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  1. You're not a premier league manager so we've got another manager to manage you! That'll go down well.
  2. So, do all the new signings play in different corners of Colney? Shouldn't they be doing the gelling in training.
  3. I'd prefer to see him at his best this season rather than next summer.
  4. So nearly 7 games in are we still attempting to gel?
  5. Every bad season we have in the premiership is because after 38 games the team haven't had "time to gel".
  6. No real improvement on any players we already had. He doesn't really stand out in games and as others have said he seems to switch off on occasions. So far none of our summer signings look like they are anything special apart from Normann's little bit of flair last week. And why does our team need "time to gel" when the likes of Brentford got off to a flying start. Why are we different?
  7. You've been hounding other posters all this evening for answers without offering us your answer to solve the problem.
  8. Grin and bare it, there's nothing else we can do at the moment. As fans we have no say in team or board affairs so our hands are tied. Ranting on here will make no difference to the club or board. At least vent your anger on them by writing to tell them, at least that way somebody will see it.
  9. Write to them and ask, that is a little more proactive the whining on here. Delia Smith Carrow Road Norwich, NR1 3JE
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