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  1. Hi All, Its been a while since I''ve been to the thread (or the Pinkun for that matter). Thought I''d check in. I''ll nap Arsenal for good measure. Hope all is well. Justin (newyorkcanary)
  2. Late as always.... I''m going for a Norwich City HOME WIN! If not now, then when?
  3. I''ll go for a FC Cologne HOME WIN this week in Budesliga 2. Best of luck!
  4. Sorry I''m late. I''ll go with an Avellino HOME WIN over Juve Stabia in Italy tomorrow. Best of luck!
  5. 1-0 Norwich City win with Ruddy making Woy regret naming Hart his #1.
  6. I''ll go with a Liverpool HOME WIN. With my form, it means Palace will stuff them 6-0. Best of luck!
  7. Born and bred in New York City. Lived in Cambridge in ''89 when I caught the NCFC bug. Lived again in England in 93-94 which was a good time. Chelsea match will be on NBC Sports. Its part of most Basic Cable systems now. We should be on the main network, unless they decide to show Swansea/So''ton which I doubt. Shouldn''t be hard to find.
  8. Wow. I''m awful with my timing this year. I''ll go for a Celtic HOME WIN. Best of luck!
  9. Well done! I''m convinced we did it because I forgot to pick. Now that its in the bag, I''ll take a AD Alcorcon HOME WIN. Its Spain 2nd Division and the match begins in 30 minutes.
  10. I''ll go for Kei Kamara and Sierra Leone HOME WIN over Equatorial Guinea.
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