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  1. I agree, two very good posts that make a lot of sense
  2. Drop Hoolahan is the best way,against Carlisle the diamond did not work at all whenever the ball was played out to Drury or R.Martin they had no one in front of then to pass to ie no width which the game was crying out for......this is against Carlisle!!!!!!! next year in the Championship teams will soon work out this limited system and how to stop the one footed midget as they did very easily in our relegation year....Hoolahan is way over rated
  3. Iwan by someway for now as we are in a poor quality league
  4. 2.5 million for a 1 footed midget!!!!!!!!!! snap their hands off, Hoolahoop is good at this level but poor in the championship as proved last year and in the prem......well let Hull find out for that money
  5. Is he???? please don,t get me wrong as I think Lambert is the best thing to happen here for a long time......but why does he keep praising Chris Martin who I think is a real weak link he appears slow and lazy,can,t jump to win headers and alongside a top top striker like Holt who works all game long he just looks uninterested......yes i know he,s scored 5 but the goals won,t always be there
  6. to a circus, apparently there''s a market there for a one footed show pony Like it,he,s a lightweight waste of space as a good manager like Lambert can see
  7. [quote user="Admiral Nelson"]If Deehan has left does that make it available for Gunn to go back to chief scout?[/quote] Dear God Noooooooooooooo
  8. A really good post and I agree with what you say....too many people rave about Hoolahan but for me he is one of our problems,can,t defend,can,t tackle but can see a opening the only problem there is how many times does that happen?mostly he farts around trying to get the ball onto his only good foot and by that time the tackle has come in and the ball is lost...meanwhile he makes the team unbalanced.Saturdays game I would play OTJones with Hughes + Lappin wide left and Maric in for Cody who appears more and more like a non league player each game...thats about the best we can do given the standard of the player that Gunn has got in,we can only hope that Lambert is a very very good coach and motivator to get this lot playing
  9. Just a wild shot in the dark but maybe it,s because he was crap and one of the worst managers we have ever had
  10. Well said canarychris, 100% spot on,proper football men who want to win football matches......not the sentimental bleed yellow and green/legend rubbish that got Gunn the job
  11. Well i am,he will be excellent for this football club and will be a huge improvement on the way out of his depth Gunn....well done to McNally on doing this right
  12. God help us........FFS Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo overweight midget
  13. [quote user="Seat0123"]I haven''t posted on here for months but I am compelled to note my disgrace. For the sake of £11 a month between August and February off your direct debit payments we''re £717,603 worse off. I''m disgusted with you. I hope the little point you feel you''ve proved was worth it. I''ve never been so ashamed of fellow "supporters". I feel sick right now. Yes, we can be cynical about the money going straight into the playing budget. Yes we can all feel aggrieved about the situation at the football club. I wish we had a different board/owner in place the same way that I wish we were playing in a different league and I wish that we had Torres up front and Vidic at centre back. We are where we are, and your £11 a month is going to do nothing to help anyone. [/quote] Muppet....I,ll do what I like with my money thank you, I,ve wasted enough of it on this shower over 50yrs and your last line about it not helping anyone!!!!! it helps me and my family and not those overpaid To***rs who run out on the pitch
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