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  1. Dean Coneys boots

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    Not sure how I feel about season voided. Obviously it is good news for the teams facing relegation- but not actually relegated- but it will lead to farce and, due to the money involved, infighting and legal actions I suspect. I guess the choices are void and start again or use a mathematical system to artificially end the season- simulating matches - at which point we are down.
  2. Given that the average age of those most affected in Italy is over 80- and given that the stopping of public gatherings is more about staggering the illness to take pressure off the NHS than anything else- I am almost certain the season would be finished behind closed doors and with cameras present. Most footballers being well under the age of 80 and having no underlying health issues will be off for a few days with a cough even if they do contract it.
  3. Dean Coneys boots

    bad feeling about this one

    then along came Norwich...
  4. Dean Coneys boots

    bad feeling about this one

    Not only are Sheff utd the sort of team who physically cause us problems- but our legs will be tired following the heroics midweek. Dont think our survival begins today. But here is hoping I am wrong....
  5. Dean Coneys boots

    match thread

    This half sums up our entire season. Pretty football, clever passes and yet no finish and no real sense we will actually score... now make me eat my words, players- please
  6. Dean Coneys boots

    Nobody likes a bully !

    Ive been saying this all season. Our midfield is far too lightweight for the division. They have the skill but look like boys against men when up against big physical players - which most of the bottom half teams are crammed full with.
  7. Dean Coneys boots

    Relegation points total

    I’m with JF. The issue is physicality not talent. Take our game away at Palace as an example - in terms of skill we outshone them...but it looked like men against boys- especially in the midfield. the reason we get plaudits is that we have technical skill and foolishly adopt open attractive tactics requiring a much higher standard of player. But we get no points because we get bullied off the ball. this also tells you why sheff Utd - who had the big units to shut up shop- have added a little bit of talent and done well.
  8. Dean Coneys boots

    Relegation points total

    Strikes me that the bizarre optimism around a team heading for worst ever finish in the top division, with wild claims of multimillion pound offers for defenders who ship goals, is that many fans mistake pretty football for a good team. We do have some promising future players and good team spirit but such things bring zero points. And at the moment we are a very poor team at this level in a season where the Premiership isn't as tough as others. I like this team and the manager. But look at the facts on paper and they are getting a very easy ride for a very poor showing. Probably because most fans know, deep down, that this side is made up of league 1 and championship fodder- with the odd top champ player thrown in and no proven premiership players. A couple who might get there one day but none right now. And it shows. It is the board where the buck stops. They didn't even attempt to stay up and cannot compete at this level. And whilst Webber is very decent- and will doubtless thrive in a top six club - trying to play this style at this level with sub par players is suicidal. You just can't outscore the opposition. My own belief is that the board have outstayed their welcome and belong firmly in the 80/90s era. They need to move on so the club can progress. I understand the argument that says better the devil you know. Either way we go again next year- but please stop talking as if we will walk it. This team did well when full of confidence post Millwall last year- but we are more likely to return to the rocky days of the season before we were promoted. When we often looked challenged at champ level- this side minus confidence is often not up for the fight.
  9. Dean Coneys boots

    Massively over-rated

    The issue might be that this style of football is totally wrong for premier survival. To succeed you need £40 million pound players. Which is why most mid to lower prem sides go for tight defence and big physical players.
  10. Dean Coneys boots

    Massively over-rated

    I too want Farke to stay. Am just not sure we are going about progressing very well. Back to stage one next year. The better players will leave to play at the right level for someone else and, presumably, we start birthing the next batch of players for the top clubs taking a massive risk ourselves in doing so. 1 win in 14 and no goals in open play since January 1st is a pretty rubbish record dont you think? What evidence do we have to convince doubters that this 'plan' is as clever as people say and that we didn't just get lucky last season riding the crest of a wave.
  11. Dean Coneys boots

    Massively over-rated

    At a bigger club they would be around better players - so the big club spends big on an average player they can prop up? i agree being English and having potential bumps up value but I also note not a single actual bid has come in. Most is media and fan speculation on merit- at present- there isn’t much to celebrate. But let’s say you are right - ok fine - turn your claim around - is it good enough for a club our size to fail by playing young players with potential- in a hope to maximise future profit- when they don’t actually perform for us in the present to a high enough standard?
  12. Dean Coneys boots

    3 points against Leicester?

    Agree with all of the above. when you remember that this squad was largely put together - for peanuts- when we were talking about surviving the championship with minimal spend - you realise just how unfair it was to expect them to compete. Zimmerman- I argue our best CB- plucked from obscurity. Stieperman cost league one money etc etc
  13. Dean Coneys boots

    Massively over-rated

    Is this the most over rated team in NCFC history? All the time we hear about a need to hold this wonderful team together - how we will get huge sums for many players if we do sell...and yet the league table doesn’t lie. This supposedly amazing team can’t win for toffee. Not a single goal in open play since January 1st! if they are so good why are they about to slide out of this division with barely a whimper? Stattos- what is our worst top division total? Will they take that crown? Are we are confusing popularity with ability? The players and manager are liked and play pretty football therefore get a pass - where previous managers and players (Chris Houton era) were arguably more competitive but less popular due to style of play etc My neutral friends think the club deserves to be bottom for refusing to spend and naively trying to play this style of football in this division. You are always going to struggle and lose that way. But many Norwich fans seem to think we are just unlucky or else losing is part of some clever plan. Who is right here? What am I failing to see? On what actual statistical achievements- for example - is Godfrey worth tens of millions? Or Aaron’s come to that or Lewis? Etc etc etc
  14. Which is great. But it tends to be the older players getting comfy rather than the young hungry players chasing the top. And, sometimes, this shows on the pitch. Not this season or last to be fair- but we can all remember seasons where teams were a little too comfortable and settled in terms of hunger...
  15. Dean Coneys boots

    Model / Plan

    I think the board recognise their limitations and the truth is that money talks in modern football. Forget top 26 the reality is a desire to get as high as possible without a change of ownership. As recent seasons have shown the current budget and wage structure makes us a top half Championship side. We buy cheap, invest in youth and then sell high. When over-achieving on the budget in place (best case scenario) we get promoted to the top flight. When under-achieving on the budget in place (worst case scenario) we fall into the third tier but with enough money to come back strong. When neither over or under achieving we will be mid to top half championship side. If the club wishes to progress. (And last summer's transfer business suggests the board do not) then funds have to be found to push onto premiership level. This does not only mean hefty transfer budget but a doubling if not tripling of wages. And here is where we come unstuck. This year we just didn't bother- wise if the plan is to remain static as we are well placed next season. Hopeless if the aim was to take advantage of promotion. Nevertheless a much better strategy than the stupid decision (in the Naismith era) to go for a middle ground and hope to pay almost enough for not quite good enough players. This nearly bankrupted the club. How then to press on. The answer becomes obvious. It needs a change of ownership or a massive new revenue stream. I dont see that happening under the present owners who took over a club in a national era but now find themselves poor in a global market. Some fans are perfectly happy with this. Fair play but the risk is that other clubs do progress and we slide into lower champ territory or league one. What exactly does nephew Tom bring to the party? Others feel the time is ripe to take a risk and find new owners. Also risky. But the one reality in life is that nothing stays the same. At the moment I am enjoying the team and manager. I really want to see us build on them. But I fear the budget means the team will soon be dismantled and proceeds used to try and go again...the dice will be rolled. And on we go...