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  1. that wont bother out board they dont give a damn what the fans think
  2. Hi was just wondering if anyone has sent him one asking him for more specific details that the rather vauge statement that was realesed earlier on.
  3. [quote user="BillBob"]You don''t know me [;)] Ive just been chatting to a class mate of Jordi''s who is my cousins girlfriend and she told me about his spikey hair and how she wanted to touch it in Sciene cos she thought it was cool. Im not sure who russ is?  Not me [/quote]o dear god i hope you cousins girlfreind aint that tilly person cause you cousin has bad taste if so
  4. it aint me :L its russ obviously u not noticed mrs doherty aint been posting recently
  5. i know the real jordi and he just as legandary in real life
  6. who here would rather have jordi if he had same amount of money as delia on the board instead of her?i for one would
  7. i seriously would acctually buy a paper if he had a colum in it
  8. [quote user="jordimurrell"][quote user="Evil Monkey"][quote user="jordimurrell"][quote user="Evil Monkey"][quote user="jordimurrell"] I SAID WHOS BILLBOB the stalker because he knows me, knows my school, knows i am a famous norwich fan ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and josh and russ i told you im famous on pinkun, one time they had a petition for my blog to be posted every week [/quote]You''re spot on, Jordi, you are famous round these parts... but mainly because everyone enjoys a Village Idiot.... sorry, lad, you''re delightfully insane, but you''re also in the same IQ range as a bag of turnips......... [:)][/quote] now who are you!!!! [/quote]Gary Glitter[/quote] omg how is the internet connection in prison? [/quote]i have heard from a reliable source (jordi murrel)  delia has been spending her money on prison internet connections
  9. [quote user="Big Bob"]Jordi Murell is an absolute legend around these parts, i still remember a user had their name as Glenn Roeder and for a while you actually thought it was Roeder, i nearly died of laughter after i read that. And yes i''m the real Big Bob, Anne is curently pleasuring me as i think of why i wasn''t invited to join i''m a celebrity, get me out of here :([/quote]did he acctually hahahaha
  10. whilst were all running on about rumours and stuff although i also know the person who told jordi russ and ct i reckon batmans gonna be buying the club any day soon apologies if im wrong[;)]
  11. IMO everyone from the board doncaters and management need to go for a fresh start
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