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  1. Hairy Canary

    National League null and void

    It’s all about the cash and it’s getting more desperate. They will hang on to the possibility of completing and getting their money right up to the point when not completing loses them less. Guess that will be when next seasons money comes under real threat.
  2. Hairy Canary

    National League null and void

    I don't believe it is possible to impose that contracts be extended. The issue of player contracts for instance is being looked at from the wrong direction becase it will be the clubs who won't want to extend them when there is no money coming in. Imagine if we had not released Farmann and Amadou from their loan agreements. Is anyone thinking we would have looked to extend the contracts of two players who weren't being picked in order to maybe play nine games at a later point? What about the players we have out on loan with lower league clubs. They don't have the cash to pay them even if they wanted to keep them on, particularly if there is no prospect of promotion or relegation.
  3. Hairy Canary

    What y'all listening to?

    Brilliant to see all the stuff that people listen to. Loads I don't know at all so will give them a listen while I'm working from home The talk about choral pieces made me listen to Allegri's Miserere Mei which I haven't played for years! Still love it after all this time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36Y_ztEW1NE
  4. Hairy Canary

    National League null and void

    The way things are panning out it will be the clubs who won’t want to extend contracts as they won’t be able to afford to do so. It’s a pigs ear of a mess and the longer it goes on the harder it is to come up with a solution that allows the season to conclude. I very much hope the season concludes as that would mean that this horrible situation we are in will be drifting into the past. Wishful thinking I’m afraid.
  5. Hairy Canary

    National League null and void

    This crossed my mind too Alex. If there are legal challenges there will be a precedent set and would allow any decision at the top of the game to be made with more certainty.
  6. Hairy Canary

    Johnson has coronavirus

    No but don't let simple verifiable facts get in the way of self promotion. It works, there's a guy over the water been getting away with it for years!
  7. Hairy Canary

    Boris tests positive

    Dominic Rabb apparently
  8. Hairy Canary

    National League null and void

    Actually there is a degree of consensus. the financial implications would be disastrous, if not catastrophic. The leagues will do everything that is possible complete the season. There must come a point, eventually, when it becomes impossible or counterproductive to delay next season. if we ever get to that point this season will be abandoned and a decision made over how best to restart the next season because that will be the least worst option
  9. Hairy Canary

    National League null and void

    Fair point. If the season is abandoned then clubs are going to be up pooh creek, no doubt. So we can accept that they will do all they can to save this season and the associated revenue if it is at all possible. The point remains however that losses would be even worse if the following season were to be cut in half, for instance, because of an extended delay.
  10. Hairy Canary

    National League null and void

    You’ve phrased it perfectly well Hillhead. It’s clearly something that will come into play if things drag on long enough. It’s easy enough to understand.
  11. Hairy Canary

    National League null and void

    Thanks. The scenario I painted was based on what would happen if next season was disrupted by more than the nine games we have remaining. Clearly that point wouldn’t have been reached if next season starts just a month or so late. Losing 50% of next seasons income in order to save the 20% remaining of this one would be plain silly, Billy.
  12. Hairy Canary

    National League null and void

    There comes a point when more money is lost by completing the season than by abandoning it. That is, when completing the season disrupts next season to the extent that more is lost than the currently remaining 9 games.
  13. Hairy Canary

    EPL new plan

    I also accept Bill's analysis but nevertheless there must come a point in time when the impact on clubs becomes less were the season to be canceled. There is no point messing up next season (reducing it to half the games sarting in January, as the EFL chairman muted, because of insufficient time) with the massive negative financial impact that would have in order to save the quarter of a season we have remaining. The idea that we flout the CMO's advice and place extra burdens on the NHS in order to play football doesn't sit well with me at all. If proof that football has got an inflated view of itself were needed then this would be it.
  14. Hairy Canary

    EPL new plan

    The only way this season will be completed is if it is not possible to start again until next March (2021).
  15. Hairy Canary

    Wuhan coronavirus

    Yes sonic, me too. Their upward curve is still increasing. The comparisons are scarily similar.