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  1. Dean Coneys boots

    Ricardo's report v Watford

    I agree with all of the above. Its just frustrating having been slated on this board for being a moaner when, in close season, some of us complained at the lack of signings and investment and called for defensive players. Poor Daniel Farke, who I admire, was let down by the stingiest spend of any promoted side in recent history and many on here were applauding it as a genius move. It was actually suicidal as we can now see clearly. It was obvious to anyone with a footballing brain that we rode our luck a little last season in terms of managing to outscore opponents. The goals against column told us that the defence wasn't up to much - certainly less than the sum of its progressing parts. Hanley should have been released and a prem quality defender signed- just to give us a chance. Today all those increased contracts do not strike me as clever. We have to sell some to buy some. And who the hell will want to come in January anyway? Its all so disappointing. EVERY TIME we get to the Prem the board look the gift horse in the mouth and fail the fans. First time we went up it was clear we needed a striker- but Ashton arrived too late, in Jan, and we went down. Then we needed a defender and Klose arrived too late and we went down. This time its rinse and repeat once again. With the current lightweight squad being pushed around by bigger prem players it is very hard to see where the next result is coming from. Feeling grumpy this morning...
  2. Dean Coneys boots

    In terms of quality

    Klose is not Prem quality these days. He is a very good championship player with an increasingly poor injury record. Hence he plays for Norwich.
  3. Dean Coneys boots

    So is Friday a must win?

    Yet I called it spot on....
  4. Dean Coneys boots

    So is Friday a must win?

    Not unhappy just a seasoned Norwich supporter. History tells me we tend to lose must win games against lower sides but then often win against top teams. Maybe it is about less pressure or maybe our style struggles against big cloggers. We shall see...
  5. Dean Coneys boots

    So is Friday a must win?

    along came Norwich. I can only see a Watford win and a meltdown. But then, just as we resign ourselves to doom, we will beat a much better team, get a few points and the game of feeble hope will start over again.
  6. Dean Coneys boots

    In terms of quality

    Give over hogesar - this is a debating forum and I am sharing an opinion. Why so defensive?
  7. Dean Coneys boots

    In terms of quality

    It really is about recruitment and lack of quality. And after a wonder season we forget this side was really put together when we were struggling financially and unable to compete a division lower: krul, puki and maybe Amadou (in mid) might be good for this level but that is about it. After that we have some fabulous youngsters who are not far off but certainly not there yet. Eg Godfrey is making naive mistakes at time that are costly but will one day be a top player, Max attacks like the best but has much work to do defensively. Then we have a raft of players who are talented but lack the physicality off the top division being easily knocked off the ball - cantwell, leitner, emi. Then those clearly champ level or below like Hanley, the mayor, Tettey, stieperman and Srbeny. Why were so many of these retained before being tested? bottom line is it fair to expect this group to stay up given obviously bridge in quality? how many do you think are Prem quality and would be regular starters in any other side in this division?
  8. Dean Coneys boots

    What’s the problem?

    Vrancic finished last season with aplomb. But it was due to his skill not his physicality and that isn’t what is missing at present. We need a couple of bigger units to stop us getting bullied off the ball in midfield. Vrancic won’t do that though he might slot in where stieperman is struggling
  9. Dean Coneys boots

    Match Thread v Brighton

    This - I feel so sorry for him. Strip away the spin and reality is that he has had least backing in Prem than almost every manager in history - and it shows
  10. Dean Coneys boots

    Next Three Games

    Lakey there is a fine line between optimism and delusion. You live far beyond it but, credit to you, it must be a happy place if a little unreal. I would imagine somewhere between 1-4 points is best case scenario given two away games. O is not impossible. We can't get to January soon enough given the obvious gaps in our squad in terms of both quality for this level and, more importantly, size and physicality. Even if CB return we need one or two big solid chaps at the back and a 10 to improve on Stieperman .
  11. Dean Coneys boots

    We don't need to spend...

    There is middle ground and palace are a good case study. Similar size club historically - Went up and made it work. Now thriving after a few years settled. Ultimately spending as little as we did was suicidal in terms of staying up-a few got carried away with the over achievement last season of a side made up to challenge for playoffs. They now have much more expensive contracts but we don’t have a better side..
  12. Dean Coneys boots

    Today's Match Thread

    Yes big athletic midfielders are a must in the premiership. Without winning the battles in midfield our not overly impressive defence is horribly exposed and our genuinely exciting attack is blunted. In fairness Amadou at CDM would be a help but we need one or two other big lads to work a shift there. McClean just not good enough - leitner technically good enough but far too lightweight etc etc
  13. Dean Coneys boots

    Today's Match Thread

    I feel sorry for Farke. Good manager but not backed in the window at all and my how it shows. It was pretty obvious what would happen to a defence that leaked So many goals in championship at this level - which is a big step up (and sorry but I don’t think zimmo would make that much difference) especially if protected by such a physically lightweight midfield. We have bags of talent but just lack the size to get stuck in- most games this season has looked like men v boys in midfield where games are won and lost. I get that we have no money etc etc but just once it would be nice to get promoted and be given a chance to be competitive.
  14. Dean Coneys boots

    3 positives & 3 negatives

    This season has been a roller coaster. Meaning it’s easy to praise (Man City) and moan (Villa) in equal measure. Maybe it’s time to admit the good and the bad and ask where to go from here? My three positives and negatives: positive: 1) fabulous manager who fosters attractive football and when it works- wow! 2) a sense of togetherness in squad and some cracking youth signed 3) a canny operator in Webber - even if we do go down this year he has saved the cash for us to mount a decent come back negatives: 1) we lack physicality. This is main reason we found palace and villa harder than Man City. Lower sides with massive athletes bully us off the ball 2) lack of CB signing. Hindsight is 20/20 but Hanley should have been released and a decent CB signed. We would be mid table I believe 3) tactics - we lack a plan B and it shows. When our way isn’t working we look bereft of ideas. this is very worrying as teams have sussed us a bit
  15. Dean Coneys boots

    The difference between the two teams today

    The club did not spend enough this summer to even try and give a us a reasonable chance of staying up. We have skill but we are getting bullied in matches because most sides are much stronger and bigger physically.