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Who wonts Gunn Yes Or No

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Yes I''d go with Gunn - but for a very limited period during which his team would have to perform. Shackell, McDonald, Mooney, Lee,  Gow - even Cureton - and Fotheringham - all great decisions by Gunn IMO and all bar the last had to be taken quickly. (Killin a rubbish one and maybe Pattison should have been allowed a chance ),Tactically he showed his inexperience - but he inherited a depleted side and consequently was not allowed the luxury of a settled side when injuries came. He had no real team captain.He may not be the right man to manage in the Championship but I''d give him a chance to build a tough hardworking team in Div 1around the likes of Lee  If we got the likes of Jewell or Ince in now and they also failed on the available budget - who do we blame then? Right now I think changes at Board level - and the Chief Exec - would be more effeective in bringing in new ideas and strategies, than sacking Gunn. His share of the blame for the current mess is relatively small.

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[quote user="WiMMiT"]

''Want'' is a strong word.

I think that Gunn should be given a chance to build a team. 

Do people honestly believe that gunny & crook et al, would cling onto their positions even if it jeopardised the future of NCFC?  No of course not.

On that basis; I would like to see them given the summer to recruit, and 3 months of the season to see how it pans out, and if it we''re not in the playoff positions by then, i expect them to fall on their sword in a dignified manner.

So, I guess that is:






Couldn''t of put it better myself!


While I''m far from concvinced about Gunns abilities as a manager I''m also far from convinced that hes no good!


Most of our best times in our history have been with managers appointed from within.


Roedernowhere was appointed cause he was experienced!!!!


I''d seriously doubt whether anyone else would of done that much better in the poisoned chalice that Gunn inherited.


I just think we''ve that at this moment in time the club needs some continuity in the manager, a manager that is honest, has experienced backing and someone who''ll know when its time to get out if its not working!


If I was the board I''d give Gunn the job for 23 games (half the season). If we''re below 12th in the League after 23 games then he should go if we are 12th or above then he should be given till the end of the season. If at the end of the season we''re not in the top 8 then Gunn should go.

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No but i''m getting sick and tired of the vitriol some on this board spout about him. The decline of this club started when worthington was still manager and is the responsibility of the board i.e lack of investment, poor decisions etc. Bryan Gunn loves this club as much as any of us and tried his best. That wasn''t good enough and he shouldn''t get the job but FFS leave the bloke alone he''s a NCFC legend.

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Keep him behind the scenes as an ambassador, or working with Football in the Community.  He hasn''t been a success in player recruitment, goalkeeping coach or as manager.  Not all his fault, but we need a boss who is proven in the lower leagues.

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