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  1. Not City''s fault. They can''t be expected to know what''s going on in Glasgow when they''re agreeing to pre-season friendlies. Fact is, few people up here are bothered with the Olympic football anyway - wouldn''t be surprised if they ended up giving tickets away. Moving this match won''t make much difference to the attendance at Hampden.
  2. & to think Jewell was a popular choice to replace Peter Grunt at Carrow Road back in 2007...
  3. I''d give a start to the likes of Rudd, Gill, Askou, Oli, McNamee, Daley, Jackson tbh. Some players may have had a hard shift over the last fortnight & we''ve a tough match next Saturday. Last thing we need is more injuries/ suspensions to our top guys. & 90 minutes today for some who aren''t regulars seems a good idea to me, give them a run out, we could well be calling on some of them over the next few weeks.
  4. This is going to take a bit of getting used to. Looks strange. If I end up not liking it can I have the old pink forum back please?
  5. I wouldn''t waste time listening to Talksport. Presenters who know sod all, with an ex pro beside them who they always take a contrary opinion to then encourage people to call in with their ''opinions'' & make megabucks out of their calls. Lowest common denominator radio imho.
  6. IMO we''ll finish top half, & with a bit of good fortune the play offs could be within reach.
  7. A flat £1.50 for a credit card booking fee seems pretty fair. The club has costs as someone pointed out earlier, & the likes of Ticketmaster charge something like 15% of the ticket price as a booking fee. Then another £2.50 for postage. £10 gig ticket there this week ended up costing me £14.20.
  8. Hopeless manager at Carrow Road. Coach at WBA when they got relegated. Coach at Celtic last season, appointed around June, sacked by March. Watch Birmingham nosedive...
  9. Loved the service last season. I''m in Glasgow & the Radio Norfolk commentary cuts off before the game starts, so the text service kept me bang up to date on matchdays. The hit & miss of whether your texts got published/ answered added to the fun of it all. Hope you can work this all out - an ''official'' service just wouldn''t be the same.
  10. Despite living near Glasgow & following Scottish football I''ve never heard of this guy!
  11. From The Herald http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/spl/rangers/chester-exits-ibrox-a-champion-says-walter-smith-1.1031238
  12. Leeds just went 1-1 but Millwall just went 2-1, Millwall in pole position with 30 minutes left! 15 minutes ago Charlton had their noses in front. Thankfully NCFC aren''t involved in this!
  13. & Motherwell missed a penalty at 5-6!
  14. If we get Southampton in the play offs we are doomed! If they don''t make the play offs my pennies are on them for League 1 next season.
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