somewhere in the depths of colney there is a computer with some names on it of players in the lower leagues in France Spain and Italy and probably in the top league in Liechtenstein if they have one. Watch that space. And finally let's all remember those city fans who will have lost their lives to covid this year. How they would have loved today.
  9. Hello As I said 3 matches ago there is only a 6%chance of Norwich winning all 4 against the relegation candidates. So with 3 down it must be lump it on Wycombe not to lose on Sunday. My friend Nate now has Norwich 90% to get promotion and I cant find a bookie to take a bet on Norwich going up. All looking good then. Meanwhile somewhere in Poland lurks the fastest winger in the Championship or does he Cambridge? In 1972 I was at St Andrews in the first promotion to Div1 season and believe me the pitch has not got worse over the last 49 years. Unlike Birmingham who won 4-0 that day. It was in a snowstorm in early March but thats global warming for you. So on to Wycombe only previous league visit in the Lambert years (all Rangers fans are hoping he takes on Celtic) 1-0 to us anyone remember who scored for City - clue he now plays in the Championship. Ah happy days. In 10 days time it will be the first year without watching Norwich City since 1954. After Cheltenham and Anfield do you ever wonder why there wasnt a similar Covid outbreak from the trip to White Hart Lane? Given the crush at the exit and the tube journey I do. Must have been an antidote in Tim's water bottle. See Crabby I can do emotional. But the first 2 paragraphs are the most important Goodbye xxx PS - if you get offered a jab please have it done -it is good for all of us.
  10. Nate silver now forecasts Norwich have a 73% chance of promotion. He also forecasts they only have a 6% chance of winning the next 4 matches. So don't get all yaky dah if they only get 10 points. Swansea have to win an away game to go ahead of ncfc with their two games in hand. Chances 58%. The twists and turns of the championship!! Good fun isn't it.
  11. Tykes still winning at brentford. But little time to sort out the advert hoardings as rotherham play in red and white Meanwhile Cardiff need to win 6 more games assuming Norwich lose 6 over next 17 games for ncfc not to finish top 6. Probability zero. Which leads me to point out farkeball only had 14 passes for the Cantwell goal compared with 22 for the Redmond goal.at Wembley. And just for the record Nate silver predicts ncfc promotion as 70%. Goodbye.
  12. Barden Aaron's Hanley Gibson Mumba Tettey Sorensen Martin Vrancic Placheta Hugill Subs to come on Rupp for Sorensen Hernandez for Martin Dowell for Vrancic and two of Omotoye Buendia Pukki Krul Omabadimele and Skipp.
  13. Never in the course of human history has there been so few people moaning about a Norwich city performance than tonight. And trump is no longer president. In the words of the great Carlton Kirby "what a day". Will report what Nate silver thinks when all championship fixtures today are over. Oh and thank you Michael Delia Stiart and Daniel.
  14. My guru Nate Silver is predicting Norwich have a 67% chance of promotion. Seems a fair estimate to me compared with the OP ed from the man who thought we had a forward called CINNAMON Jackson. The balance of fixtures for the rest of the season is interesting as Swansea apart most of the top half have to come to Carrow Road. Then as most of them lost to Norwich at home perhaps nothing to be concerned about? On the other hand a lot of the teams in the bottom half will be at home themselves. They cant park the bus at home can they??
  15. Hello I know it's all emotional but human beings make mistakes and if football fans continually complain about referees there will be fewer refs and on the balance of probability the quality of refs on average will decline. Then VAR could become ref by robot. And of course the robots could be programmed to support Ipswich or vote Democrat if in the US? Complain about the individual decision at the time dont abuse the person. Goodbye
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