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  1. We STILL haven’t replaced Skipp or Tettey and that is killing our entire midfield. Sara will look tidy, I think, if he has a solid defensive midfielder sat behind him allowing him to do his flicks and tricks. Frankly it is astonishing - given how glaring the problem was last season- that we only signed a crocked Hayden. What was the point of that?
  2. Couldn’t agree more. Taking off a man on a hat trick (bet he likes that not ) for a L1 clogger
  3. Sinani should have cleared - so too Nunez. It was a foul - poor all round
  4. Just said to my boy- we never do anything with corners…then BOOM. The sarge is there
  5. Worst we have played since the first game. Gifted two goals but otherwise very sloppy especially in defence
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