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  1. They have gone in low because they know we want to appear to play hardball. he will be sold, I predict, for 12ish plus a few add ons. Without anyone else competing for his signature it won’t go above £15m
  2. It is a sign of how brilliant the board is at PR that many fans, including a good number on here, keep applauding (and attacking all any any criticism) even as we perform historically badly - breaking many records along the way.
  3. We might get a decent season out of him but will then get an ageing player soaking up wages. He is exactly the sort of signing you DON'T want in the champs. The league is stuffed full of decent players on their way down. What works best is good players on the way up. Of course experience is also helpful - but I would want someone in the 26-27 year old category for that. Eg..likely to remain decent until contract expires
  4. He’s 30. Will only get worse not better - it’s a no from me
  5. Once parachute is gone this would change quite quickly. Without promotions this club quickly finds itself staring down not up - as the situation when the plan began highlighted. Too quickly have people forgotten that we massively overachieved with players who were actually recruited cheaply to stave off relegation
  6. I can never remember things feeling quite as on a knife edge than at present. Should we get off to a flyer and get promoted this season, or next having just missed out, then the “plan” will be said to have worked. All will be fine and dandy. And the refusal to spend will look wise. But should we struggle then the pressure will, I suspect, build quickly. Discontent will follow and the “plan” will look ridiculous. We will have ended up back at square one. The refusal to spend on promotion will look dumb so which do you think it will be? Progress or regress this coming season?
  7. Clearly you missed the goals against column in the previous two seasons
  8. Am a little concerned that we are signing more young, slight, skilful midfielders whilst seemingly ignoring the elephant in the room for at least two seasons- our watery defence. I am convinced we over rate them individually. Klose has never been the same since injury and looks past it, Hanley is inquiry prone and has little by way of consistency. Godfrey is a great footballer but error prone at CB especially where positioning is concerned. I think we could do with one or two seasoned, experienced footballers. Perhaps from clubs going up.
  9. Wouldn’t go that far. But I sincerely believe that if Gunny had not got injured then we would/could have become an established premiership team. We went down at the worst time and never really recovered
  10. Steve Bilic regarding his side's promotion. Assured the baggies fans the club would not do a Norwich and not even try
  11. If history is anything to go by the board will learn exactly nothing.
  12. Quite. Hogesar's already spitting feathers. You must not bash the board no matter how uncompetitive they prove to be in the transfer market.
  13. Most of the players we have were purchased on the cheap, when the club was broke, to stave off relegation from champ. Our defensive frailties were not addressed after promotion and we paid for it with worst relegation in our top flight history. We are currently bereft of confidence with a physically small squad who lack physicality and pace. Teams have sussed out how to stop us and it’s all too easy for them. Unless recruitment is amazing - I fear a poor start that spirals out of control. At present I think a relegation fight is more likely than promotion
  14. This season, as stated, has been a total embarrassment. We even have other managers mocking us now publicly for a total lack of ambition, pointing out “they didn’t even try” This is a sentiment shared by my mates who support other teams who think our miserly ambition was a total joke and that we didn’t even try to stay up. It doesn’t reflect well on us as a club. Have us fans be taken for fools? We were told there was a genius plan in place, but following a record breaking season of dismal failure (see the stats) it is hard to believe in. Do we really think we are about to bounce back first time? On what footballing evidence? Add to this the fact that our new mantra “the team needs a shake up” seems to involve off-loading our budding wonder kids and replacing them with more obscure cheapies from abroad. I think the board need to explain themselves better regarding wasting the opportunity promotion gave us. AGAIN! I think they also need to tell us how the “plan” works if we don’t come flying out of the traps and start winning in a few weeks time. As things could turn ugly, quickly. Then what? Was there really a plan or just an excuse for trying to do it on the cheap and trouser the promotion money?
  15. I agree. I think he just needs one and they will flow again. And i dont see us getting anywhere near the money for him that would purchase a like for like replacement.
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