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  1. priceyrice

    Decent windows

    Windows plus defitnely the way to go. I had a lot of quotes from Norfolk companies for our bi fold doors, windows and French doors. Windows plus we're by far the cheapest and I can highly reccomend. Anglia home improvements seemed the most expensive, although they did phone me in december saying they had some discounts in the new year.
  2. I phoned the club up last week about this. There is no waiting list but if any are available they will go on sale in May
  3. So with season ticket renewal upon us I thought I would see whether there is anyone who isn't planning to renew for next season. I'm ideally looking for two season tickets and the club has now gotten rid of the waiting list so I can't go down that route anymore. Had a season ticket for 10+ years which I gave up a few years ago due to living up north. Now I've moved back to Norwich I would love to be able to go to the games again. I've been lucky to make 7 games this season with the membership scheme but those chances will drop next year as I only attended a few home games in our promotion season. Obviously psuly would be happy to pay an extra administration fee if someone was able to transfer their season ticket or two across. Thank you. Sorry if this isn't a suitable post for here.
  4. priceyrice

    Membership Scheme Revamped

    I personally think they've made it worse. So I paid £200 this season for 4 memberships (2 home and 2 away), however my attendance at games this season doesn't contribute at all towards my priority for games this season. I was living in Leeds in our promotion season so only attended a couple of home games. Now I will be one of the lowest priority home members next season despite attending 6 games at home so far this season. I think this is an absolute joke. No chance I am getting a membership for next season, either home or away.
  5. priceyrice

    I think I've had enough.

    I've sent you a message MC
  6. priceyrice

    Talk Norwich City - Webber Podcast

    Great video. Wasn't a big fan of Chris and Jack a year or so ago, but these videos are great for fans to see and you can't criticise the work the boys have done and their passion for the club - I suspect there is a bit of jealously from other fans. Don't know how many clubs have their players and staff on fan channels like this either. Keep up the good work!
  7. As the title suggests, having spoken to the club earlier this week regarding getting myself on the season ticket waiting list now I have moved back to Norwich (before the membership scheme was announced), I was quite surprised to discover the club no longer has a season ticket waiting list nor is it taking any applicants onto the list. No reason was given as to why this is, simply it is what it is. I spoke to the club back in February about the same topic and they were accepting applicants at that time (at the tune of £20). I am just wondering if anyone knows the reason for this change of approach? I can't see myself any way it may be linked to the new membership scheme. It just seems rather odd, considering the club was making £20 from applicants on the list. Could another possible reason be a planned expansion of the stadium next year!? I suspect not, but it's good to dream! On a slightly different topic, the club are also not accepting any calls at the moment regarding the membership scheme, I wanted to update my delivery details but unfortunately cannot speak to anyone about this at the present time so ended up having to leave a voicemail. I suspect there have been plenty of calls of complaints!
  8. priceyrice

    Reading Game - iFollow

    Is the game on sky sports? I noticed it''s 8pm rather than 7.45.

    If it is, it won''t be on ifollow I don''t belive. Last season if a game was being broadcast on tv then it wasn''t on ifollow.
  9. priceyrice


    I would like to think that we have insurance in the players which will be covering most of his waves. But you never know.

    I also came across the following on the website from a law firm which specialised in injured players, quite interesting:

    In the English Premier League and the Football League, there is a different regulation depending on the fact whether or not the injury was sustained under club duty. In the case of an injury sustained under club duty, the club pays for the player his basic salary for 18 months. For the remaining period before recovery, the club is obliged to pay only 50 % of the salary.

    If a player should sustain an injury away from club duties or an illness, the club will pay the players basic salary for up to 12 months. For the remaining period before recovery the club is obliged to pay 50 % of the salary.

    When a player suffers permanent incapacity or when he is unable to play resulting from the same injury or illness for a period amounting to eighteen months in any consecutive period of twenty months the club shall be entitled to serve a notice upon the player terminating this contract. The length of such notice shall be twelve months in the case of incapacity by reason of a player injury and six months in every other case (i.e. car accident
  10. priceyrice

    Lambert is available

    Rough deal I think. He did ok at Stoke but inherited a horrendous team a la Hughes.

    As much as I would like to say we have moved on I would take him back in a heart beat. To think what cost us here was not giving him an extra mill or two to buy Benteke (who went on to be sol for over £30m I believe)!
  11. priceyrice

    How good is Remi Matthews?

    JF your comment makes it sound like you saw very little of norwich over the last season or even highlights.

    There is no sentiment going on here, Gunn is real quality, both in terms of shot stopping and his distribution. The season before Ruddy was making a costly mistake every third game. While Gunn made 3 or 4 big errors over the season he pulled out far more gane winning saves than ruddy the season before...the main issue was these saves weren''t really highlighted since we went competitive in a lot of said games.
  12. priceyrice

    £3.5m Academy Fund - who's in?

    Just read the pinkun article about the bond closing. What happened here? I had pre registered a few days ago and was waitin for this to open tomorrow. Had quite a nice sum I was hoping to invest.

    I assumed it was corporate investers but have just read through the recent pages on this thread to see some posters managed To invest. Guess I should have been keeping a closer eye on this.

    I think it''s a great investment opportunity if you don''t mind having your money tied up for a fairly substantial amount of time. The 25% bonus puts a nice bit of fun on it too. Good luck to all those. I do wonder if we will see more of these on the future.

    Wonder how much of the £5m will go to the academy and whether any will be put into amother bond scheme by the club to help with the interest payments out to bond holders.
  13. priceyrice

    City to demand £30 for Maddison

    Damn the lack of an edit button

    Link here

  14. priceyrice

    City to demand £30 for Maddison

    I know its the mirror and doesn''t really tell us anything new but they are now reporting we have provisionally sanctioned the sale of Maddison this summer provided we receive £30m.

    Spurs and Liverpool interested with man city now in the mix as well.

    Very much see him leaving this summer to one of the big boys. I have a hunch Spurs and we would take £20m+. Although the 20% sell on clause to Coventry may see us demand more.
  15. priceyrice

    IFollow issue?

    Just to add a few things to this discussion:

    - I used to get the error that I was watching on more than one device and my video kept cutting out. Figured out it was because they no longer allow you to listen to the commentary on one tab and watch the game on another, this was driving me mad until I realised. So it''s one or the other now.

    - Opera browser has an inbuilt VPN and is free, just don''t change where you are located each week and you shouldn''t have a problem.

    - make sure you don''t log in on your phone ever, even if abroad, as this will be considered logging in from the UK if you have a UK sim and will prevent you watching future games, even from abroad, unless you speak to them on livechat to correct it.

    - theoretically you should only be able to login in the same country you registered. This doesn''t seem to be the case though, I registered in France with a French address yet I "watch" in the Netherlands each week

    - to create an account you need to give a non UK billing address, it does not need to match your card billing address - see point above, I suggest going for the country you will be "watching" from.

    - some games just don''t get match commentary, sometimes it will come on at half time, others you will have it for the full game - it''s just how it seems to go. I always send a live chat message when there is no commentary in the hope they will sort it out.

    - If a game is being shown on tv abroad or in the UK then you won''t be able to watch on ifollow. Apparently there is a schedule of these games somewhere but I always just use the live chat option to check if I don''t have a stream.

    - can''t comment on the match passes as I brought a season pass.