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  1. club took a gamble in spending so very little in summer to strengthen the squad in terms of both quality and depth- and it is coming back to bite us on the @*^% yes we have been unlucky but we also failed to strengthen.
  2. Norwich went up, a young exciting side, Teemu scoring for fun. And many thought that the smallest ever spend for a promoted side was no big deal. a couple of injuries and an embarrassing cup exit later- followed by a poor show at West Ham- and reality is knocking at the door. For all of our talent and potential we look a few signings short of what is required to compete at this level. And the season has barely begun.
  3. Dean Coneys boots

    Summer signings

    Are you “ Larkin “ about?
  4. Dean Coneys boots

    Summer signings

    I am all for optimism but, sorry, losing to a fourth tier team is pretty woeful - so, sorry, but those who should have been knocking on the door for a call up- which is most of the summer signings- put in a pretty poor showing however you want to dress it up. Ergo my post asking why none of them are pushing for a place in our team given the jump up. It’s great to see Aarons, Pukki, Godfrey et al pull you trees - but if we fail to back them in the transfer market then we will soon lose them and be back to square one. As stated earlier this season, between wasting huge sums (doing a Fulham) and spending next to nothing (Norwich) lies a sensible middle ground.
  5. Dean Coneys boots

    Bury have gone

    With the amount of money in football- this sort of thing happening speaks only of rot. Rules need changing to ensure leadership is honest and share needs to be fairer down the leagues not just paying obscene wages at the top. Result would be better competition
  6. Dean Coneys boots

    Summer signings

    Good to hear Amadou looked ok - read elsewhere that he was unimpressive
  7. Dean Coneys boots

    Summer signings

    Losing in the cup isn’t the end of the world - albeit VERY disappointing. what concerns me more after tonight is that none of the signings we made this summer seem to have improved on what we had or be knocking on the door for a start - which suggests an unacceptable transfer window. We seem to be left with little depth on tonight’s showing To be fair to Drmic - he is injured and Fahrmann hasn’t done much wrong / but the rest have hardly set the world on fire tonight. You would have thought Heise, Roberts and Amadou would want to show the fans what they are about. Instead - lose to flipping Crawley!!
  8. Dean Coneys boots

    *****Official match thread v Crawley*****

    In hindsight too many changes. Meant a team playing together regularly met a b team who are not up to speed. Very disappointing
  9. Dean Coneys boots

    *****Official match thread v Crawley*****

    Dreadful but- having supported city for many years - not remotely surprising
  10. Dean Coneys boots

    Jack Butland

    The only way this has legs is if Fahrmann wants out. But without any hint that this is the case I think we can tick it off as journo hype and maybe an agent putting out a “come and get me I am available” shout
  11. Dean Coneys boots

    Who to trust- pundits or fans?

    Another thing to throw in. People keep using “it was Liverpool” in defence but let’s be honest - it was Liverpool barely breaking sweat. I felt they could have moved up a few gears - and relaxed second half. That is cause for concern but as others have said - a few more games will give a better idea.
  12. Many fans are trusting in the positives of the Liverpool performance and buying into the “webberlution” notion; that we can stay up having spent next to nothing to bridge the gulf between champ and prem due to the quality of our play and talent already here. Yet most pundits and impartial friends, including Chris Sutton, are trusting in the negatives of the Liverpool performance and suggest we have been very naive to think we can spend so little and that we are nailed on for relegation despite being plucky. Which is it? One can argue all day about how bias/impartial pundits really are. I find myself in the middle. We have some fantastic talent at this club and a great manager but - once again- we have failed to back them on promotion and will leave it to January, by which time it is too late, to adequately strengthen. Liverpool showed me we can attack with the best of them. It also showed me that we should have purchased an experienced CB and moved Hanley on. Leaving zimmo and Klose as back up. The mayor also looked out of his depth etc.. so whilst my heart still says 15th my head, post Liverpool defensive display, is saying 20th We will, of course, know more after Newcastle. One swallow does not a summer make and I put my hands up as one who underestimated this team after five games last season. But equally don’t underestimate how good even the “weaker” teams are in this division and last years goals against concerns me.
  13. Norwich 0-0 Man Utd. First game in charge for a certain new manager- Alex Ferguson
  14. Dean Coneys boots


    Fast becoming my favourite ever Norwich manager. Respectful, humble, wise and with a great attitude. I hope he stays for a long time and we don’t see knee jerk reactions this season. Back him whatever
  15. Dean Coneys boots


    Godfrey blew hot and cold. He made errors despite showing a lot of heart. Having rewatched the highlights I would downgrade my score to a 7. But great player and he will bounce back strong