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  1. Your Welcome Santa's little helpers are on the case. I think big Stu will take the hint this time.
  2. It's possibly the only way it can happen. Would you like an injury prone one , a fit one to go now, one as a Christmas present.
  3. Spot on ,right on the money nutty. It's a changed game. Remember when five subs were brought in the amount of negativity from some was hilarious. Its been like this in many other countries for quite a while. Yes its a squad game now. The first eleven does not real ly exist anymore. It's the first sixteen now. Reserves is almost a redundant word in top class football. In theory everyone of that sixteen are on an equal footing. Tactics.
  4. No problem with that . Take the money from their bulging bank accounts , build new jails for these people .
  5. Robusta is usually blended for the markets with arabica. I'm sure if you check out the blend you drink you may well see it has some robust in it. Arabica pure is to sickly for me , so robusta is more bitter . SO the right blend can be very nice.
  6. I can understand your coffee ️ dilemmas. Just stick to good old brazilian conolon (Robusta). 3 x the hit. Unless you were talking about something more sinister than coffee but there again very relaxing
  7. So you were a bad boy GB. Cmon tell us all about it. One big happy community here you know.
  8. Season 22/23 This lad needs expelling. Half arsed effort throughout but still blames everyone and everything for his own mistakes. Ungraded BUT TAKES OWNERSHIP OF HIS MISTAKES. I'm the one to blame ,I make the decisions? I take full responsibility for everything . Don't blame Daniel, Dean or David .I do the hiring ,I am ultimately responsible?? I'm not sure what taking responsibility means now. I think it should be changed in the dictionary . Definition of Responsibility ,- look around and see if it's possible to take the heat of yourself; ideas for that just sack a few people , job done. DEFINITION OF DONT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY ; exactly the same. Make yourself untouchable . . Give a limp handshake and move on.
  9. You need to get a grip. I'm quoting MB. This **** with superman webber is beyond a joke now. I'm not interested in egos ,webber does this club no favours. Bring Daniel back as SD and get the imposter gone.
  10. Oh yes nutty. Tell you what I quoted what apparently Michael said. The Big percentage on here need to get a grip. It's a meltdown about webber. Tell you what. It's ridiculous the **** that is being stirred up. He needs to take a step back. Personally nutty I thought the in-house was the best of the lot. I'm sure also I spied Alice peeping out from one of those pillars. SO your correct it was from N. Korea. Who was the guy who did that interview, any ideas. Find out please.
  11. Mr Bailey told the BBC that there was "no definition in [Webber's] role of just being the men's sporting director". "I struggle with someone representing a football club to be quite so opinionated on what is effectively one of the teams he is responsible for," he said. "Not everyone has to like women's football - or any sport - but I think there is a respect that the sport deserves generally in terms of what it is and who it can appeal to."
  12. Super weird as big stu would say. I think it's time . Times up SW
  13. Deano is a big golfing ️ buddy with Davy Moyes and yes of course Moyes has a big cup final coming up ,so will for sure rest a lot of players.
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