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  1. In an ideal world you'd want to have all new signings done asap, so they get a full preseason with the squad, but that's not how transfer windows tend to play ou also add in the factor that Webber has clearly said there are little funds unless we sell first.
  2. Driving past Carrow Road to find the club badge has changed and a near unintelligible new font which presumably says Norwich City has been plastered over the City Stand.
  3. Let's be honest, none of us would care less about Cantwell's hair, social media antics or whether he was likeable or not if he was producing quality performances on the pitch.
  4. I seriously thought they'd dragged some old boy from the pub for that picture.
  5. I think we could all guarantee this will not be happening at the rugby world cup or Olympics.
  6. However bad it was for the genuine fans outside the stadium, how the police handled it was far better than just letting everyone without a ticket inside, and another 97 people getting crushed to death. You'd think Liverpool fans, more than anyone on the planet would respect that.
  7. I must admit when I read the soundbites of the interview I thought 'oh dear', but having watched it all, I actually thought he came across quite well. However I do think it's ill advised to blame the fans in anyway, after all we only react to what we see on the pitch, also obviously the decision was made to not discuss it, but I'm sure one of the main things lots of us would like to know is was there a succession plan when sacking Farke, because the way it was done led us to believe someone was lined up, but obviously that wasn't the case?
  8. But then we'd have to change the green seats to black, don't want to waste that precious parachute money on that squit.
  9. The last time Webber engaged with fans, it didn't go to well. Maybe he's been told to keep quiet for awhile in the best interest of the club, or he's decided it's better for himself to keep quiet, or maybe he's just halfway up a mountain. If we are all expecting him to shoulder the blame for this season when he does finally speak, then I rather suspect we will be disappointed.
  10. Robert Fleck, hard working, was capable of sticking it to the big teams on occasion, loved by the fans, but ultimately when he went to the big time (Chelsea) he wasn't quite good enough.
  11. Whether Smith is the right man or not is impossible to judge right now, there is however a danger that the players will be mentally scarred from this season and have trouble lifting it again next season, especially if and that's a big if, they haven't confidence in Smith. But let's not forget we definitely had the poorest squad in the division, and Smith wasn't given the opportunity to bring in any new players. The way he was appointed I think kind of shows that the original plan if there was one, was to appoint a caretaker for the rest of the season, then start fresh the next season. But Webber saw the opportunity to get Smith when he came available. Maybe the caretaker route and a fresh start would have been the best option.
  12. Maybe it's because we weren't able to attend last time we went down, but this season feels way more desperate than 2 years ago. Last time we had more about us, had some decent results and before COVID struck, I think we had a realistic chance of staying up. Obviously when they resumed the season we were woeful, no fight at all except in the cup game. But we went down, still with a decent young squad, obviously money in the bank to regroup and there was room for optimism. This time we all know how shocking it's been, the squad looks in disarray, a big clear out is looking likely, and a manager who is yet to prove he's the man to take us forward. A massive disconnect between fans and board, and a DoF who appears to be disinterested in the whole project. Maybe I am overreacting and too caught up in the moment, after all a good transfer window in the summer and next season could be great, but right now things are looking bleak.
  13. We all know that financially the current owners can only do so much, and I suspect most of us will accept that, failing a billionaire strolling in (which let's face it is never gonna happen) then it is what it is. I think what is upsetting people is the perceived arrogance and disconnect with the fans, the lack of communication and the total PR disaster that is Webber. I suspect the owners hope is, we start next season well, and that after a few wins we'll all stop complaining and be happy.
  14. I expect either Smith gives him another chance and he starts producing decent performances again, or we'll ship him off on loan, can't see any reasonable offers heading our way for him in the summer.
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