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  1. Agree but it’s a top eight really Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Villa, Chelsea, Man Utd, Newcastle and Tottenham.
  2. I might be in the minority but think Gibson is a very good player at this level. Of the current centre back I would probably pick him plus one of the young lads who have been out on loan. That said the maths don’t add up and he is out of contract whereas Hanley and Duffy are not. Interesting what he does next.
  3. Next season will be interesting. Norwich will have new manager new identity. What happens if that doesn’t go well. Smith was sacked with the club in fifth and Wagner after a playoff defeat. What are the expectations for next season? Will the fans give the new dawn time or will there be moaning about playing it out from the back and if we lose two games on the bounce will be a crisis. I agree that the board, sporting director and manager will be on the same page but will the fans if we get a turgid season like 17/18.
  4. I genuinely think Reynolds and the other bloke who isn’t Ryan Reynolds mean well and have certainly done there research. But it ain’t a fairytale I remember in episode one or two of the documentary the guy who isn’t aRyan Reynolds said it was the greatest sporting underdog story. In the next scene they were poaching league one players with offer of ridiculous salaries which the existing squad were laughing about. With a fair wind they’ll soon be out of League one but in my opinion it’s getting even half way up the championship requires silly money and it will be interesting what happens then.
  5. He missed the first two months of the season with an ankle injury.
  6. Look he was obviously going if we didn’t get promoted. Aside that he is too nice a guy to have a pop at the club. Is he entitled to say he did the job with at least one hand tied behind his back and was essentially on a hiding to nothing. Last season we finished 13th and this season we have made the playoffs. With a worse squad of players and a squad where 5 of our top scorers have missed large chunks of the season. Sargent missed 23 games, Rowe 15, Sainz 14, Barnes 12 and Idah 19 games. Last night and over the last three games the team looked jaded and lacking energy. What happened in January the squad was weakened rather than strengthened. Leaving fewer and fewer options. Will be interesting to see how it plays out over time.
  7. I assume Montaia is highly thought of at the club.
  8. Although I get the sentiment of clearing decks. Releasing a relatively young left back who has good experience in the Championship seems a pretty brain dead decision to me.
  9. He turned down Leicester and Ajax he ain’t turning up at Norwich.
  10. Yes I feel there is an assumption that knapper plus foreign coach with little or no experience will be a better version of Webber and Farke there are simple no guarantees that will happen the more likely scenario is a slow descend down the championship a la Swansea, Ipswich and us post Worthington.
  11. I don’t think tonight is on Wagner. He could have played more defensively and stuck Barnes and Rowe on the bench. But we were never coming back from 2-0 once Gunn the saviour so often this season made two mistakes
  12. I think he’s exceeded them the squad is a lot worse than last season and the league is better. Yet we made the playoffs. But I agree time to face the reality of life without parachute payments. Wagner can leave with his head held high and is likely to get another stab at the championship if he wants it something which never would have happened if he was sacked after Blackburn
  13. Interesting that was probably quite a few players last game for Norwich. Certainly was Gibson and Giannoulis
  14. It was awful but we gift them two goals inside the first twenty minutes. We were never coming back from that.
  15. For Wagner sake at least by sacking him now rather than early in the season he shown enough to get another job in football. If we sacked him after Blackburn that was his football management career done. Whereas if we lose tonight or in the playoff final he has done more than enough to have another shot at the championship. I’m sure someone like Hull would take a punt on him. Which is all very Norwich if you ask me.
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