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  1. Us Norwich fans have always been a meek and mild breed even back in the 80's despite a few thinking they were "ard", the tiny hooligan element we did have were often seen being chased along the river and up Prince of Wales rd as they ran for their little lives.
  2. I need to end my bad run so lets take a risk..... Swansea v Wigan....Home win. For the Norwich bet I'll go with.... Norwich away win. All the best to @Cosmic Twin and @Kathy and all our fellow pup's.
  3. Apologies for lateness, no time to fart this week. Here goes.... Wycombe v Port vale....Home win. For the Norwich bet I'll go with....Pukki to score first. All the best this week to @Diane and @gregt and all our fellow pups.
  4. I'd have a punt on Knutsen. Webber has already met him when a delegation from Norwich visited Bodo Glimt.
  5. I never backed him because I had a feeling he was a square peg in a round hole here.
  6. Why would you sack a manager with this record? Baffles me. Norwich City 15 November 2021 Present 48 13 11 24 27.08 Just for comparison Farke when sacked(I supported his sacking). Norwich City 25 May 2017 6 November 2021 208 87 49 72 41.8
  7. Lets hit league 2 this week and go with.... Crawlet town v Mansfield town....Away win. For the Norwich bet I'll have....Sheff utd win with BTTS. Good luck to Jellytot and Indy and all our fellow pups.
  8. Is he leaving then? Do you have some inside knowledge in that bedroom of yours? Last I heard he was on a long list of candidates.
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