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  1. A good shout! An upgrade on Smith. (.. and he played for us as a loan player!)
  2. I think he walked because he found Stuart Webber arrogant, he took a sporting director role and he didn’t agree with the speed that we took furlough followed by spending out millions on players out of furlough money (taxpayers money that we now have to pay back, thanks Delia). Plus the BK8 contract was arranged by others… That is my understanding. Ben was a decent man that did speak to people.
  3. I was pleased that we are playing two up front…! The way forward. Sargent as the target man and Pukki with the brain. https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/canaries-ncfc-kenny-mclean-josh-sargent-teemu-pukki-9357254
  4. The present team isn’t working so worth ‘thinking outside the box’…?!
  5. Thanks.. I just feel that Aaron’s would be good higher up the pitch … especially because the squad lacks a winger. Worth a go in my opinion.
  6. Also… perhaps Neil can look at the out of contract players and get the ones we want signed up?!
  7. I have had a good think about the club following various (great) comments on here; supporting the club for 4 decades; and why I chose to watch the game at home this week. If I was at the club I would do the following (simple) things: Existing Sporting Director. SW has a years rolling contract. Give notice on the year now and let SW work around the implementation of any projects he is working on, especially around Colney. Change his title to reflect this. If he wants to go before… great because we can save his salary for this period. It is obvious that he will be away soon, so let’s be proactive. After all the club is far bigger than Stuart Webber. New Sporting Director. We know that this is going to be Neil. A good man, a football man… not a yes man (re article). Let him have full control now. Give him this window etc. Local media. get them in now and onside. Neil has a good rapport with the local media. Get the positivity back. Manager. I don’t think he is the future. But with Webber gone, let’s get behind him for this season. If we need to make a change do it now or in the summer. But let’s support him (I am guilty because I haven’t) But he needs to get them going… make them believe. Atmosphere. We need to make the club a fortress. Better music, banners, razzmatazz… would Tyson Fury come out to the drivel we have. What music would you have? Seven Nation Army would be good?! Team. We have a lot of players that are wrong for the system we play etc. But we have them at the moment. With the players available right now, I would play: Gunn McCallum, Gibson, Hanley, Byram Cantwell*, Hayden, Ramsey, Aarons Pukki behind Sargent. Cantwell… tell him that he is the man. Get Hucks to mentor him. He is a confidence player. Run at the opposition. Get free kicks etc. Hayden - defensive, supported by Ramsey. Ramsey to get forward as and when. Aarons… is better going forward. Let him run at players and cross. Can overlap and support Byram. Solid down that wing defensively. Pukki… play behind Sargent. Intelligent player… play balls for him to run onto. Sargent. Get Holt to mentor him. Direct, fast causes problems. All players… get the crowd going… Holt to help with showing how to connect with crowd. subs… (obviously depends on how game going, players etc.) but on 60… Hughill for Sargent, Gibbs / McLean / Nunez for Hayden Sara for Ramsey / Cantwell Onel for Cantwell / Aarons Etc. The players need to believe that they get can beat any team in this league. Run at defenders, control the middle… and get some early big tackles in. Show the supporters and more importantly the opposition that we are up for this. We can do this. But we need to change and adapt or we are going wither and die. OTBC. Ps happy to replace Dean Smith and win this league. Ready and willing
  8. The new lights give me a migraine. Sad but true. (another reason that I didn’t go to the match yesterday)
  9. We should have kept Farke and sacked Webber. It is / was his fault. I agree with your points raised.
  10. Being selfish… I am really pleased that the Boxing Day game is later because I can now watch it after family festivities. The same with New Years Day game moving to the 2nd; because I would prefer to enjoy a New Year’s Day meal with my family… and now can do both. Well done sky
  11. Luckily we are not Fred or Wilma. So we don’t need to have this stupid conversation haha
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