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  1. I normally park at the Conservative club but it’s closed for this game, where do folks park for this one
  2. I think there should be some club celebration to mark the 5000th day
  3. Does anyone know the amount of days since Ipswich last beat us it much be approaching a record 5000 days?
  4. I just read that fans are not allowed to bring sex toys with them. What a barbaric country. What is a game of football with out a big dildo
  5. Could we not have an option or are you a woke snowflake or just normal?
  6. Gosh that was a p1ss poor effort on representing the fans and holding the club to account. the worst atmosphere since we had the rodent as manager and clappers is the answer deary me
  7. There is something of the night about that blond haired head of communications. I suspect the issue won’t be resolved until he is moved on
  8. It had gone down hill recently from a pretty low base to begin with
  9. The music and the light show aren’t in sink gala and the music before hand , terrible choices
  10. I am hoping his instagram quote means his contract isn’t being renewed
  11. I understand the calls for Dean Smith to go but the issues are much more fundamental than that. We have owners who clearly are looking for a way out ie the American investors We have a sporting director who would rather be leading Chelsea and really doesn’t want to be here our main striker wanted to go in the summer and is performing like he doesn’t want to be here. a new manager won’t solve our issues only new owners and new directors will get us going again. The current leadership of the club is tired and lacking creativity and ambition
  12. I am a passionate Norwich fan home and away. I live for my football Even in the dark times of the past relegation to the 3rd tier as an example, I have never felt apathy before but that is exactly what I am feeling now i am not looking forward to going to the Carra in fact I am dreading it. how has it come to this, why can’t smith/jones/Webber see they are ripping the heart out of the club i really have little optimism that it will change anytime soon. The fact that Webber doesn’t want to be here shows in the way the club is performing what can be done, I have given up even musing about the solutions
  13. We had prudence with ambition we now have no prudence and no ambition
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