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  1. Fair enough. Wondered what the reasoning was. I thought without him on Saturday we would have been looking at a worse defeat to be honest.
  2. After that performance against Watford you have decided to drop Krul?
  3. Thanks BYG, some real nuggets in there. Shows our recruitment is maticulously professional and has a long term outlook. The comment about Emi constantly pushing for a move to the point that it was difficult to manage was interesting and puts to bed the idea that we simply could have told him he was staying. Aslo explains why Villa got their man with their neggotiating stance which allowed us to grasp the nettle and use his funds to upgrade the squad to have two players fighting for every position.
  4. Overall I think there’s been a decent improvement. Sure, you could write out our best 11 now and compare it to last season and probably argue the pros and cons of the two teams. Where we have improved though is the squad. Last time in the Prem injuries totally killed us as we didn’t have the quality in depth to cope. With respect we were playing Tetty at the back and keeping our fingers crossed that Zimbo would be passed fit. Rupp was forced to play as the 10 and look what happened when Pukki injured his toe and had to be rushed back when he was clearly unfit. This time we will have guys coming in who will be of a similar standard desperate to do well and keep the shirt. In similar situation to last Prem season we would have Hanley/Gibson, Tzolis/Dowell, and Sargent all ready to step up. Even Cantwell who was a standout last time we were up will be looking over his shoulder at Tzolis on the bench. Big improvement.
  5. The mask is slipping. Good effort for keeping up the pretence for as long as you have though.
  6. Well you must have a poor memory then as after a shaky start he turned into an excellent full back with a terrific range of passing that was much appreciated by the fans when they voted him player of the season (1990?)
  7. He’s an excellent signing in my view. He’s versatile, pushes both full backs to perform and gives us cover where we are thin on the ground. We need him in exactly the same way we need Sargent to push and cover for Pukki. Long season ahead and we can’t go through the entirety of it with just three full backs!
  8. Personally I thought he was the weakest of the midfield three and had a quiet game. What he did was technically tidy with very few misplaced passes, if any, but no driving forward or threatening passes. To be fair it's a first PL game against a top team and I'm sure he will improve as he settles. I remember thinking Giannoulis had an anonymous debut but he settled into a top player quickly enough. KM will quite rightly be champing at the bit to start if it doesn't happen
  9. Probably didn’t express it too well as it reads that transfer activity alone needed to balance. Trying to point out that in the absence of a benefactor willing to add in their cash you can only spend generated income?
  10. A self funding model requires the net spend to be zero doesn't it? That's why we chose to sell EMI because it allowed a broader strenghtening to benefit the team overall.
  11. Am I right in thinking that if we take Brandon Williams on loan then there is no way we can loan Skipp as well?
  12. I did a similar thing to you. Last few years I’ve had an XL but thought I’d go up a size this time because of the comments on social media. Had to take it back because it was too big and I ended up with the XL, same as usual. It fits fine. reckon they are pretty much similar in size to before.
  13. Such sad news, it really pulls you up short when something shocking like this happens. Will miss his posts and humour. Deep condolences to his family and friends. RIP
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