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  1. canaries

    Arsenal Away

    [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]

    I think tickets should be allocated according to how close you live to Carrow Road.

    Norwich City - a LOCAL club for LOCAL people


    Well done - the worst idea i have heard !!!!

    So I have been to all away games this season and have a home season ticket but live 30 miles from carrow road and your saying that someone who lives closer to carrow road but hasnt been to a game all years deserves a ticket more!

  2. canaries

    Song for Becchio

    This is how it feels to be city

    This is how it feels to be small

    You sign Moro

    We sign luccanoooooooooo


    Lucannno lucannno becciho (tune of huckerby a song)

    And ohhhhhh kei kamara ( same as ohh robin van versie)
  3. canaries

    Time stops at Carrow Road

    Can''t see wht they don''t just then change it to the actual time like they did for man utd.
  4. canaries

    Bring back the yellow nets?

    Liverpool have red nets and man city have black nets ....can''t see why we can''t have yellow

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vq9WC_zC_8


    How bout this for Johnson - to the tune of downtown and change h name to Johnson.


    Just like the barmy army sing for Compton.

  6. I think these 2 players have been brill for us this year and deserve a  chant......any ideas?

    Robert Robert Snodgrass Robert Snodgrass Robert Robert Robert Snodgrass - Like the liverpool fans sing for Jonjo Shelvey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFojX3dikLg


    Bradley Johnson Baby, Bradley Johnson ohhhh - like Jose Fonte''s song for Southampton


  7. canaries

    Lambert chant for tomorrow night

    Were glad that you left

    were glad that you left

    Weve got Chris Hughton

    were glad that you left

  8. canaries

    Nazi salutes

    [quote user="Beauseant"]

    I''m appealing for help to anyone in Block R27 yesterday who can help the identify the little chav in Row R  giving Nazi salutes. There''d had already been trouble in the first half as the people next to him and his equally odious mates objected to their constant four letter tirades at the Reading fans (although I suspect that they would have wet themselves if they''d met them in the street). However, in the second half one of them started giving fascist salutes, resulting in a guy in my row nearly crossing the two rows to get at him.

    This sort of thing has no place at a City game (or any other for that matter) so if we can help to stamp it out I think that we should.



    Was this before the game ??

  9. canaries

    Seb Bassong song needed

    Ba ba ba ba basssong

    Ba ba ba ba basssong

    sebastian bassong sebastian bassong


    to the tune of la bamba

  10. canaries

    Chelsea Voucher Con

    The chelsea £25 deal end this sunday meaning that the deal is not open on a home matchday. What a con by the club offering a deal that only people who live close to a canaries store can take up.


  11. Mc Veight and Goreham are good .....its just a pitty about that useless Rob Butler who picks on point and goes on and on and on about it throughout the canary call.

  12. Its much harder to fix a broken defence then it is to get forwards to start getting goals ........we will be fine.

  13. canaries

    Chelsea Offer

    Just seen the information for the chelsea tickets .......... a chelsea ticket gets you £25discount the club shop for a week.


    Seems a good plan to sell the rest of the tickets and to gain some more money for the norwich club shop.  

  14. canaries

    we need a striker? Duh! but who?

    does the loan window shut on friday too????? if it doesnt then people should not get up tight about friday.
  15. canaries


    I think our start has got to very good today ......if we start poor I can see a nervousness from the crowd and players setting in.