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  1. Yet another game where idah could have staked his place ..but just didn’t.
  2. It’s insane to play Kenny at CB when we have recognised CBs not being picked. It will make for some deeply resentful players surely?
  3. Norwich to score early and then go two up - game looks in the bag only to fall apart for no reason as we concede 3 pointless goals - most via poor passes and lost possession ten minutes before time
  4. He’s a very streaky manager. Unfortunately the bad ones tend to last a lot longer than the good ones. We shall see
  5. A win keeps him in post - not sure that is in our best interests but I cant not want it as that is what supporting is all about
  6. We can’t mark. We can’t play people in their actual positions. Danny B comes in too late - then dropped for no reason. It’s as bad as I have seen it in a very long time.
  7. Sara as CDM and Gibbs as CAM is insanity - would be much, much better the other way round
  8. Gibbs being pushed forward again into his least useful position too. It’s so frustrating- I can’t remember as stupid selections as this from any other manager.
  9. Does he want the sack I wonder? Because picking Onel again- and sticking a midfielder in at CB is just crazy
  10. It seems very odd to hear both Wagner and Adams put forward “squad is too old” as an excuse for the malaise. Both of them were literally part of the process that hired the old players less than a year ago. Then they even had the brass neck to explain we are saddled with them until they get sold or contracts run out….YOU agreed to those contracts only a few months ago!!! Talk about failing to accept responsibility. Doubtless they will blame Webber despite both being part of the process to sign
  11. I wonder if Delia slated the 20% to deflect heat onto herself and off Wagner?
  12. Nobody cycling UP ketts hill has enough breath left to argue as they do it! I used to tackle it every day on the way home from school - it was a killer but I had thighs like Thor ever after a few years!
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