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  1. I''m sure the 79 letters are a fair reflection of the 20,000 season ticket holders   OTBC
  2. [quote user="Clint"] Everyone seems to forget that this guy had just been selected as the best right back in league 1 when we signed him and remind me again which league we will be playing in next season?!? Maybe he''s not up to Champs standard but we''re no longer in the Champs are we!?!  So I don''t think its the most sensible idea to vilify one of our few remianing contracted players who''s previously proved that''s he more than capable of playing at the level we will be next season. If Gunn can get him motivated, which perhaps our previous crop of useless managers couldn''t, then I think he could be a very big asset next season, wherever he plays down the right.  [/quote]   We''re not talking about his ability, I don''t think he would be too bad in league one IF he could be bothered. I will never forgive him for his attitude against Charlton.   OTBC    
  3. [quote user="Loan City Fc "]It would be madness to predict anything but doom where Norwich are concerned , Delia Smith has them on a one way route to oblivion . [/quote]   Are YOU just on loan? I hope you are because like many of our loan players I can''t wait to get rid of you.   OTBC 
  4. Would rather watch Utd than Barca any day of the week, they play the best football in the world, both offensive and defensive, unlike the gung-ho stuff Barca are only capable of. I''m a Manc for a day!     I couldn''t disagree more with everything you have just wrote. Barca play brilliant attacking football, no they are not very strong at the back but that''s part of the reason they are entertaining to watch. I would rather watch barca win 4-2 than utd winning 1-0.   Utd do not play th''Best'' football in the world. They may well play the most effective football i.e winning football. But teams like Arsenal and Barc when they pass the ball like they can is much better football in my opinion.   I also think Fergie winning Premier manager of the year is a disgrace when people like Roy Hodgson have achieved much more when you compare the resources availble to them.   OTBC
  5. All very good in hindsight but I think a lot of people would have been upset with the decision at the time although probably a lot less upset than by the appointment of Grant.   OTBC
  6. Not as ''Toothless'' as when we had big Iwan ;)   OTBC
  7. [quote user="Mello Yello"]   Is English his first language?       No, it''s a unique language, called ''Chavsperanto''.....   That is exactly how I imagine him to look lol. Brilliant.   OTBC     [/quote]
  8. He is spot on about the point he makes about the players inbetween. Too good to be playing youth football not ready for the first team. Think about all the players that would be first team regulars next season if they had been given a bit of guidence.     OTBC 
  9. If this was going to be done it should have been about 10 years ago, the area where makro etc is near thorpe would have been perfect but it''s just not a good idea now.
  10. Ive have always thought he was a rather average player and that i can forgive, but what i will not forget is his distinct lack of effort in some games especially charlton. He didn''t give a shit last sunday, so i for one hope he never pulls on a city shirt again!   OTBC
  11. In my opinion the most important thing is how much backing the manager recieves from the board whoever he is.   OTBC 
  12. [quote user="Fromage Frais"] Ironically for that amount of money you could have bought some houses for the players to stay in would have lost money but better then hotels. Football is one large dose of keeping up with the Joneses I do not know how players motivate themselves it is impressive I would rather be out on loan all the time than stuck at home. If I had all that at early 20''s I would be drinking and humping 24/7 [/quote] Brilliant quote :)
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