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  1. At Norwich, Walker had built up huge respect amonst the players in his 5 years as a coach.  Stringers team was looking tired and running out of steam, but Walker fine tuned it and took it up another notch.  He just couldn''t replicate that at Everton with a new squad and by the time he came back to Norwich the momentum (and most of the players he had nurtured) had gone.  I''ll always love him for what he did here though.  Great, great times.  
  2. Oh my God!  He''s either going to be a huge hit or an absolute disaster.  Seems too similar to Roeder for my liking.    
  3. He looked terrific in his first three games (Cardiff, Plymouth and Birmingham) but then tailed off after that.  His performance at Charlton was as bad as anybody''s that day. Plus his comments after leaving suggested he wasn''t unhappy to be gone.  I don''t think he''ll be back even if we wanted him.  
  4. [quote user="Jim Smith"] Dominic Byrne from the Chris Moyles show. Born in Norwich but makes it clear he moved away as early as possible! Supports Liverpool. Hates the Norfolk accent. Children have stupid names. What a ****! http://chrismoyles.net/mw/teamdominic.shtml [/quote] Anyone to do with the Chris Moyles show is a **** in my book.  
  5. A quick head count brings about 7 permanent signings/short term deals and about 17 loans.  I may be one or two out.  
  6. [quote user="Nishclishbang"] Fleck played 2 games in 1990.  He started in the 2-1 win over Sweden, and came on as a late sub in Brazil defeat.  Unfortunately Scotland lost to heavyweights Costa Rica in their opener so that was that.  Gunn travelled but was third choice behind Jim Leighton and Andy Goram. I loved Fleck being there as a City player. Woods was much the same in 86, fighting out with the over-rated Gary Bailey for number 2 spot behind Shilton, and didn''t get on. Mr Worthington had a decent campaign whilst at Sheff Wed though. Townsend was our most successful World Cupper - played all 5 games in 1990, until hosts Italy put them out.  Scored a pen in the shoot out win over Romania too. Watson didn''t go to the WC in 86.  He went to the Euro''s in 88 when we were terrible, and got on against Russia starting the 3-1 defeat - but he was at Everton by then.  I also remember him captaining an all ageing star side which provided a warm up in Hong Kong before the 2002 WC - it finished 1-0 or something.  England were awful. Watson''s namesake the ex-Saints./Man City player from the 70s holds the record for the most England appearances without ever playing in a WC by the way - 65. [/quote] Fleck was outstanding in that Sweden game.  I never understood why he was dropped for the Brazil match. Townsend was still technically at Norwich but had all but jumped ship for Chelsea.  I never felt he was one of ''ours'' at that tournament. What about Martin O''Neill in 1982 for Northern Ireland?  
  7. [quote user="ryan85k"] [quote user="Yellow15"]I may be slightley behind but just went on the sky sports website and we are now officially under league one it really hits home seeing the crest next to oldham and Mk dons .. sorry it just needed to be said ... its the same of saky sports news now championship comes up i expect to see us every time it hits me. Just wonderd if this was the same for everyone else?[/quote] It hit home for me when the final whistle blew at the valley. It really isnt a hard concept to understand. [/quote] Think you''ve missed the point Ryan.  
  8. Going to be a long season isn''t it?  [:(]
  9. I''ve missed most of the recent finals due to work.  Used to make a big effort to swap shifts or get away early, but this year I actually forgot about it until the actual day. Didn''t seem to register with many people I knew.  That never used to be the case.  
  10. [quote user="Bobert"] Well Paint me Yellow I have a couple of spare monitors you can have for free in the room here. Sorry my views have such a dramatic effect upon you ! NISA, Smudger & Co go on and on like the drip, drip, drip of a tap, Eventually like water their views get to the foundations and start to weaken them. Delia does not use a computer so she does not read the Message Board but she reads the papers and her husband uses a computer. They no doubt sort to molify the "fans" by asking Neil and Roger to step down thinking that, as a team, the Club could manage without their expertese and their expense. A multi million pound organisation cannot run without professionals heading it up. It is too big to be run by a team of well meaning elderly business men and women. The dripping tap got rid of the two men who knew more about running NCFC than anyone else and suggested no one in their place. You will see the damage that tap has caused over the months to come. [/quote] Keep posting Bobert.  You''re a one-man comedy show.  [:D]  
  11. I find it bemusing how those who don''t buy a season ticket as regarded as pariahs by some on this board.  Its a worrying "us" and "them" attitude that has slowly crept in over the last few years. Excellent OP by the way.  Out of interest, if we get a home draw in the Johnsons Trophy or the League Cup, it would be interesting to see what the turnout is for those games considering they are not already paid for.  
  12. I managed to get 8 of them right.  Top man - must be incredible pressure when you''re in that chair.    
  13. [quote user="canarytim"]Sorry Mc Reacher it was a spoof post, but I did get you ![/quote] Apologies.  Doh! [:$]  
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