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  1. It will either be 1-0 to us or 6-0 to them. Would ne nice to ruin their season, finish 19th, and upset jamie ohara (whilst making laura woods love us)
  2. It includes the ppv Mick Dennis v Paddy Davitt lightweight contest
  3. Let's be honest, if Webber was given another pile of cash to spend, he would probably just want to climb it
  4. The soccerbot will go all Hal and take full control of the club From now on to be referred to as Robotic Chase
  5. Compared to some recent finals it was pretty good i thought but nowhere near the classic the BBC were trying to paint it as. The Play off semi sheff utd v Nottm F was far better in comparison.
  6. Gotta give Smith a chance at a more even level but if I had to choose a realistic option, I'd go for Wayne Rooney
  7. The biggest problem is that, as much as I have criticised Kenny McLean he's been our best midfielder He's limited, generally does a head in hands moment every game but no one works as hard as he does and he's the only player I ever hear shouting and having a go at others
  8. I think the biggest issue is that we built a side to be good with the ball ( which they aren't really) but needed one to be good without it
  9. Hucks v Cardiff and Marshall v Newcastle both stand out for me. Naismith v Liverpool too... Trybull v Leeds The best ever I can remember was against us in 1989 or 90 i think... Franz Carr ripped us apart as Forest beat us 6-2
  10. Not sure it's quite the worst, but Pape Diop. I can only remember one game where he sat at the qpr supporters lol Stephen Whittaker in midfield v Brentford gives me nightmares to this day. Also an honourable mention to the streaker in 1990 or 91 I think.. didn't even bother to take off all her clothes
  11. True. Although to be fair I still can't see where 21 points have come from with this **** team
  12. Gary Crosby on Andy Dibble was great.. vaguely remember that miserable ref George Courtney was asked about it on the big match on Sunday and said hexwoukd have disallowed it as it was within the rules of the game but not the Spirit!! I'd forgotten Nyland was with us for a short time
  13. He must be about 60 by now but Iv always liked Bannan and wanted Norwich to sign him over the years I'd like them to go up but I'd also quite like them to be one of Ipswichs Competitiors next season
  14. We have had more than enough decent teams at home this season, I'm happy not to see any more for a few months please
  15. I was always under the impression the 'webberlution' partly included succession planning. The sacking of Farke seemed to contradict that, but we had always known when Webbers contract was ending so should have had a succession plan in place planned for months, with his new rolling contract they were given at least another whole year to plan. It seems to me that, just as we searched the whole of Europe to discover our next manager was our own youth coach in Adams, we will find the best man to replace Webber when he leaves just happens to be Adams Too!!
  16. You would also think if taking over a team in trouble the first thing you do is call and speak to the team captain and senior players. I don't know the truth, but I can't recall any other stories of Bassong causing trouble with any other clubs.. but there's a few cases of players being treated badly by the club over many years, and for whatever reason Adams seemed to lose trust and respect quickly
  17. Dyche was at Watford before, I think, maybe he could fancy a return. Although the owners short termism may put him off
  18. There are traditionally 92 professional clubs, at least 65 of those would love to be a yoyo club between prem and championship, we are fortunate in so many ways when you look at other clubs, like Oldham. We have regular success and seemingly stability and sustainability, but I don't think it's possible to yoyo forever, eventually you either get it right and stay up a few years or get it wrong and it could be 10 orc15 years before promotion, and that's assuming we don't go down again. Farkeball failed in the prem, but I thought we were addressing that in the championship to adapt farkeball with being more solid and better defensively which seemed to have worked, if you compare goals against I then title winning seasons. Yet, we seem to decide to go away from that.
  19. Seems as true as Norwich being the best team to be relegated last time.
  20. Recruitment has and always will be the most important part of a club. For some reason, I thought our new identity under Webber was a Recruitment team fit for purpose finding Buendia type successes but as far as I can see our best signings weren't found,but were already known by Farke which begs the question what does the scouting team actually do.
  21. As funny as it will be to see Everton down, I still haven't got over Leeds last min win v us so out of pettiness would love them to go down. Rather Burnley stay up as I have a feeling they woukd adapt best to relegation
  22. Winning the league will be hard, but it always is, but there's no way we won't finish top 6 assuming we keep the spine of Krul Hanley and most importantly Pukki. Anyone who has watched the championship this season can see how bad the quality in the league is.
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