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  1. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Thread

    I'd agree with that as well. I'd like to see Lisa Nandy become leader at some stage but think now is a bit early for her. This feels like a seminal moment in many ways. Are Labour going to start building to become a credible force, presumably through Starmer in the short term, or move to the idealistic left wing views of Long-Bailey.
  2. Hairy Canary

    The Brexit Thread

    Personally I think Lisa Nandy would be the best choice for Labour. A new generation, female, more charismatic than Phillips and distanced from Corbyn. Much more left of centre views to Momentum so probably means she has little chance unfortunately. In the interests of having a more credible opposition I hope she wins.
  3. The other thing that has improved is the number of times he is getting booked. It used to be he would get a yellow more games than not and always had a suspension. Now it hardly ever happens. such an influential player, I so hope we can keep him for another year.
  4. Hairy Canary

    VAR conspiracy

    What I find odd is that it is referees doing the VAR checks for off-side rather than a linesman. Being a linesman is a specialist role. Does anyone remember the World Cup where they used refs to run the lines only for them to churn out a string of errors. If a linesman had ruled on Pukki's goal he wouldn't have messed up the coming back from an offside position nor the one that Shearer highlighted that was second phase.
  5. Hairy Canary

    Cantwell to Arsenal???

    The people giving him a hard time are the ones who need to be called out, not him for reacting to what was obviously pretty unpleasant. We all know how nasty some can get, hiding behind social media. The answer is not "getting off it" but confronting it for what it is and looking for the support of NCFC fans. With respect LDC, you of all people get plenty of over the top unpleasant flack on here and I don't see you backing down too often.
  6. Hairy Canary

    Cantwell to Arsenal???

    Bugg£red if I can see anything to get all indignant about in his post. being a professional sportsman is not just about talent but also about drive, guts and determination. All he's doing is letting the people who gave him a hard time know that he's determined to show them wrong. Send him out on loan was the cry at the start of the season. Thank goodness that didn't happen to our second highest goal scorer. Good on you Todd, well said!
  7. Hairy Canary

    Souness on VAR/offside

    Personally I prefer Lineke's idea. No lines drawn, just look at the still picture of when the ball is kicked and decide if the player is ahead or not. Just like the lineo has to do now but with the advantage of a still picture of the exact moment.
  8. Hairy Canary

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    Certainly not taking off is it. People I talk to do feel strongly though. Hard to judge if they just happen to be in my circle of friends but I don't get that impression. It needs a coordinated approach from a national supporters group, across all teams. Once one takes off, that everyone who feels strongly can coalesce around, it might be different.
  9. Hairy Canary

    VAR Table

    Nice one but how does having a red card rescinded get factored in.
  10. Hairy Canary

    Cheer up - we could be the scum

    Oxford looking good. Rotherham for second place for me but Coventry is a good call. Another half dozen games like this and they'll be down to half way
  11. Hairy Canary

    Red card for VAR ?

    I haven't been able to post on here since the game because I just felt sick to the stomach. We all know that refs make mistakes and are influenced by outside pressures but this is a whole new level of unfairness. How our players managed to put it behind them and play as well as they did I don't know, much stronger mentally than I am for certain. Teams who look to play defence splitting passes for an attacker to time his run through onto goal will be much more disadvantaged than teams who look to get it wide and cross into the box. It's not a surprise that of the big teams Man City are getting the sheeti end of the stick. We unfortunately are going to get more of this cr@p.
  12. Hairy Canary

    Red card for VAR ?

  13. Hairy Canary

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    http://chng.it/ysLbVvH7 petition on line if anyone feels strongly enough to sign.
  14. Hairy Canary

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    Lovely baubles maybe?
  15. Hairy Canary

    Red card for VAR ?

    Agreed. Is it possible to organise one of those Parliament Petitions where the subject has to be debated in Parliament if enough people sign the petition. I don't know a single football supporter who attends games who is for it.