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  1. We were poor right through the midfield but what concerned me most is what we had to sacrifice to get him in the team. We lost Cantwell’s energy, which was desperately missed, and Ramsey is a shadow of himself playing wide.
  2. Really have no idea what they’re for to be honest. William seemed to manage to move it back later without one.
  3. You haven’t answered the question. Having said he now has a manger who believes in him, a team which you feel has a style of play that suits him who would be a fault if it doesn’t work out for him? It really is down to BG now so we will see.
  4. So if it doesn’t work out for him this time whose fault will it be?
  5. 6 consecutive clean sheets is quite an achievement. Can’t have happened too often
  6. Point is we kept a clean sheet away with, in part, some excellent defending. The game isn’t just about scoring. We weren’t pathetic
  7. No chance! They might do it this year but it’s not going to be the walk in the park some of them think. In a way it’ll be much more fun seeing them up there all season just to fail at the last.
  8. Our defending was definitely not pathetic. Sky gave MOTM to Hanley so they didn’t think he was pathetic either. Sure we weren’t fluent going forward but stopping the other team scoring is as important as scoring yourselves. Two sides to the game
  9. We are bound to have injuries so the idea that without him we would still have three strikers to choose from all season doesn’t hold water. Then there will be suspensions and goodness knows we’ve seen that Sargent and Idah can suffer loss of form. Added to that he offers something none of the other three have in putting himself around and is powerful in the air, certainly a benefit playing alongside a second striker. Ok he has his limitations but he’s not going to generate a fee and a loan would only save some of his wages so, on the balance, I’d keep him here. Having said that I reckon he’s the sort of person who would rather go out on loan and play than sit around waiting for bit parts so guess he will probably end up going somewhere.
  10. Hugill. He’s offers something different to Pukki and knows how to score even if the rest of his play is not good. I don’t get what Sargent offers as a striker
  11. It was crying out for Hugill much earlier, even before Sargent was brought on. Rachia was free but couldn’t cross happened so often I was really surprised when he just sat warming the bench. What on earth Sargent brings to the party god only knows.
  12. Cricket is a thinking man’s game Buh. It won’t appeal to you.
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