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  1. I was successful for scum away the year we started our rebirth [;)] (when we lost 3-2) and have also been successful for United away in October.However for Charlton away in league 1 and scum away last year I didnt get them. I was group 3 all 4 times. It''s just luck really.
  2. [quote user="St.John Cooper"]Was at 2 gaames and in Dubai for 2, Mr 1970, how many have you been to?[/quote]Don''t worry mate I went to the Wigan away, Stoke at home, MK Dons at home, Chelsea away and WBA at home matches and I agree with you on the striker issue.I''m very positive about seeing James Vaughan upfront when he''s back fit and firing however!
  3. Adrian Durham is on there atm. It''s ridiculous!   He thinks that the JV penalty shout wasnt ''because he was giving as good as he got'', yet the WBA one was blatant.   Ginger ******!
  4. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Paul Cluckbert "]That''s what happens when you have too much of a good thing.... Didn''t City get trounced 1-7 awhile back... then look what happened! [/quote] Oh, hi mate. [:)] [/quote]   He doesn''t fancy you....
  5. It wasnt the tactics at fault it was the fact that the players didnt play their best football today.
  6. [quote user="Gingerpele"]We will against Swansea, they probably won''t score all season....[/quote]   They''ll probably beat us at the Liberty
  7. If Wes doesnt start I''ll be horrified!   He''s a shining light in our midfield...
  8. [quote user="Rock The Boat"]We are very good on the ball and moving it forward. We can match most teams in this department throughout the Premiership. But we have three main problems. 1. Our strikers are too immobile at this level, they are not quick enough to make that little bit of space to get a shot away. Although we get the ball into the final third, we have failed to find a way past any of the Premier sides'' defences. Grant Holt is not the answer and his substitution today may be the beginning of the end for him - my opinion 2. We make basic errors at the back. It takes just one simple mistake and bang, the opposition scores. Our back line is too naieve. It''s a tough learning curve and it''s costing us points. Today it cost us another 3 points. 3. The officials are giving too many bad decisions against us. Is it a physcological thing we them, that they think we don''t deserve to be at the top table. The decisions against us today were appalling. This has been a feature of our campaign since the off. And when neutrals and commentators pick up on it, you know it''s not just fans grumbling At the moment the fight and the spirit is still there in the squad. How long can they maintain it in face of defeats and unfair refereeing? I don''t know. But Paul Lambert is facing the biggest challenge of his managerial career, to date. He''s got to pick a settled team, he''s got to sort out the problems at the back and sharpen up the front men. He''s got to keep the fighting mentality going and stop heads from drooping. It''s squarely on PL''s shoulders now to turn things around, if not, we''re looking at a long hard season ahead .[/quote]   I''m not criticisng because I agree Holty wasnt at his best today but he scored against Chelsea and today was the first PL game where we havent scored...
  9. GP, there were times today when I though Halsey was doing it on purpose!   The penalty decision was almost laughable [:@]
  10. I agree with the OP! I''m not being negative for the sake of it but there were times today when I thought we looked like a championship side playing a decent premiership side.   I dont know what it was but we just lacked something and I think that was down to Wessi not starting - I thought we improved when he came on but the issue for me is that we need to accomdate Wessi every game and not leave him on the bench.   We huffed and we puffed but we just couldnt blow the West Brom house down....   On to the Reebok! OTBC
  11. Does the club shop do this? I''ve never tried on a match day before but I really want to get ''Holt 9'' put on ASAP.Thanks in advanceOTBC
  12. Are you saying that those going to United and not Bolton are glory hunters???[:P]I''ll have you know that I''ve been to every single game so far this season and that Bolton is the first game I''m missing this season  [;)] I would go to every game but I just cant afford it [:''(]
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