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  1. Sorry but what have people seen in Sargent to think he will become a fan favourite, is it the fact he runs around? I've not seen anything to suggest he can do more than Hugill and his ball control is possibly one of the worst I've seen at Norwich. Same question for Tzolis, the guy is behind our u.23 prospects, I have serious doubts we will even see him play a considerable amount of games for us next season. I see Paddy Davitt has been suggesting that the plan is to loan him out next year.
  2. Good on Ukraine for winning. How anyone could have hoped or expected anything else is beyond me. The fact we came second is truly beyond my comprehension; so used to seeing us in last place. Our song is also a pile of **** so really well done; the power of social media I guess. Also pleased to see Germany and France suffer over their lack of support for Ukraine.
  3. I wasn't aware of this. Offside is the only thing it's done well this season. Guess this is due to needing a fair few cameras for it to work?
  4. The thing cost several million so I think it's a valid question.
  5. And Kabak cost us around 5m on his loan fee!
  6. Surprised you missed this as I thought you were quite a big poster on this forum. The summer was littered with fans disagreeing over the sale of Buendia and the potential loss of Cantwell, as well as the slow summer transfer window.
  7. God, Smith makes it hard to like him doesn't he! Why the hell play Gilmour or any loan players. Glad to see Dimi back at least.
  8. Just went back and looked at the thread on twitter arising from Smith's presser. I see a random fan responded saying the pinkun should do a poll on whether fans were happy in response to Smith's strange comment (which I suggest people watch as it clearly is not referring to the minority protesting as Mick is trying to suggest), and the pinkun responded that's a good idea...Guess this is where the idea of the poll came from. I agree, really no need for the poll but its not click bait. Mick Dennis needs to shut up, he's only damaging the view of club more at this time.
  9. Slightly off topic but this is now gathering national coverage. Delia won't stand for all this negative press for much longer; I suspect we will have a statement from the top brass this week
  10. I personally haven't seen people on here calling for others to abuse players or staff, but maybe I have missed it? If so, they're not genuine supporters. There are ways to show frustration and this is clearly not is. Very strange OP though, are you suggesting those posters on here not happy woth the direction of the club at the moment support and relish on players potentially getting followed home?
  11. Haven't gone to the last 2 home games and won't be going again. Struggling to have any enthusiasm for wasting my weekend and ending up in a bad mood. Even those I share my season tickets with haven't wanted to go in my place.
  12. I'm sure those saying we will be fine next season in the championship with this squad are the same people saying we had a decent summer window and kept believing we would stay up all the way up to March. There's nothing wrong with being positive but people really need to start seeing the evidence in front of them, this squad is nowhere near good enough to compete for top 2 next season. Webber had ripped the soul out of the team and removed any creative players we had before to build a team of average players without any flair.
  13. First time I can remember us in the top flight not beating any of the top teams.
  14. Tbh don't think he really could have been less effective than any of our wingers and definitely a better player than Placheta, who may be the worst player I've seen put on a Norwich shirt since Marley Watkins, and ran close by Sargent
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