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  1. We’ve had better, which is hardly surprising considering all the keepers we’ve had to choose from. I like him. We’ve much bigger concerns to worry about before Angus
  2. Remember that very well. I often missed the results as I had a paper round and went to collect the pink-un at the newsagents later having no idea of the score. I’m pretty sure as well that some of the other results were latest scores as the paper was printed before the games ended so you had take the league tables with a pinch of salt. I remember hearing that Colchester had knocked Leeds out of the cup when they were top of the league but the pink-un had it as a latest (3-2 I think) and had to wait for MOTD to find out!
  3. Some big old numbers here! Very impressive First game was a nil nil at home to Wednesday in 1970 so just 53.
  4. I can’t see it’s a full tear or rupture the way he was moving after the game. Seeing a specialist is pretty much par for the course to be able to assess best treatment program. Still could be only three weeks fingers crossed.
  5. His form was excellent before he played for Scotland, that’s how he ousted Tim from the side and won his place in the national team
  6. It’s the aerial threat we would miss most, two of Sarg’s three goals were headers, particularly as we are now getting crosses in under Wagner. Hopefully it’s just Wagner trying to put off any possible transfer and it’s just a couple of weeks.
  7. You really would have thought that a player good enough to get straight into England’s midfield would be the last player you’d hook when losing two nil at home?
  8. Love reading your reports Ricardo, especially when we’ve won! Great stuff
  9. Plenty of options today and certainly Sarg had a good game. Whether Sara was MOTM today is debatable (I would have picked him) but the guy absolutely oozes class in everything he does.
  10. Been pleasantly surprised with him these first two games. Let’s hope he keeps it up.
  11. Like most on here I don’t feel we have been getting the rub of the green over last season and the start of this but the trouble with doing something like this is that you really can’t count subjective decisions as black or white, right or wrong. Their second penalty I thought was pathetic but I’ve seen others saying it was poor play from Dimi. At the end of the day it was given how the ref saw it, the idiot. If you only include black and white errors then in the two games only our offside goal yesterday was due to a wrong decision, where the Lino gave Barns offside in a phase of play when he wasn’t interfering, the idiot. The Hull ball crossing the line and the turned down penalties were subjective.
  12. The point here is had Sara’s free kick gone straight in would Barns have been flagged offside? The answer is clearly no as he wasn’t interfering with play. This has been the rule for some years now. So we then move to phase two of the play after the keeper makes the save. The ball comes to Josh, who was not offside when the kick was taken, squares it to Barns who is now in an onside position and scores. Unfortunately it is a clear mistake by the Lino which has cost us two points.
  13. Jumping for joy last game and gutted to only draw this one. Brilliant to feel the emotion back compared with the apathy of last season. Really feel there’s hope for a good season. COYY!
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