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  1. Hairy Canary

    Atalanta or Toulouse

    I think the game before the season starts is the better pick personally
  2. Hairy Canary


    Marco is a rather unconventional number 10, very different to Wes for example. Srbeny is much more in the Stiepermann style. He is strong carrying the ball, has a decent shot on him from outside the area and can win a header in that area of the pitch. So IMO he is a decent cover in that position
  3. Hairy Canary

    Are we any stronger?

    Not sure where you think we can buy a better striker than Pukki for £10m? Unless you're suggesting we change our style completely and play two up front.
  4. Hairy Canary

    Ben Godfrey - phew

    Brilliant news! Just shows how far that young man has come so quickly to be such an important part of the squad.
  5. Hairy Canary

    Phone Wallpapers

    Thanks KIO. Using it on my phone and looking good
  6. Hairy Canary


    Great stuff. Will that be it now I wonder. Max and Jamal are contracted to 2023 and Mo until 2022 so not sure there is a big rush to extend further?
  7. Hairy Canary

    End of season DVD

    Well I loved it. Yeah it could have been in high def and included some interviews but all I wanted was the football and commentary. When I watch it back in years to come that's what I will want to see and remember. Great record of a great season. Seems a bit churlish to moan about the peripheral bits and pieces.
  8. Hairy Canary

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    That's exactly right. It is a straight forward 21cubed which is as you say 9261/1
  9. Hairy Canary

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    Well of course that's right. But if you are looking for the probability of throwing three consecutive 17's before you have thrown any dice then it is 21 cubed. its like the probability of tossing a coin three heads on the trot from scratch. It's one chance in eight because there are seven other possible outcomes.
  10. Hairy Canary

    Calling all NCFC maths geniuses!

    Odds are 9,264 to 1 (21 cubed) Our chances of winning the league are less than that!
  11. Hairy Canary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Seeing as the UK is net contributor to the EU budget, paying in more than we get back, it will be down to the UK to set its priorities on where that money goes. if Labour dosent win the next election after this shambollic government has finished then it should be embarrassed.
  12. Hairy Canary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    It may be small beer in terms of the EU's budget but if we don't pay it then someone in the 27 will have to make up the shortfall. I don't suppose they'll be forming a queue.
  13. Hairy Canary

    New home kit...

    Really like it. Looks much better in true colour than on the promo. Long sleeve version, which I always go for, is not out for a couple more weeks and will cost £60 which is plenty!
  14. Hairy Canary

    Aidan Fitzpatrick

    The futures bright... Some really good young talent coming in and Conley sorted and paid for. Whatever happens next season we will have something to show for the Premiership cash. This is exactly the opposite of pi$$ing our windfall up the wall that Webber mentioned.
  15. Hairy Canary

    The Surprise Relegation Team

    I wouldn't exclude Southampton either. Not that they've had a bad pre season or sold anyone vital but they have had rocky spells in each of the last two seasons and managed to pull it around. Could be their turn this time.