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  1. Good result for English football, a Man U win would have made them richer and worsened all that is wrong with the English game
  2. [quote user="Lord Snooty"][quote user="Gunn Be Gone"]What about Cureton i suppose he gets to stay as he is Gunnys buddy , pathetic.[/quote] Good to see that you''re not allowing your anti Gunn obsession to cloud your judgement and prevent you from being constructive !   [/quote]Lol I was waiting for someone to slag Gunn off - obviously Cort is our best player so I can understand you all getting upsetAs for the Cureton theory- if you replace the C with a G in the name Cureton and drop a few more letters and add another N on the end it spells - GUNN - something very fishy there!No doubt Gunn the manager will play his namesake week in week out - just to get his own name on the team sheet! - Pathetic
  3. I''m for the appointment and glad Gunn kept his job, he has what it takes to be an excellent manager
  4. [quote user="bleach"][quote user="Bungay Canary"]we need paul ince like a hole up the arse  because thats what he is[/quote] ahem, we all need holes up our arses - would be very uncomfortable otherwise   could just call paul ince an a***hole [/quote]That''s what I just said but I''m starting to see the bigger picture now - perhaps Paul Ince doesn''t have a hole in his arse - which would explain his miserable, constipated countenance
  5. [quote user="Bungay Canary"]we need paul ince like a hole up the arse  because thats what he is[/quote]That''s a misleading statement - surely we all need a hole in our arse but we clearly don''t need Ince
  6. Ok let''s pretend the whole squad was Gunns just so we can bash him some more, no doubt it was his decision to bring in over 30 loanees over the last 3 -4 years!A squad made up of loanees doesn''t work, pure and simple, It may have seemed the cheap way out for a club with no money but we have learnt the hard way,          Clubs with slightly less skillful players and youngsters they can call their own,  will do better than a club made up of supposedly more skillful players on loan.That''s the root of the problem folks and that''s your lesson for today.           
  7. [quote user="PurpleCanary"]Even if that is true (and I have no idea whether it is), it still doesn''t make Gunn a proper manager.As for giving Gunn a break, why? The moment he decided, against all the evidence, that he could be a football manager was the moment I started judging him as a football manager. And only as a football manager. His past became instantly irrelevant.[/quote]If Gunn had gone down with his own players I would agree with you - most of the players he was blessed with were loans and most of them were cr@p  and his budget was pretty much zeroGunny  bravely joined the Titanic when it was already at a 45% angle, It didn''t work out but I''m not going to beat the guy up for that - I still believe he has what it takes - I believe he will keep the job and I believe he will prove me right
  8. [quote user="PurpleCanary"]A truly excellent post, Graham. It highlights the crucial point that Gunn couldn''t even do the one thing he was supposed to have been chosen for, and that was motivate the team.I actually think appointing a "proper" manager would have saved us (it worked for Forest) but that is irrelevant now. What is undeniable is that the board must appoint a proper manager.As to what the board will actually do? Until a day or so ago I was almost sure Gunn would be kept on. I just get the sense now that the arguments may have shifted slightly against him. But even if that is so, and the directors would like to make a change purely on footballing grounds, the key question remains whether they feel they can afford another upheaval.   [/quote]Maybe the "proper" Forest manager also had some "proper" money and some "proper" full-time playersGive Gunn a break!
  9. Well I think Gunn will be a good manager for Norwich City, he is actually one of the few positive things at the club at the moment
  10. A big fat yes from me - Brian Gunn has the credentials to be a very good manager - The ship was sinking fast when he took over, the squad was very poor and some abysmal refereeing decisions have added the finishing touches. Disappointing results maybe? but scratch the surface a little deeper, look at the man not the  results and you will see Brian Gunn has what it takes.
  11. Pre-Roeder Shax was pretty good - post Roeder Shax has been very good - it''s just the bit in the middle which coincides with Roeders tenure which wasn''t so good - thinking about it, did any player play well for more than a couple of games under Roeder - Kind of shows what a totally, totally cr@p manager Roeder was!
  12. [quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="John Boubepo"]Lets cut the emotional cr@p the papers feed us and go beyond the area that pussy  footed politicians were prepared to go - the plain truth is 96 people died because 5000 [mostly under the influence of alcohol] Liverpool fans forced their way into the back of a stand and killed their so-called fellow supporters, who were crushed at the front of the stand.The media, society, politicians, the Taylor Report - were too scared of an emotional backlash to point the finger where it belongs and instead blamed the police and the state of the Hillsborough stadium - 5000 scousers off the hook to milk public sympathy for 20 years from a naive public and press.3000 - 5000 people die on British roads every year, it''s a good guess more than 96 people die on Norfolk roads every year, just as tragic, just as horrific, - 179 British deaths in Iraq, - 52 deaths at Valley Parade, Bradford FC,  - 39 deaths and 600 injured at the heysel Stadium - surprise, surprise caused by drunken Liverpool supporters![/quote] You on the other hand seem to have swallowed the Sun''s dogma whole. I don''t doubt that Liverpool supporters acted badly and contributed to the situation, but to suggest that the South Yorks police were whiter than white in the face of known facts frankly beggars belief. I dislike Liverpool football club intensely, and certainly don''t buy the loveable scouser act or admire the propensity for self pity, but for God''s sake man, there are families who are still being denied information about how and when their children died, and, more importantly, whether everything possible was done to save them. Hate the club and the people if you wish, but show a little compassion for the families....would it really hurt you so much to do so. [/quote]Denied information on how their children died! - it was live on TV -  5000 drunken Scousers, with no tickets breaking into the back of a stand and crushed their own supporters to death! The police were not whiter than white, they made mistakes but ultimately 96 fans died at the hands of their own supporters.It''s not about denying the families compassion, it''s about being realistic, they want answers, the answers are pretty obvious but the media/politicians/reports have all sucked up to Liverpool supporters in general because of the potential emotional backlash if they said otherwise, it''s led the British public to believe it was the entire fault of the S.Y.Police Force and Liverpool supporters were 100% innocent.You can believe that if you want and many people do - But the truth is out there!
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