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  1. Maybe we could win the league and gift the promotion to whoever comes third? I much prefer the championship
  2. Strikes me that the end of this season is going to be tough. The perfect storm heading our way. Let’s say we get promoted - which is likely. last season showed that we will need a major upgrade of players to compete. historically we struggle to attract top talent so will need lots of money However the very players who are of the right standard to build around seem certain to depart- Aarons, Emi and Todd... So we could face a situation where not only do we need to upgrade in a major way but we also lose our top talent before we begin, at which point will the board go for it or just cross their fingers again and accept relegation? just in case you were enjoying yourselves (as I am)
  3. Some short memories here. Our team once bossed the premiership until Xmas and finished third- today’s team couldn’t do that! GK: B Gunn RB: Bowen CB: Bruce CB: Malky LB: Drury CDM: Skipp CM: Chippy CAM: Maddison LW: Huckerby RW: Buendia FW: Sutton subs: Krul, Aaron’s, Fleck, Bellamy, Wes,
  4. I think Mario should take free kicks - emi loves them but is very hit and miss- mainly miss!
  5. Barnsley’s pressing has been impressive- thought they would tire but they haven’t. We have been poor truth be told
  6. Yes I think skipp might be a much bigger part of our success than we realise
  7. Can’t grumble- we haven’t turned up for this game. how we miss Skipp when he isn’t bossing the midfield...
  8. They want it more so far- pressing and hassslinhg and we have done nothing
  9. Doesn’t suit our style - no idea why he was purchased. We need another striker, IMO, who can score goals or we could come unstuck with an injury to pukki.
  10. Not true. I played several games of rugby concussed- often played a belter. Then didn’t know where I lived afterwards!
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