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  1. Beware of Nutty Nigel,you'll end up in a bromance.
  2. Blimey,nearly missed this week. Can I have a Villa V Norwich draw please. Good luck all.
  3. Scotland on Saturday please,and i'll go with.... Elgin v Peterhead....Away win. All the best to Splutcho and all this weeks pup's.
  4. Think I've weeded out a great bit of value this week in the form of....... Bristol City v Wigan....Home win. Go get us that money this week Lapps,do it for the little people. Good luck to all this week and don't waste too much money on the national.
  5. Looking for a little value and came up with this one.... Aston Villa v Blackburn....Home win. Good luck to KiwiScott and all involved this week.
  6. Massive apologies for not making it on time. I picked my selection earlier this week and then completely forgot. Nutty can you put me down for..... Torino v Bologna....Home win. Cheers all.
  7. I'm going to rely on Brizzle city to do us a favour this week and go with.... Bristol City v Leeds...Home win. Good luck this week Kev and all involved.
  8. I'm going to stick my neck on the line this week and tip the binners for an away win.... Wigan v Ipswich....Away win. All the best to JF and all our fellow pups this week.
  9. I fancy a punt down in league 2 this week,not the luckiest league for me but here goes.... Forest Green v Yeovil.....Home win. Good luck to Crabby this week and all involved.
  10. Looking for a little value this week after missing last week(wife in hospital with pneumonia)I've found this little gem in the championship...... Swansea v Millwall.....Home win. Good luck to Wooster this week and all our fellow pup's.
  11. Going to try my luck in league 1 this week and I'll go with.... Barnsley v Rochdale.....Home win. Good luck to DD and all our fellow pup's old and new.
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