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  1. I don’t think so. If he has nothing to hide best he speaks with the police. https://m.koreatimes.co.kr/pages/article.amp.asp?newsIdx=366180
  2. Perhaps he can return to South Korea to answer his criminal charges?! #stephenbearesque
  3. To paraphrase Delia… She has “no idea, no IDEA!” Time to go, I am afraid. Delia came across as an angry, nasty and condescending person. I really don’t care about the club that I have supported for 40+years. Which is so sad. Ps I am one of the quiet majority at the games. It doesn’t mean that I am happy. It just means that I am apathetic about the club. I just don’t care. Hopefully we can get a new broom in soon and start again. #DeliaOut #ZoeOut #WynnieOut
  4. Good goal but a shame that he is allegedly the Stephen Bear of football. He probably will be in prison soon, if the accusations are true..! For this reason, I am not a fan. We need to keep our morals and standards.
  5. What a scumbag. Back to Nottingham soon. Good riddance. Useless footballer.
  6. Great video from Mrs Webber. Seriously, this is ‘cringe’. Pass the sick bag.
  7. A lot already. Started earlier than planned in order to remove Stuart Webber from the building. Ben Knapper, I salute you.
  8. Being arrogant, toxic and alienating the supporters. Glad he is going sooner than planned and hope he never returns.
  9. An arrogant piece of Emperor’s cloth, crumpled in the middle of SoccerBot.
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