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  1. I appreciate this stuff happens all the time it I think it stinks to be honest. At least it shows we have some talent in our academy. Begs the question what is the point of having academy at all if the time you get a player who could potentially be a first team player he’s poached.
  2. The women game is rammed down everyone throat by the media not because it’s the same level as the men’s. It’s because it’s the right thing to do to promote the sport. Women’s or Girls football has a massive future as a mass participation sport. All the pitches and infrastructure is already in place you just need promote it and that’s what the media job is essentially.
  3. Here was me thinking the culprit might be Kenny McLean.
  4. Essentially it’s hero time now. Who will not go quietly into the night. On the evidence of Stoke it’s only Angus Gunn so far. At least four or five players need to up there levels considerably for us to have any chance at all.
  5. I,d argue Huckerby is not quite the same player as the other 3 mentioned. Wes etc.. were players that everything went through in an attacking sense and connected the whole team in an attacking sense. Huckerby was more of a maverick who did it more by himself. In opinion the most Wes like player before Wes was Ian Crook.
  6. Wes Hoolahan- James Maddison - Emi Buendia. The chain has been broken and it’s the reason it has been ordinary at best for the last two seasons.
  7. Todays result wasn’t the issue it’s losing to Sunderland drawing against Huddersfield.
  8. I feel the reason that frustration lingers regarding the sacking of Farke is that the nagging doubt that somewhere in his reign there was a team and spirit which could have not only stayed up in the premier league but could have done really well. The frustration is that that we never got to see that.
  9. I know what you mean but the way I see it we have destroyed the championship twice only to get destroyed ourselves in the premier league. Maybe instead of destroying the league we sneak in through the back door and things might be different.
  10. Is this not inevitable and will almost be the perfect way to bookmark the end of a season where we seem to find new ways to shot ourselves in the foot each week.
  11. Right then nine games to go 6 wins needed. It is essentially hero time if we are to reach the playoffs someone will have to have played out of there skin in the next 9 games who is it going to be? I personally hope Pukki rolls back the years.
  12. Whisper it but Pukki has not had a good season on any level.
  13. I loved Daniel Farke and we lucky to have him but the reason he was sacked was a record of one win in 24 games in the premier league. One win in 24 games.
  14. I like Sara and the guy has come on leaps and bounds this season. But modern football is weird isn’t it the guy has had a 4 or 5 good games in the championship and we are talking a few of about 24 million for him it’s just insane.
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