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  1. Wasn't he at Newmarket races the day this happened? Not sure personal circumstances come into play here. I can't condone drink driving in any situation anyway, if this has gone another way be could have killed somebody. Shocked that both club and country have backed him to be honest.
  2. If this is a true I think it will be the end of his career. Why do it, he could give his "friends" more money than I suspect they earnt from these bets
  3. The guy is a good championship striker. There is no way he moves to a premier league club. He has a chance of competing for championship top scorer next year if we aren't promoted. Don't think his career will ever go higher than that. A very likable guy though.
  4. As a season ticket holder, am I right in thinking our match day ticket just gets uploaded to our season ticket and we use that as normal? Just got slightly confused by the email after purchasing the ticket about the app and print at home tickets
  5. It got me on first reading as well! I very much suspect he will be gone on 13 November. Club seems happy to throw away another 3 points against Cardiff - that in itself is baffling!
  6. I believe this is fake news. I saw the tweet from "TNC" yesterday and when I checked it was a fake account. I have checked again today and cannot see any such tweet from either TNC or Nick.
  7. The midfield has been a problem for years now, but so has the defence. We've gone from Hanley being third or fourth choice to the first name on the teamsheet. It drives me mad we spent over £5m on promotion on a loan CB rather than investing into the future. My main issue with the midfield is the shape, watching the game on Saturday and many others this season, it has reminded me of one of Farke's worse games, being Leeds in his final season. The midfield is non-existant. You have the defence and Hanley and then a 40 yard gap and the strikers and other midfielders. There is noone playing in between the lines for the majority of games. We saw it for 20 mins on Saturday when we had some structure but it then disappeared. I don't know if it's fitness or something the players are told to do but the shape of the midfield has been driving me nuts all season.
  8. Can someone explain why we don't leave someone forward on defensive corners. In my mind it gives us an outlet and causes the opposition to bring another player or two back as well. I've never understood this.
  9. I thought Hayden tired quickly and tbh both were not great, neither really looking for the ball and we looked very light in the middle of the park. I actually think the fitness and energy of the team in general hasn't been great recently and most of that has stemmed in the middle of the park.
  10. Shocked by the Cantwell snub, he has been trying hard and one of the better performers recently. Not surprised by Gibbs, thought him and Byram were very poor mid week.
  11. Not sure the facts back this up. We're 15 in the fair play table for the championship and that's mainly due to the red card numbers. For yellow cards we look to be in the bottom 5 for number of yellows received.
  12. I was watching him closely today and couldn't help but think he is just plain lazy. Reminded me of a less talented Leroy Fer! A few times he got beaten by a man, jogged after him for 2 or 3 yards and then just stopped. I don't think that can ever be justified from a professional footballer. Although Cantwell hasn't done much this season and despite his recent antics over the last couple of seasons, one thing I will say is that he is working hard when he does get on the pitch.
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