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  1. Very doubtful Ince would come without decent contract money to spend - Board will go for Bryan Gunn
  2. Sky have changed their info now to Gunn will carry on for the time being until decision is made
  3. The official website states no decision has been made and won''t be for some time
  4. The problem is this is all too late the board won''t change their minds now an appointment has been made - but to be fair their was hardly time to get in a protest before the hasty decision was made
  5. Maybe send in e mails now if you feel that strongly - once decision is made they won''t change their minds
  6. Can''t see that Neil Doncaster will be around much longer to answer any e mails
  7. I believe some of the League One grounds have terracing so their will be the opportunity to sample that next year. At Charlton everyone was standing and although we all stood within our designated area it still felt a bit uncomforatable - If it was ever bought back it would be very sanitized and I feel more people in the ground join in the singing since the all seater stadium throughout the Lower Barclay and Snake Pit (at Carrow Road) as to before just a small sectionPersonally I wouldn''t want to see terracing back and don''t agree it would help the atmosphere and would just make watching a match more uncomfortable with a potentially worse view - often these calls are from people who didn''t experience terracing when it involve being behind a fence, pushing and shoving and bottom of trouser legs wet with other peoples urine (as recently as 1988) and don''t realise how truly awful it generally was.
  8. Alan Lee was the first to clap fans and he got decent reception, Gunny got the others to join in but they got loads of stick, about half the players gave their shirts to the crowd including Marshall who was getting much abuse - some of the players, including Captain Doc, saw how ugly it was getting and didnt get as far as giving their shirts to the crowd and sloped off the pitch
  9. Archant don''t have any money and are making reporters redundant
  10. If we go into admin I understand that Delia loses all her shares/investment as it would belong to Receivers so I don''t think she would let it happen unless had nowhere to turn
  11. Does anyone know what time the coaches are leaving tomorrow?
  12. Have you seen the league one table? MK Dons and Peterborough likley for promotion
  13. Provides fuel to the notion the board have totally lost the plot - what is plan b) John Bond
  14. Thank goodness for these guys who tell you exactly what they think and don''t tow the club line for fear of reprisal as some of the reporters seemingly doI hear Adam on Future Radio talking about City, never short of a word or two!
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