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  1. To avoid relegation perhaps a mid-season training camp in Northern Italy?
  2. According to the BBC Premier League predictions Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey we're going to win 8-0!
  3. Been driving me mad all game too. Burnley string 3 passes together 10m apart and he was saying how brilliant their passing was.. Who is he? Ex-Burnley?
  4. Leicester now have up to 80 million to spend on a replacement. Should we be worried about Godfrey?
  5. Having a betting company name/logo on the shirt makes them look tawdry and cheap. I won't be buying one until the sponsors change (and there are the "classic" shirts available instead). Not particular a moral issue with it, more aesthetics. The Lotus sponsored shirt was a nice one. Colmans had a nice link to the city (that has since been severered). Are there any large companies with a link to Norfolk anymore? In an ideal world we'd have a charity logo on the shirts, similar to Barca / Unicef.
  6. Wow. Not seen that Martin interview before. The man deserves his testimonial and hope there is a huge turnout after the parade.
  7. De Gea made a huge blunder this week against Barcelona. Krul spilled it once tonight but was excellent for the rest of the game. Was loving the sweeper keeper at the end, and even taking the throws. With the high pressing Krul had to kick long more times than usual tonight - I can see why we try to pass out from the back, even if it is is higher risk - don't think we managed to control the ball from long kicks once.
  8. His name keeps appearing at the top of the Norwich top scorers lists at the moment. There was a recent article in the EDP - https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/63-year-old-norwich-city-goal-record-ralph-hunt-1-5958293 His widow - Janet Hunt's funeral was last week. I remember her from giving swimming lessons at Recreation Road pool. Didn't know she was married to a NCFC player until now.
  9. No shout from a defender or the crowd? Not just the goal keeper at fault. Reminds me of the Ronaldinho assist from an "offside" position for a throw-in - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twTpln5mGKg
  10. I presume the week started on Saturday, as Ruddy and Fer weren''t the best against Liverpool mid-week. http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/25294281For the lazy:GOALKEEPER - JOHN RUDDY (Norwich)John RuddyI must be honest and say that this was not an outstanding weekend for goalkeepers. But of all the performers I thought John Ruddy''s performance in Norwich''s 2-0 win at the Hawthorns was the most significant. The Canaries had previously only won one of their seven league matches away from home this season and that had put the team and their manager Chris Hughton under tremendous pressure. To win in the manner they did and not concede says volumes about the commitment of the players to their manager. Everything Ruddy did was utterly professional.Did you know? Ruddy made 10 saves against West Brom, more than any other goalkeeper managed this weekend.MIDFIELDER - LEROY FER (Norwich)Leroy FerHe played an exquisite ball for Gary Hooper to open the scoring for the Canaries before sealing all the three points himself with a brilliantly-produced solo effort and a rare away win. Chris Hughton had to spend a lot of money to take Fer to Carrow Road and the Dutchman is starting to repay some of the transfer fee and has increased Hughton''s job security. Did you know? No Premier League player has scored more goals from the 80th minute onwards this season than Fer''s three.
  11. I don''t think anyone is saying England players would get in a World Cup XI now, but there was definitely a case a few years ago when it was English clubs winning the Champions League. But England always seem to be lacking one or two decent players in key positions (last decent England goalkeeper? Decent all-out striker since Owen circa 2002?)Its tournament football so Spain are never going to walk it. They managed to win a world cup by scoring only 8 goals, and losing to Switzerland..
  12. Grant Holt has to go to the Canaries Store to buy NCFC shirts? I guess he is a down-to-earth guy!
  13. Is this thread a joke?Morison managed to create his own chances 2-3 times with no support against two defenders using both power and pace. Rooney also managed to make himself two chance, and dragged one wide, and put the other over the bar. I guess they both equally lack composure?
  14. He says "disappointed" rather than bitter. Also is delighted with the clubs progress, and mentions how his son (who is now in training with Man City as a goalkeeper) is true Norwich born and bred. Gunny will always be a top man.
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