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  1. It does show how far Man u and Chelsea have fallen to even be considering a manager with no experience of running a big club at any kind of top level. Can see Brighton taking a punt on him though.
  2. I could think of a few million reasons why going to Chelsea would be a good idea. Sacked by Christmas, on the beach from January, counting the pay off.
  3. Lambert did an interview recently where he said he'd wished he had left us the season he went up, that he didn't enjoy that season with us in the EPL, maybe that was a veiled hint towards the binners that their chosen one will probably be off on the summer. Mind you if he does they won't have any trouble finding one of the usual mercenary prem coaches to step in and royally mess it up.
  4. Of course we are an attractive proposition, obviously there is a ceiling to that ( Pep isn't going to quit man city to come here). I would say any up and coming young manager would relish the chance to come here, as well as most championship level managers or some out of work prem level managers. I am wondering whether a new manager is already signed and sealed and having an input with the departures, but not wanting to be in place so as not to be labelled as the fool who sold Sara etc, or if the club are clearing the squad first so the new boss has no choice but to go with what is left.
  5. I seem to remember a lot of the criticism was at how poorly we were handling the world class talent that was Billy Gilmour. I mean look what a great player he turned out to be. That and of course, how dare we get promoted and not risk the clubs whole future by irresponsibly spending hundreds of millions on players, and in doing so breaking ffp rules incurring points deductions down the line.
  6. Not gonna happen, he has fulfilled the owners goal of finishing a top 26 club in England.
  7. And that rotten luck of letting our only other striker capable of scoring off the bench go off on loan to Celtic, only to be replaced by an ex footballers son, who barely looks like he knows how to kick a ball. Bad luck that.
  8. Was expecting Leeds to have a real go at us tonight, wasn't expecting a total collapse from the whistle. To be fair Leeds are on it tonight, but boy are making it easy for them. Hate to think how many more they'll get.
  9. I think what's more concerning for anyone observing the gulf in quality between The Championship and Premier League, is how Burnley are doing. Absolutely walked the league last season and are massively struggling. Kind of puts our attempts to stay up recently into perspective.
  10. Let's not also forget Sarge was played out of position in the Prem season as Pukki was up top.
  11. If we keep going the way we are then top six is a very real prospect and inconceivable as it seems therefore so is a possible return to the Prem. Could anyone honestly see our board/owners sanctioning sacking a manager who achieves this? Yes if we spiral into a clear mid table finish then I could see a change for next season, but I would be amazed if we actually have an agreement in place with any other manager yet.
  12. The youth pathway is a sensible way to go, especially with our philosophy of self funding by developing young players to sell on. We need quality over quantity, so a stronger starting eleven backed up be a mixture of young players and quality back up. We have too many bang average high wage players and have been overly reliant on other teams youth players on loan here stifling our own academy players, in the last few seasons.
  13. The same pundits will probably moan about the game being ruined by having so many players off the pitch, making a mockery of the sport. Remember how they were all crying out for VAR only for them now to whine about it constantly.
  14. Wasn't Hughes only just sacked by Bradford? Only had a couple of months out, and they are both over 60. If we are to go down that route then throw Steve Bruce into the equation. I think we need someone in the up and coming bracket, unless we can get someone unlikely like Potter, which isn't going to happen.
  15. Sargent seems to have turned into this mythical footballing superstar, who singlehandedly will transform us into a dead cert top six side in some people's minds. Do we miss him/are we a better side with him fit? Yes of course, but I can't see him making that much difference, and of course it'll probably take him some time to get back up to speed. More depends on what business we can do in January.
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