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  1. Love the Buendia back heel at https://youtu.be/YYBf1Lw9TKk?t=110 !
  2. Is it Chris Domogalla, Head of Performance - https://www.canaries.co.uk/first-team/Football-Staff/ He got sent off in the Lambert incident if I remember correctly.
  3. I may have missed something said by Farke or Delia, but is it almost certain they will both leave? If a top 8 Premier League club come in for them with a big offer, or a European team in the Champions League then sure I guess they'd go. Otherwise why not stay at Norwich for another season - almost guaranteed a place in the team each week, and hopefully enough of a wage bump to compete with the lower-half. Both leaving would mean a complete rebuild of the right-side, and the Premier League doesn't afford time for players to "bed-in".
  4. Coventry look dangerous in possession. Good job we didn't give them any last Wednesday!
  5. Yes - in that first half against Bristol City away from home every ball Stiepermann played almost resulted in a goal for Pukki.
  6. Yes it was pretty annoying considering there was no warning before payment. On the positive side iFollow refunded me within 24 hours.
  7. No warning at all that the 8 EUR for a "Video Match Pass" didn't include video. Requesting a refund, but not hopeful..
  8. Yes - I only have a "Listen live now" link with Radio Norfolk... This had better be the same price for no video...
  9. To avoid relegation perhaps a mid-season training camp in Northern Italy?
  10. According to the BBC Premier League predictions Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey we're going to win 8-0!
  11. Been driving me mad all game too. Burnley string 3 passes together 10m apart and he was saying how brilliant their passing was.. Who is he? Ex-Burnley?
  12. Leicester now have up to 80 million to spend on a replacement. Should we be worried about Godfrey?
  13. Having a betting company name/logo on the shirt makes them look tawdry and cheap. I won't be buying one until the sponsors change (and there are the "classic" shirts available instead). Not particular a moral issue with it, more aesthetics. The Lotus sponsored shirt was a nice one. Colmans had a nice link to the city (that has since been severered). Are there any large companies with a link to Norfolk anymore? In an ideal world we'd have a charity logo on the shirts, similar to Barca / Unicef.
  14. Wow. Not seen that Martin interview before. The man deserves his testimonial and hope there is a huge turnout after the parade.
  15. De Gea made a huge blunder this week against Barcelona. Krul spilled it once tonight but was excellent for the rest of the game. Was loving the sweeper keeper at the end, and even taking the throws. With the high pressing Krul had to kick long more times than usual tonight - I can see why we try to pass out from the back, even if it is is higher risk - don't think we managed to control the ball from long kicks once.
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