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  1. Hairy Canary


    Such good news. Top player and top bloke. Nice one Timm
  2. Hairy Canary

    Transfer finance

    Whatever would us mere mortals do without you Bill?
  3. Hairy Canary

    Stunning season - at a cost

    Net outlay taking sales into account would be a fairer measure.
  4. Hairy Canary

    Pulis gone?

    How many has Lambert got left?
  5. Hairy Canary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    I thought you were certain we were not leaving?
  6. Hairy Canary

    Perfect Season?

    Farke's on the pitch celebrations with the fans after wins.
  7. Hairy Canary

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Plenty of effort, guts and drama. Enjoyable too to be fair but looking at the four teams in the playoffs and the way we have played this season there is just no comparison. We're in a different league
  8. Just to lighten the mood a little. I know it was all said in jest but that is fantastic foresight Mello! It does show what an incredible achievement this year has been. A prediction made in jest because it seemed so far off the radar actually came to be. Still have to pinch myself.
  9. Hairy Canary

    BT prize winner

    Ow, not me. I never win anything.
  10. 10, and that included a few lucky ones.
  11. Hairy Canary

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Lynn three two up. All over. Lynn promoted to the national league. Nice one Cully
  12. Hairy Canary

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Warrington and King's Lynn 2 - 2 at full time. Extra time being played. How come the final is at Warrington? No second leg.
  13. Hairy Canary

    Championship Quiz

    Only 6. A few tough ones there. Well for me anyway
  14. Hairy Canary

    O/T Next years Champion League

    Thanks Wacky. That does make more sense so therefore quite unexpected
  15. Hairy Canary

    O/T Next years Champion League

    So does this mean that Arsenal have qualified for the Champions League next year regardless of the Europa League final result? As Chelsea have already qualified by being in the top four, would the Europa League runners up take a Champions League place were Chelsea to win it? It does seem to make a mockery of qualification if so.