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  1. If you add their details to your friends and family on your canaries account then you should be able to buy tickets together. I managed that with my bubble today.
  2. Haha, indeed they do and I do suspect covid and the lack of pre season has hurt us as well in terms of injuries, but purely based on what Klopp has said in the past I'm sure there is something in the theory that our training regime is impacting injuries as well.
  3. To me it's quite clear that our training regime has an impact on injuries, we know from numerous ex players how hard our training is compared to what players have been put through with other managers. There are obvious benefits of our training regime and the number of late goals supports this, however, the downside is we are more prone to injuries. I remember reading something from Klopp last year where he was speaking about training intensity and that in his first two seasons at Liverpool they suffered a large number of injuries due to his German style training regime not mixing well with the physical nature of the Premier league and the number of games played during our seasons in England. He mentioned how one of the biggest changes he had to implement to prevent injuries was reducing the training load and this has resulted in far fewer injuries, as shown by Liverpool last two seasons. I'm not suggesting Farke's approach is wrong as we have had great success under him, but you do wonder whether we need to tweak our training regime to prevent these early season injuries we keep seeing.
  4. Just to clarify some misinformation on this thread above, having antibodies does not make you immune to the virus, spreading the virus or catching it again.
  5. Finally, a nice top this season! I will defintely be getting this one.
  6. So do season ticket holders get the game completely for free, or will the season ticket refund be reduced by £10 for each game we are unable to attend? That's the bit I'm not so sure about.
  7. Not sure how anyone can be surprised here, he is defintely one Farke regards very highly and will be starting most games for us this season.
  8. It was a genuine question. I haven't followed championship striker prices for a while. Can't think of many who have sold in recent years and what price they went for.
  9. I believe Cedric was on loan there with the option to buy (it may have been compulsory I'm not sure). There are some vague rumours of Bellerin to PSG as well. Arsenal need to be very creative in this window so it's not out of the realm of possibilities they sell maintland-niles and bellerin and bring in Aarons to compete with Cedric. Aarons defitnely an upgrade on Maitland-Niles and they're due to get £20m plus for him. I would love us to keep Aarons but it would be the biggest surprise out of all our youngsters if he was to stay. There's a serious lack of quality RBs out there at the moment.
  10. This is an interesting signing. I must admit I've not seem him play for a good number of years, but I recall him being a big rough style of footballer, something we do need in the squad. The truth is he is coming in to play second fiddle to Pukki and offer us something a bit different towards the end of games, I doubt he'll score more than a handful being used in such a way. His goalscoring record isn't great, two fairly good scoring seasons in total throughout his career. But then again, we signed becchio, a goalscoring machine (something like 75 goals in 190 leeds appareances), and not sure he scored once for us. Overall I'm not particularly surprised by this type of signing and I struggle to get excited about this sort of squad player. I can't see Norwich looking to improve on Pukki this season though. I suspect money will be spent on a striker when we next reach the "promised land". Anyone else concerned that having brought all our players first we're going to end up offloading the young talent relatively cheaper as teams will know how badly we need to sell to balance the books and squad.
  11. I would guess that Jacob is the player Webber was referring to when he mentioned in a recent interview about a player we sold calling him in tears wanting to come back. As a back up option I would consider it, but I would prefer our use of loans to be more effective than that. Defintely wouldn't splash out any cash in bringing him back.
  12. They could be in the market for 2 new right backs with Aurier looking like he will leave as well. There were rumours back in January that mourinho wasn't too keen on Aarons however. There are so many teams in the prem in needs of full backs. I will be very surprised if either Aarons or Lewis are both still here come the end of the window. I have a feeling we will be left with Todd and Godfrey after this window, lossing Aarons, Lewis and buendia. I would much prefer it the other way round though.
  13. I assume he was part of a back 3 for wolves when they got promoted. I can't see him working in a back 4 for us. As others have pointed out, extremely slow and his lack of passing is a big issue. If anyone saw how he played for Leicester post lockdown then they will have seen how poor he was, turned so easily on numerous occasions and then ousted from the team by a teenager. Big wages was why we got rid last time, I would really be surprised if we want back in for him again now.
  14. To be honest £25m plus would be a good deal for us in my view. He's obviously got a lot of talent, all the right physical attributes along with the passing and dribbling ability. He is the perfect modern day CB for a big team. He is still very young and defenders tend to come into their prime closer to 30. He has the potential to be a £60m plus player in a few years. However, he is definitely replaceable at this current time, still has a lot of issues in his game and needs more experience playing against the best players. Two quality championship defenders could probably be brought in for 10 to 15m.
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