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  1. Always best to read the whole post which begins "Congratulations to Luton Town" The farce is the inequality of resources in the Premier League For the record Luton are my local club and I have many mates who will be so pleased by that result just like me. I have obviously arrived as a poster having been misrepresented by cc
  2. Congratulations to Luton Town on being the first side promoted to the premiership to win a league game this season . 1 in 20 at this rate the 3 will have 5 more to celebrate by next May. What a farce.k
  3. Let's try again. Warner will be playing for the under 21s a full game and then br in the squad at Swansea on Wednesday when either Duffy or gibson will be rested and batth will come in. If I am wrong do have a go at me but failure to select a footballer is not a criminal offence.
  4. So this is the moment. It is clear that the current model will not make us a regular PLclub. Many have argued we need more funding well here it is. We may end up like Brighton or we may end up like ,Bolton. It's going to be interesting finding out.
  5. Thank you to those of you who understand nuance and context. A football season especially in the championship is a marathon. Going forward a good result against Birmingham is important. However reading from the doommongers after every defeat is just boring. Only twice I think in the whole history of the football league have teams gone the whole season unbeaten Just for a bit of fun if there is a straight line improvement against Birmingham it will be 2 nil. What is guaranteed now that won't be the score!
  6. So there we have it one bad display (swallow) makes a summer (winter) I think there are issues about inflexibility of the wagner system. However let's wait and see what happens tonight and on Saturday. Then there might be adequate cause for concern.
  7. There was nothing in my post about racism. The prejudice I perceive is about other peoples view of Adam idahs footballing ability based on a Limited experience of him playing in his favoured position. Two final points for the benefit of yourself and others who may correlate the word prejudice with race or the other 8 characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 alone.. The ordinary meaning of prejudice is an expressed judgement based on insufficient information to enable someone to form that judgment. I refer you to my comment above about idahs limited involvement in his favoured position. The end.
  8. Well that was an interesting bit of sophistry. I am entitled to my opinion about my perception of peoples' view of Adam Idah. Fortunately given the length of his contract my view seems to be shared by the club management which know far more about football than certainly I and probably you In conclusion I refer you to the second sentence of my previous post. Thank you for making my point.
  9. Going to enjoy Wednesday night with the same team starting as Saturday. Most of this thread is a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. Mostly it's about a lot of people's prejudices aimed at the removal of Adam idah from the team. it is not going to happen this side of Xmas. A rare contributor suggested let Leicester worry about Norwich. Correct which team has scored most goals in the championship? Which team beat Hull at home and which team didnt. Hwang needs time to get fit Forshaw can't play 90 minutes and one person even proposed dropping Fassnacht. So there is life on Mars. it is going to be a hell of a game played in a gale. I expect both teams will be happy with a draw and maybe given the weather conditions a goalless one at that.
  10. I recall that the first ever game under floodlights at Carrow Roadwas a friendly against Sunderland in the late 1950s. Loat 0 -3. Only time I ever sat in the main stand. Unless someone knows better about the first game which is very possible. And yes what a brilliant thread so many memories of so many great games.
  11. Just thought I would record post number 2000 on this subject Not long now
  12. 2nd October 1954. Norwich City 1 QPR 1. Looking forward to 70th anniversary next October. I thought for years it was against Brighton but did some research and found out it was our most played opponents QPRm
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