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  1. The midfield has been a problem for years now, but so has the defence. We've gone from Hanley being third or fourth choice to the first name on the teamsheet. It drives me mad we spent over £5m on promotion on a loan CB rather than investing into the future. My main issue with the midfield is the shape, watching the game on Saturday and many others this season, it has reminded me of one of Farke's worse games, being Leeds in his final season. The midfield is non-existant. You have the defence and Hanley and then a 40 yard gap and the strikers and other midfielders. There is noone playing in between the lines for the majority of games. We saw it for 20 mins on Saturday when we had some structure but it then disappeared. I don't know if it's fitness or something the players are told to do but the shape of the midfield has been driving me nuts all season.
  2. Can someone explain why we don't leave someone forward on defensive corners. In my mind it gives us an outlet and causes the opposition to bring another player or two back as well. I've never understood this.
  3. I thought Hayden tired quickly and tbh both were not great, neither really looking for the ball and we looked very light in the middle of the park. I actually think the fitness and energy of the team in general hasn't been great recently and most of that has stemmed in the middle of the park.
  4. Shocked by the Cantwell snub, he has been trying hard and one of the better performers recently. Not surprised by Gibbs, thought him and Byram were very poor mid week.
  5. Not sure the facts back this up. We're 15 in the fair play table for the championship and that's mainly due to the red card numbers. For yellow cards we look to be in the bottom 5 for number of yellows received.
  6. I was watching him closely today and couldn't help but think he is just plain lazy. Reminded me of a less talented Leroy Fer! A few times he got beaten by a man, jogged after him for 2 or 3 yards and then just stopped. I don't think that can ever be justified from a professional footballer. Although Cantwell hasn't done much this season and despite his recent antics over the last couple of seasons, one thing I will say is that he is working hard when he does get on the pitch.
  7. What frustrates me is the lack of leaders in the team. We've gone from having a squad filled with leaders like Martin, Snodgrass, Johnson, Howson, to McLean. We seem to have built a squad of nice guys with little fight. I mean Hanley as captain says all you need to know about this current squad.
  8. Think it's up to the fans to make some noise Saturday. Once Carrow turns there's no coming back for a manager. Although Webber would probably just keep him around to **** us common folk off.
  9. I really struggle to understand how anyone can support him. I understand and appreciate that he has helped develop the training ground, having sold the previous regimes gems to do so. Under him we have had 2 promotions, but there is little to show for it and out attempts at staying up having been laughable. The squad is no stronger than when he joined, there is more disconnect between fans, the local media and the club than I can recall. He has spent more money than any previous regime and the majority of that has been on utter crud, some of which aren't deemed good enough for the championship. We have no identity, our signings don't seem to make sense but are based on stats. Add to that the latest signings of Smith and all his nonsense in the media last year, he just has to go.
  10. My biggest issue is we have spent 20m on players who can't even make our championship team and we have loaned them out. Webber choose to sell Buendia and reinvest the money on what he considered a more rounded squad. Ignoring whether Buendia wanted to go or not, as if you throw enough money at someone you can get them to stay, spending the majority of thst money in 2 players who can't make a championship squad is criminal. We now have a squad if medicore players, with no passion or desire to be here and no quality to turn a game. Sara is unfortunately looking like another waste of 10m. Webber has done well in the market with little money to spend but once he's had money he has squandered it and weakened the squad. I unfortunately expect a few years of mid championship mediocrity.
  11. Sorry haven't read through the whole thread but re the loan fees I belive this is just the cost if the loan, the wages will be included in the wages figure. This is what the pinkun article suggests and aligns with what I heard before about paying 5m loan fee for Kabak.
  12. A bit late to this topic but these lights are driving me mad. I sit at the top of the Jarrold and the glare from these lights is extremely frustrating. I wasn't there last night so haven't seen it in the dark yet but suspect it will be worse than Saturday games to date. If I recall, didn't the club essentially get these lights for free as a trial for this company? Off topic, but their sponsorship on the back of the shirt is also horrendous!
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