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  1. Donated. Good luck with it Matt. Great cause and a brilliant thing to do.
  2. I guess the important word there is "offer" CD. So long as it wasn't compulsory I don't see a problem. I would be happy to pay that. I could watch it with family members who are also season ticket holders. So long as only one of us has to pay the £20 then it works out quite well.
  3. I don't envy any club trying to sort this out as there is no solution that is going to be suitable or fair for everyone. Personally I go with my daughter and that is a masive part of the experience for me. Obviously I'd rather be at the ground than watching it on TV but if it meant one of us was at the ground and the other watching on TV then to be honest I'd rather stay home together and watch. I'm with Badger and would be happy to pay the season ticket price in exchange for a quality stream. I know it's not going to be good value but I'd be happy to help the club out in that small way for what will hopefully be a relatively short while.
  4. Great result for Brentford for their last game at Griffin park. I’ve been a couple of times and really liked it. Such a shame there was no crowd
  5. Not if Bournemouth win their last game, then Villa and Watford would come down.
  6. Yes interesting. It shows there is no one way to win a game of football. Certainly at League 1 level a physical and direct approach can take you a long way. Personaly I was pleased it was WW who came through. Oxford will form part of a very strong League 1 next season.
  7. Perhaps as well as a non football section we could have a section for football topics that South Sider doesn’t like?
  8. I thought it was Rupp’s best game for us yesterday. I’m pleased we bought him rather than Duda.
  9. I’m not convinced Bournemouth are as likely to be relegated as several on here do. Just one win would see daylight and give them a big moral boost. Sure they are in the pooh and look very poor, like the others round and about, but I certainly wouldn’t write any of the four above us off. Villa and West Ham would be interesting
  10. No number 10 and Trybull preferred to Tettey. Leitner back in the fold
  11. Interesting team. Two up top and no number 10. Krul Aarons Klose Godfrey Lewis Emi Trybull Mclean Cantwell Pukki Drmic
  12. Seems he'll be spending his whole life bitching then.
  13. Apologies SS. I can see I should have posted in the Non-Football secion and pleased to see it has now been moved.
  14. Being reported that he has sadly died at 66. Probably not a big name to many but as a bit of a snooker fan I go to Shefield each year for a couple of days at the World Championships. Willie always had a bit of a laugh with the crowd and such a dry sense of humour. Won't be the same without him there. RIP Willie.
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