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  1. I entirely agree. Hence I don’t just happy clap and rejoice that nephew Tom will soon be running the only self sustaining model in the top division.
  2. Hanley is one of our better CBs. But name me a single team in our division who would play him as a starter. This is part of our problem.
  3. We improved the squad but we did not improve the starting XI - having chosen to sell our best player to finance the window. In hindsight this was suicidal because we had already lost our second best player in skipp. We also signed not to be competitive now but to sell on in the future - that is the model. Fine but you can’t then be surprised when physicality is lacking because young up and coming players, especially wingers, tend to be out muscled by older bigger men. finally we enjoy playing like Man City in the champs- and it works - but it fails miserably in the Premiership. Because the actual Man City’s are better at it - and the others, though less skilful are massive units, so they just bully us off the ball.
  4. I got slated for this post on August 28th. To save you scrolling I had written: Webber stated we would learn lessons and that he wouldn’t send Farke out without a gun this time. So my question is- what lessons did we learn and what has been done to address them? Because from my vantage point we haven’t learned a flipping thing. Still lacking physicality in midfield, still trying to play a championship defence in the premiership, still stubbornly sticking to formation and style that doesn’t cut it for bottom half team, etc etc Bottom line it all looks so similar to the last premiershipcampaign, we don’t seem to have learnt very much at all,
  5. It’s not irrelevant given it’s the same management team and largely similar tactics and style- also many of the same players such as rupp and Maclean who look every bit as out muscled this time as last. So fair to point out the changes but not entirely irrelevant as you suggest
  6. 15 straight defeats as far as they are concerned- the championship doesn’t interest them.
  7. The task before us is now enormous but…when Palace lost their first 7 games in a season - they went on to survive! It can be done…but improvement must come soon.
  8. You saw the limitations this window. Instead of signing what we needed to be competitive this season- we signed young talent to sell on the season after next. It has left us lightweight again. we didn’t go the extra mile for Ajer - and we sold our best player to fund the window. The opposite of what Brentford did and look at them
  9. Good for you. But what has this to do with a debate on whether the team are good enough for this level?
  10. It’s hard to see where a single win will come from- but football is a funny game and things can change
  11. I think the era is about to collapse. Players will want out if this continues. And I doubt we would then bounce back. More likely to return to era of being mid table champs team. Shame - so many opportunities to kick on but we fluff our lines in this division. Every. Single. Time
  12. Give your honest assessment. What do we finish on? I say less than 30
  13. Probably because we are yet to pick up 3 points in those 3 months
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