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  1. yellow_belly

    Potential £15m loss

    It could be argued that we could be better off after this crisis.yes, we lose £15m but gain much more if we state in the PL rather than returning to Championship.... plus £15m is just one half decent player... that we can't buy or we need to sell. So not the end of the world, and one we could afford. The banks would help given that money will soon be back in.... However, I shall leave this to the experts on here to tell me that I am wrong.
  2. yellow_belly

    Transfer ban for clubs like Norwich

    Apologies for the grammar and spelling above. The autocorrect on my phone had a fun changing everything into something that made very little sense. Think of it as a code breaking quiz..!
  3. yellow_belly

    Transfer ban for clubs like Norwich

    I totally agree with KG. The post was actually highlighting that we should re look at furloughing our non playing staff. Yes, I understand the reasons and arguments for using this scheme. But, fundamentally, I believe that we shouldn’t. So much so, that I have cancelled my season ticket for next season. I wish that the Stowmarket Two ‘did a Liverpool’ and admit this wrong, and reverse the decision. Continuing to take taxpayers money, that we will all need to repay, is a little bit smelly and I would have thought we would have done this as a last resort rather than as a first port of call. (If NCFC did this I would not have been so disappointed and disgusted by them!) It is my opinion and others have a different take on life. But anyone agreeing with this teally can not grumble at Amazon etc not paying ‘enough tax’. After all they haven’t broken the law, they have just interpreted it a different way to most in order to keep more money and payout less. In principle, NCFC have down this. We are not a little grubby and most fair minded folk, without rose tinted biased glasses, think this way. Hence the outrage. But to those who disagree, stay happy and healthy... and have a little think about the other side of the argument rather than calling names to those that disagree with you. The main enemy is Coronavirus, just ask Boris. Our thoughts, prayers and money should be focused here not with some people chasing a ball around. Have a good day.
  4. yellow_belly

    Transfer ban for clubs like Norwich

    Hancock was answering a direct question.
  5. yellow_belly

    Transfer ban for clubs like Norwich

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/52191140 should we?
  6. https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/liverpool-spurs-transfer-ban-talksport-4022210 yes I am a supporter, yes I am a season ticket holder and yes I understand business but sometimes you have to do the right thing. No ...NCFC is not doing the right thing, and they KNOW it.
  7. yellow_belly

    Furlough & relegation

    Mr Pickle, I think this says a lot about your morals, or lack of them. You come across as a twit. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/52120578
  8. yellow_belly

    Furlough & relegation

    —————— ncfc (R) Newcastle (R) Bournemouth (R) Spurs (R)
  9. yellow_belly

    The Club

    Ps. I was NOT being rude about Lakey. I love his optimism but he (and others) do need to take off the rose tinted spectacles once in a while! Just for balance.
  10. yellow_belly

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a plan b

    Lakey.. you are a deluded man. If you went to the games then you would realise we may need a Plan B. Sorry. (Spoiler alert... we are bottom of the league)
  11. yellow_belly

    The Club

    Hi, I have been reading through various posts on this site and it is rather depressing and very predictable. Take Lakey for an example... sniping at the use of (poor) grammar by a poster (dilemma-gate) and expressing his thoughts about how NCFC are future world beaters. In truth, we are not. NCFC are a safe little club with little ambition. Yes, we play some good football at points, but we are rooted at the bottom of the table for good reason. Even MOTD cannot be bothered to talk about us anymore. This season is our worst year in the league. Period. Even Lakey can not argue with this. (Perhaps it sounds excellent on the Radio or on the BBC in match statistics... yes we do have lots of the ball Lake man!) However, we cannot expect more. The club has bought cheap, crossed our fingers (for another Pukki) and stuck to our principles (yes the Plan A / no Plan B debate!). Saint Delia Etc have never achieved much really and Nephew Tom is not the messiah... his is just a very lucky boy. (Who will sell when he gets the chance because he has very little personal wealth). However, accepting what we are... makes going to the games acceptable. We are a nice club, it is just football and it is a nice place to spend/waste a couple of hours with friends and family. In the great scheme of things it really is not that important. We are not a Liverpool, Leicester or even a Sheffield United! Here’s to the Championship next season. (I can’t see us winning every other game to have a chance to stay up). More games, more wins?!, mid table, a possible push for promotion or a flirt with relegation. Perhaps Mr. Webber is not as good as he thinks. I do not think that he will be going to a big club overseas in a year or two... as he wanted at the start of the season. He will be here or will move on to a Leeds etc. Wishing you all a lovely day and rest of the season. At least we are not Ipswich...! Not much to shout about ‘down’ there. OTBC
  12. yellow_belly

    Credit where credit is due

    Farke was spot on yesterday and the team did well against well organised, albeit dull, Boro team.

    I hope that I can eat all my previous words and we are now moving in the right direction. A few wins and we will be back in the mix.

    Come on you yellows!


    Ps Ipswich are doing well this season
  13. yellow_belly

    Good luck today City!

    Fingers crossed for a good win! I think we will today. Albeit they are a better team etc at present. 1-0.

    I keep reading about sacking Farke, and I am not a fan at present but keen to be wrong about him. But the reality is that he will be gone by next season unless results improve dramatically. Only a foolish board would giv him another contract at present, and his two years is up by the summer. Hopefully he / the team will achieve more a warrant a new contract but Farke has not done enough so far.

    Here’s to a win today!
  14. yellow_belly

    Ipswich v Norwich

    1-3 to Norwich (Rhodes 2, Hanley 1)