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  1. Garrido loves it. Whoever keeps this alive (especially on their own) - I salute and thank you. OTBC
  2. [quote user="Boozer"]We were singing at reading and few of us tried to get it going again on Sunday. Glad to see someone liked it be good if it caught on. Too the melody of La Bamba. javier, javier, javier garrido javier, javier, javier garrido javier, javier, javier garrido He loves paella, and now he''s a yella.[/quote] Yup, you missed an "a" tho, he loves a paella, and now he''s a yella. http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/emoticons/emotion-29.gif
  3. LOL. I must say, Poland is hardly very "Latin". Don''t go to Poland, there is no Frankie and Bennys there. I think it was the woman next to me that set up the flare (smoke bomb). Maybe we should ban women from football.
  4. Im sorry, im not going to voice my opinion on the actual topic of this thread. Would just like to raise a point. I have to respond to this... "Holt - a no brainer of a signing" - League Two striker, in late 20''s, a no brainer? wow, you must be a bloody good scout.
  5. Can Jas/Andy/anyone send me a PM please? FOr the game video not audio. Scum are losing again already!
  6. [quote user="CantonsHero"]Who is "Stand Up if you hate the scum" aimed at?Because the PNE fans weren''t vocal enough to warrant that one; I thought it was at the stewards, though I could forgive it being aimed at Darel Russell. Back to league 1 you go you greedy, deserving *[/quote] Is this a joke?
  7. [quote user="HoneyBadger"]Injured or not injured Luke Daley is ready. Also the man is a striker, on a goaltrail, so why play him on the wing?[/quote] I think Daley was born ready. I don''t think Lambert should play him at all for the rest of the season otherwise other teams will try and poach him in the summer. Keep him for next season, if he remains on the goal trail then we are looking at a 20+ goals from him in the Championship. 
  8. Pretty sure he is still on a goal trail.
  9. [quote user="marchisio"]good support there tonight but why oh why must people go to games dressed as canaries and in hawaiian dress etc so embarrassing!![/quote]It was a stag party, we spoke to the blokes. Where you tonight? Watch it on tele did you? Take your negative energy away from this forum please. ha.
  10. Cant wait to laugh at them when we''ve just been promoted and they are in a play-off place. They''ll probably be too interested in Millwall down there to notice us. T W A T S.
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