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  1. We’re playing them on a Wednesday, before Rotherham?
  2. There’s changes because of form and changes to give a rest. Vrancic possibly could drop out of the team but for Onel rather than Dowell who hasn’t done anywhere near enough to force the change. Gibson clearly needs to come back in when fit. As for resting the players well I just don’t see the evidence for it on the pitch. Calls on here for Skipp to be rested yet there he is running the whole length of the pitch in the 90th minute to support the break for our third goal. I’m sure if players were tiring to the point that their stamina was dropping off then our sports scientists who know.
  3. It’s because that table is “live” so showing how it is before the games were actually finished. The form only updates when all the games have ended.
  4. Definitely not. Three points on offer for both games. Get ourselves to 90 as quickly as possible.
  5. I can’t see how the decision to delay the substitutions can be criticised. Maybe we would have done better had they been made, maybe we would have done worse but one thing is for sure. We wouldn’t have gained any extra points! When you’re losing then yes, make substitutions to change the game and hopefully turn it in your favour. It’s worth a go. When you’re winning why take any risks, unless it looks like the game is slipping away? Farke clearly felt comfortable that the players on the pitch would be able to stop Rotherham from scoring. He was right.
  6. Definitely no changes for me. We've got our attacking flare again after the blip so more of the same please. The only player whose place may be under threat is Vrancic but Dowell hasn't done enough imo when he's come on to force the manager to make a change.
  7. I know they’re cr@p but that really is a shocking result!
  8. Changing the Hanley Gibson partnership is the very last thing I’d do.
  9. Same as Norfolk Dan, Crofts & Pilkinton wrong. Enjoyed it, thanks CD
  10. While they have games in hand on sixth place they’ll keep believing. Lambert will be fine for a while yet. The odd draw would help though!
  11. I guess he thinks our weakness is scoring and Brentford’s is defending?
  12. Surprised so many are predicting Swans to score twice. No doubt we have been misfiring up front but only conceded one goal in the last five league games. Looks like a very tight low scoring game to me. One nil to someone
  13. Very sad news. Utmost respect. RIP
  14. Does anyone call it the Norwich And Peterborough stand rather than the River End?
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