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  1. Yep makes you wonder if he has just been given a day to rest, and will be fine for Saturday. Plus it takes a bit of pressure off the subs Tuesday. If he's out let's hope wagner is sorting out some sort of tactics that stands a chance.
  2. I think it's more simple, we have won I believe 8 in a row at home , teams will respect that and come for a point, our away record is rubbish and most know any amount of pressure normally leads to a goal or 2, they also know not to give up at 2 nil down. Teams sit back we win , we sit back we lose.
  3. No , taking Sargent off and not bringing another striker on, carry on pressing higher up the pitch with fresh legs.
  4. It's too late now to worry about players getting injured, you play every game to win. A win last night would of been huge, now we have to get something Saturday, and the end gets harder. 2,0 is a terrible score to go negative, which we have done to many times.
  5. Our problem will be playing at home first, if we get a win how will he approach the away leg, if its not all guns blazing and we sit back we are in trouble.
  6. I think people are over rating Stacey , he's been ok, above average. His delivery in attack is not great and he's very poor with balls coming into the box. Gives it all but that's not enough if we went up.
  7. We still have a huge problem in midfield defensively, he wants fullbacks to play high but there's no defensive midfielder half the time.
  8. I would agree except if Ipswich go up we will not hear the end of it.
  9. You answered your own question, why bring on more defensive players who will make the team sit deeper and invite pressure, when we all know the defence is very average.
  10. If we try and avoid defeat, we will lose. We have a good attacking team and a really poor defence.
  11. That's worse for us , if we win the home leg we will probably try and defend the lead away.
  12. We knew what he was when we signed him, a player who can play with good attacking players round him, he will score a few goals. Definitely not a striker who can play up front on his own, yet wagner can't see it.
  13. Why not Preston, they beat us Saturday and then can over take us with game in hand .
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