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  1. shame it was a Liverpool game showing on the tv
  2. Hope we have replacements for who is going or being sold because at the moment not see much happening ?
  3. Not surprised as Football is now a business not a sport !!
  4. I hope people know what they are doing I didn''t expect this one
  5. I think regardless of the results of the last 2 matches he should be replaced but with who i do not know perhaps Rowett or Hodges ?
  6. Totally agree get rid of him before its too late
  7. Time up AN has in my view now had long enough!!!
  8. A New Team ???? This team now should be playing as well as Newcastle is they have had long enough to Gel they have no excuses for being in this position at all.
  9. Same old Norwich does well then goes to pieces and start sliding down the table, no wonder we dont get players wanting to come here.
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