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  1. Thank The Lord for a sensible post on here. Restored my faith that at least some fans understand the game. Thanks Parma, Ricardo and co
  2. Glad you enjoyed it mate, hope the bus and Simon lived up to expectations!
  3. I got ejected for making "aggressive" hand gestures at him. First time in my life I''ve ever been thrown out
  4. Drinking is part of the trip, the bus doesn''t stop but there is plenty of time for a drink on the way and before the game.
  5. Hi Sent Pete a message to make sure he reserves you a seat on the bus. Hope you can drink lots and are not offended by Simon!
  6. The West Norfolk Canaries run a Coach to all home games leaving from Gaywood Tesco''s at 12. Usually has spare seats.
  7. My main confession was I was so bloody cold before the game I bought a Colchester hat to fool the stewards, was well worth the £6.99 I paid. I was able to give a fist pump to all the goals and celebrate the 5th with Hollty looking straight at me and wondering why a bloke with a Col U hat was up and singing we f***ing love Grant Holt. Stewards didn''t know what to do!
  8. Me too with three mates in the family stand spoke to Greeny after the game who was thrown out after each of the first 4 goals only to get into another stand each time. Was in the Norwich end for the last goal.
  9. There is a supporters club near the ground that lets away fans in. Think they charge a quid to get in but a really friendly bunch and the stella is really cheap!! Last time we played there it was packed with Norwich fans and there was a cracking atmosphere.
  10. Don''t come on our message board and start talking sense you''ll confuse everyone!!
  11. Have no idea how this site works but thanks evil monkey restored my faith a little
  12. Jonny, Jonny, Jonny, Jonny, Jonny  Otsemobor is very poor is very poor, woh oh, repeat to fade..... 
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