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  1. It's easy to just say, why aren't fans more positive, but after so many months of turgid football it can be very very difficult. Fans fall into different categories, some have been going for years, have seen it all and quietly just take the good times and bad times equally, whinging with mates and family around them, some are far more outwardly passionate and will be overall positive, but will call out poor performances or poor running of their club very vocally, and some of course will boo anything which they aren't happy about, even when things are generally going well. It's fine if you are one or the other, no one is more or less a supporter of the team because the moan or whinge louder than the other. Delia needs to realise that if large parts of the crowd are boo/whinging, it's because they passionately care, and of course spend a lot of money and time attending games. I for one have to work Saturday mornings, I'm quite often at the game just in time and am incredibly tired even before the game starts. To then see some of the performances that we have had to endure, it's very difficult to be all that positive. But according to Delia I am not a real fan.
  2. It was extremely cringe worthy when Delia says how much she is relating to fans through The Lion and Castle and then immediately showing absolute proof that she doesn't relate to fans at all by dismissing anyone who boos or is negative, as whingers and not real fans. It smacks to me of someone who has been in place for far too long and as such forgotten who the most important people are at any club, the fans. Why aren't we Portsmouth?
  3. Thought the part of the interview with Mark was very positive and encouraging, but when Delia started talking, I'm kind of lost for words. You just can't dismiss fans who boo like they aren't real fans.
  4. Unfortunately the club's decision to not remove Wagner before Knapper came in, has led to this situation. Whether this was solely decided by the board or with Knapper's approval we just don't know. Maybe they felt it would be unfair for someone so inexperienced to have to come in and immediately find a new manager, but equally I'd say that it's unfair to expect him to come straight into the job and sack a manager without properly assessing him or having a well thought out replacement at hand to take over. I think we were expecting Knapper to roll in, with a new shiny manager from the Arsenal coaching team especially after his arrival and Webber's departure was brought forward. I do feel sorry for anyone who has to somehow deal with this mess but he did apply for this job, and inevitably the longer this drags on, the weaker he will appear.
  5. A big problem maybe that it's obvious sooner or later Wagner is getting the boot, we as fans know it, the media knows it, Wagner probably knows it and you can guarantee the players know it. This must have a destabilising effect on the squad, lead to a massive feeling of lack of leadership, and ultimately when the going gets tough in a game nobody seems to want to take responsibility and get stuck in, they all just accept that they are going to lose and go missing. If Knapper fails to act fast, the fans will soon turn on him, that's for sure.
  6. If Knapper has been truly assessing the setup of the club and is not just blindly sticking with Wagner then he must have seen enough tonight to know what needs doing. If he doesn't pull the trigger before the weekend then serious questions need to asked about his judgement or fitness to hold the position he is in.
  7. It can't help his confidence when a winger is played out of position ahead of him, unless he truly was the better option, which is hard to believe.
  8. Wagner's appointment always felt like a lazy one for me, especially now knowing that Webber handed in his notice in March. If I was Knapper I would want to draw a line under Webber's reign, and the best way to do that is by bringing in his own choice for Manager. It kind of feels like a no brainer, given how the season has panned out so far.
  9. I'm pretty sure Wilde was the first to say "Where are you? Let's be 'avin you" as well, after a heavy absinthe session.
  10. The fact that he didn't go over to the fans, who had travelled from Norwich to South Wales, just shows one last time the contempt he has the supporters of the club. Clearly he didn't want the unruly mob to spoil his special moment with the players. It just outlines the disconnect that he has created between the hierarchy at the club and the fans.
  11. I would have thought that the moment Webber handed in his notice, Wagner would have known that without success, a new DoF would probably want to bring in his own management team. Couple that with the current situation, then of course he must know he is gone after Saturday.
  12. What's the best odds on us getting relegated? Might be an idea to soften the blow with some financial gain.
  13. Knapper out! I'm getting it in early, what a complete farce.
  14. I almost hate myself for saying it, but Warnock would be my choice (as a very short term solution). Wagner is obviously toast, that's if there is anyone at the club with the courage to act, as Webber has clearly checked out. Get Warnock in to try and save this mess, it will give Knapper a chance to get exactly who he wants, and I'm sure Warnock would be happy to step aside when the time comes. Obviously it all depends on him even wanting to do it. It's got to be better than keeping Wagner or letting an Adams or Gunn take us down again.
  15. Did Wagner really just basically say that apart from the first 10 minutes the teams effort was ok? If it wasn't for the red card I dread to think what the score would have been.
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