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  1. It took away a massive cup comeback by ruling it offside, but doubt there was any conspiracy involved. Coventry got a 95th minute penalty which could have been overturned by VAR if that was the case.
  2. Stacy is also an attacking fullback, I just don't recall ever seeing him jogging back if there is an attack down our right. Just wondering if staying up the pitch is tactical, or if it is a stamina/fitness issue due to less game time.
  3. I'm assuming it is deliberate - if not I'm sure Wagner would be telling McCallum to work harder when watching the match replays. However, surely as a left-back if there is an attack on you should be sprinting back to your position. Even if stopping a cross is impossible, there is a good chance a rebound will need cleaning up. There was a point against Plymouth when Sainz (who lost the ball in the Plymouth half) was sprinting back to try and stop the winger, and passed a jogging McCallum on the way..
  4. Agree, it's ridiculous a city the size of Norwich has no tourist information office. Seems like the club is doing the job of the council - and thenorwichhub guy must have spent thousands in the city on his trip, and created a great advert for the city. Apparently there is a new tourist centre planned though - https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/24140974.new-tourist-information-centre-set-open-norwich/
  5. Norwich tourist board should sign him up as an ambassador for the city - great video!
  6. Reminded me of this..! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etYHn2rRrAE
  7. Thanks.. I've been trying to find the clip since and not been able to! It was one of the "Dafabet Teammates" clips. I've been watching a few trying to find it, with some interesting responses (note these were from a couple of seasons ago): unanimous votes that Emi was the most skilful player with the best first touch in the team (including Emi saying this himself!) Ben Gibson most likely to become a manager - knows the game inside-out and always looking to help people fastest - Placheta most intelligent - Zimmermann
  8. There was an interview on Canaries TV during one of the championship winning seasons where a couple of his team mates said Kenny was the most complete footballer in the squad and could do everything - both feet, passing range, headers, shots. I'm not sure the ball would every get out of our defence if he wasn't there.
  9. There's not many times I remember Aarons being beaten on his own wing, and I'd back him in most one on ones. Long crosses from the other side and getting out-muscled in the air - I can picture quite a few of those. Attacking he always seems to cut back, stop, or disappointingly dive, without the latter he'd probably have quite a few more goals in his reel-tape. Being injury free and able to play every game in a season is a massive plus too. I guess there's an element of luck to that though.
  10. Looks like it is a minority view, but when Dowell comes on I think he adds more of a forward threat, with clever and non-obvious passes. If the opposition have 10 behind the ball, I think he is a good option. Unfortunately, he now only comes on when Pukki goes off, which negates the impact. He also did a few decent tackles and tracking back against Preston - which had been absent in previous games.
  11. I'd much rather watch our team's playing style than Reading's every week.
  12. It is a fairly low bar to being a good football club owner. See Chelsea's Todd Boehly's ideas - https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/62899010 Edit: already covered by cambridgeshire canary! in
  13. Billy Gilmour's failed loan spell having further repercussions..
  14. I see they've managed to stick adverts in during half-time.. pretty poor for a paid service.
  15. I thought Dowell did brilliantly for the second goal, took over the ball, and then the perfectly weighted pass to set up Sargent.
  16. Promotion to the Premier League isn't the only competition on offer. I'd be happier with a cup win than another promotion this season.
  17. That match was a friendly match preparing for a tournament. You can't judge all women's football on one result. The England men's team has lost to Australia, the USA, and Iceland, the last 2 in tournaments.
  18. Even if they "accidently" triggered a buy clause, the new and old manager must have thought Bushiri was better than whoever else they had to pick him for the team in the first place.
  19. Thought Rupp was excellent too. Shame he didn't score that chance.
  20. Love the Buendia back heel at https://youtu.be/YYBf1Lw9TKk?t=110 !
  21. Is it Chris Domogalla, Head of Performance - https://www.canaries.co.uk/first-team/Football-Staff/ He got sent off in the Lambert incident if I remember correctly.
  22. I may have missed something said by Farke or Delia, but is it almost certain they will both leave? If a top 8 Premier League club come in for them with a big offer, or a European team in the Champions League then sure I guess they'd go. Otherwise why not stay at Norwich for another season - almost guaranteed a place in the team each week, and hopefully enough of a wage bump to compete with the lower-half. Both leaving would mean a complete rebuild of the right-side, and the Premier League doesn't afford time for players to "bed-in".
  23. Coventry look dangerous in possession. Good job we didn't give them any last Wednesday!
  24. Yes - in that first half against Bristol City away from home every ball Stiepermann played almost resulted in a goal for Pukki.
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