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  1. I''d love to see them relegated... I wonder what their crowds would be? My guess is a 15k average!
  2. I honestly couldn''t see anything other than a Millwall win today. Even though we''ve been winning without Holt, we haven''t looked great. Millwall are good at home & are in good form... I just hope the players bounce straight back & take 3 points at Brighton.
  3. I live in Dereham & I''ve seen loads more trouble in town than POW Road. In fact, it''s nice to go out in Norwich to get away from the fighting!
  4.  Brendan wrote:Ah well, at least we have better support than them Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......http://www.football-league.co.uk/page/DivisionalAttendance/0,,10794~200925,00.htmlCompare you lowest crowd to ours. Then take away your derby attendance & all of a sudden its not so impressive!
  5. We could do with Beckford staying at Leeds to give them more chance of beating everyone around us! As long as we beat them at the Fortress & finish 2nd they can win every other game for the rest of the season for all I care!
  6. Well Lambert is still saying Askou is injured so it looks like CUSDP is wrong for the first time ever!
  7. If we sell Holt the board can take a run & jump if they think they''re getting my renewal form filled out next year. I''d be f@cking livid!!!!
  8. Bless, coming onto our forum at 2.04 am to tell us how much better than Norwich Leeds are. Kept you awake with worry have we? Well you should be worried my northern friend, because our match coincides with the stage of the season you''re due to choke. The question is, how many goals will you lose by?
  9. Is by FAR the worst defender at the club! He is useless & was beaten at a set piece yet again!! Get him off the wage bill, Lambert!!
  10. Anoyone know who the un named injury doubt is? As PL is refusing to name the player I can only assume its one of our most influential players... Hoolahan or Holt perhaps?
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