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  1. No thanks!   In my opinion hes one of our best sells ever cause he wasn''t worth anywhere near £1.5M going on his overall performances for us. I still laugh when I think of the reason he went was cause Sunderland activated the relevant get out clause fee!   He only turned up when he felt like it, normally in high profile games, the Chelsea away game in the cup springs to mind!
  2. No thanks!   Quality player but has way to much negative baggage attached to him and I''ve heard hes on £75,000 a week at little club with rich owners QPR!
  3. Sorry but your wrong on this quote if you take a trip to London rd peterborough you will find either end is terracing for home and away fans................and i know because i have been to a few games.As you will see also when we play them in the friendly [:)] and peterborough are in the championship, I think you will find its premier league clubs that have to be seated through out             Premiership and Championship clubs are required by law to have all seater stadiums. Peterboroughs London Road ground isn''t all seater yet because they have not been in the Championship long but will required to turn their ground all seater in the near future. Indeed I know the away end at London Road is being converted to all seats maybe as we speak or will be getting done very soon!
  4. Canario   The Ibrox disaster in 1971 was caused by terracing and there were no fences then. For some reason, nothing was done at that time and 66 people died as a result of that event. I remember it being in the news, but it never attracted the sort of coverage that Hillsborough did.                   The Ibrox disaster wasn''t caused by terracing. It actually happened on one of the staircases out of the stand. What happened was that Rangers I think equalised very late and fans on the staircase getting an early getaway heard the noise and turned back up the stairs to go back into the stand where they tryed to walk the other way against others fans behind them trying to get out which led to a severe blockage half way up the stairs. Many people then fell which led to a domino effect with people from both sides continuing to try to walk in their direction and others unable to do anything other than go with the endless flow which was where the fatalities occurred. Anyone who went to Carrow Road games pre 1973 when there was 35,000+ people in the crowd will recall when after getting onto Carrow Road (now the service road behind the present main stand and none of the other roads and riverside were about) it seemed as if you were being lifted of your feet and didn''t have to walk and you''d still be moving. I suppose this was the case on the staircase at Ibrox.   Yes Ibrox in 71 didn''t get the publicity it should have probably but it did herald a massive change and improvement in football ground standards. Carrow Road held about 37,000 in 1971 but only 6 years later it held under 30,000 because of these very changes in the ground standards.   Nowadays football grounds are light years ahead of what they''d of been in the 1970''s and even the 1980''s and are better suited to safely containing and controlling big crowds. When Riverside was built all the extra extra roads and pathways have made Carrow Road better suited to bigger crowds.   Like I said in my earlier post converting a few areas in football grounds to safe standing areas where the capaciyt of the stand is no more than what it owuld have been when seated, EG, at Carrow Road the snakepit corner and the Barclay lower tier would not in any decrease the levels of spectator safety. How or who pays for these changes will be the tricky bit!
  5.     Hillsborough wasn''t caused by terracing - It was caused by the police opening the exit gates letting anyone with or without a ticket into the stand who were then directed into one pen which was already full and then the fences and penns didn''t allow for a quick getaway.   Since them dark days, ground control has improved tenfold even before many grounds now being all seater. In my opinion if the same top notch ground control measures were used with safe standing then they''d be no extra risk.   20 years now since Carrow Road went all seater yet still many fans in the Barclay lower tier and the snakepit would rather stand including tose too young or not even born when Carrow Road last had standing areas.   My blueprint for safe standing areas -   A converted safe standing area or completely new safe standing stand to hold exactly the same as the stand did when it was all seated.   No fences or pens.   Only lower tiers of stands to be used as safe standing areas.   Every person in a safe standing area to be behind their own numbered crush barrier.   This has got to happen if theirs any common sense!
  6. ["Hucka Hucka Huckerby"]This more proves what motivates him! He''s joining a smaller club down the road                           In fairness if you was offered £50,000 a week to play for small club with money QPR I bet you would!
  7. Good opening post from A1 Canary!   I think the club should be concentrating on survival 1st althought obviously the higher the better!   With all the managerial upheavel and the League looking stronger, next season will be toughter than this season so noone should start getting carried away!   Remember the S*um 10 years ago. One good Premiership season and they thought they''d made it, bought a load of foriegn mercenaries, ripped apart the squad that''d doen so well the season before and ended up relegated!
  8. My peronnal opinion of course but I thought Hughton was the best option realistic available to us and I''s suspect that most other people would think the same as well!   That said theres no guarantee with anyone or thing but heres hoping Hughton "does it" for Norwich City!   Its only fair to say that in typical East Anglian style, many Norwich fans love nothign better than a good old whine and will try to pick holes in any sitaution however positive it maybe for the club. If we''d just won the Premiership there''d be some old moaner finding a fault somewhere!
  9. I suspect Ajaxeddie is a s*ummer with plenty of time on his hands living in the rough Ips*it suberb of Nacton!?
  10. Yawn Yawn yawn!   This subject has been disscussed many times before on here!   I find it rather disturbing that some Norwich fans think Chris Martin can still make it at Norwich!   Brilliant half season for us back in 07 then nothing till the League 1 campaign when he was outstanding then he done a competant job in the 2011 promotion season and in his few cameo appearances didn''t look anywhere near like being capable of making an impression!   Aparently many Palace fans were unimpressed with him last season!   Lambert and Culverhouse are pretty good judges of character and whats happened to Chris Martin in their time says it all!   Apart from anything else Chris Martin has had enough time to prove himself with Norwich and for his benefit he needs to move elswhere to move his career on!   A previous poster said something which hit the nail on the head  and I''d never thought of myself. - If Chris Martin was playing for another club at his true level either mid to Lower Championship club or higher League 1 team, would we be looking at him thinking he''d be a good signing for us?   The answer to the above is a big NO!
  11. [Jacko"]The results speak for themselves. So he does not need to justify his methods. Two promotions and 12th place in the Premier League last year do all the talking for him. For the record Terry Connor seemed like a thoroughly decent man, but ultimately I am afraid it doesnt get you any points and he was utterly hopeless. I think as the OP as done to be fair Norwich fans must differentiate between Lambert, the manager who was unreal for us and Lambert, the man who wasn''t quite as impressive.     Your right about Lambert but Terry Connor taking over Wolves last season would be similar to the titanic changing captain when three quarters of the ship had already dunk!
  12. If Zigic was bought to do Wilbrahams job last season of squad player/bench warmer, back up striker then I''d say yes but not on silly wages!
  13. Possibly but I don''t subscribe to the view that next seasons Premiership will be the weakest cause I think Reading, Southampton and West Ham will be stronger than Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves were this season!   I''ll take 17th now and if Hughton does that then that''ll be job done, but obviously we have to aim higher than that!
  14. As far as I''m concerned Villa can have the crew who run the burger van behind the club shop for £20M!   Seriously though as much as I want Holt to stay, I wouldn''t want him to stay if he didn''t want to be here cause then he''d likely not be worth a w*nk to the team.   I''ve also got this feeling that Holts one of those players who only does it at one club and if he leaves us to go to another Premiership club he''d struggle?  
  15. Culverhouse played a massive role in our success of the last 3 seasons to the extent that a lot of the signings were ones he recommended and the tactical awareness was obviously 2nd to none!   Not sure what Karsa brought to the table so wouldn''t be bothered about him staying!   Like another poster said, keeping Culverhouse at Norwich would help us and would lessen Lamberts chances of being successful at Villa!   I''m sure theres room for Culverhouse at the club!
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