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  1. Well done Alex Neil / Sunderland. Brilliant stuff. See you next season
  2. Imagine. One can only Imagine. I wonder if Webber got big Frank's autograph in Dubai . Crazy scenes last night . But guess what they survived.
  3. Motherwell quotes. The Fir Park faithful were quick to take the youngster to their hearts. As Stephen Robinson developed his swashbuckling ‘Well side – Kipre fitted right in. Playing at the heart of a no-nonsense defence, Kipre's tough demeanour coupled with confidence on the ball saw him become an iconic figure. He may only have spent one season in Lanarkshire - but what a time it was. With two runs to Cup Finals, the fans never missed an opportunity to chant their new favourite’s name.
  4. I'm sure a few teams were after him. Unfortunately ,we seem not that attractive in the big picture. Undoubtedly the connections were a big factor. Imagine he had come here . Great player.
  5. I would say, yes pukki appears down and frustrated , can't blame him. The man Has been a top performing professional for this club . Teemu thanks . Your call!
  6. Thank you , Mr Bert . I was wondering about this as well. Regards Tom
  7. Very disappointing indeed. As you say Wolfie , present Pukki pre-match . As the saying goes " Traditions die hard". Looks like it's not a problem for the club just now. Strange times.
  8. In a break from tradition, Pukki was awarded the Barry Butler trophy at the training ground on Wednesday rather than in front of supporters at the club's final game of the season on Sunday.,
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