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  1. It took away a massive cup comeback by ruling it offside, but doubt there was any conspiracy involved. Coventry got a 95th minute penalty which could have been overturned by VAR if that was the case.
  2. Stacy is also an attacking fullback, I just don't recall ever seeing him jogging back if there is an attack down our right. Just wondering if staying up the pitch is tactical, or if it is a stamina/fitness issue due to less game time.
  3. I'm assuming it is deliberate - if not I'm sure Wagner would be telling McCallum to work harder when watching the match replays. However, surely as a left-back if there is an attack on you should be sprinting back to your position. Even if stopping a cross is impossible, there is a good chance a rebound will need cleaning up. There was a point against Plymouth when Sainz (who lost the ball in the Plymouth half) was sprinting back to try and stop the winger, and passed a jogging McCallum on the way..
  4. Agree, it's ridiculous a city the size of Norwich has no tourist information office. Seems like the club is doing the job of the council - and thenorwichhub guy must have spent thousands in the city on his trip, and created a great advert for the city. Apparently there is a new tourist centre planned though - https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/24140974.new-tourist-information-centre-set-open-norwich/
  5. Norwich tourist board should sign him up as an ambassador for the city - great video!
  6. Reminded me of this..! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etYHn2rRrAE
  7. Thanks.. I've been trying to find the clip since and not been able to! It was one of the "Dafabet Teammates" clips. I've been watching a few trying to find it, with some interesting responses (note these were from a couple of seasons ago): unanimous votes that Emi was the most skilful player with the best first touch in the team (including Emi saying this himself!) Ben Gibson most likely to become a manager - knows the game inside-out and always looking to help people fastest - Placheta most intelligent - Zimmermann
  8. There was an interview on Canaries TV during one of the championship winning seasons where a couple of his team mates said Kenny was the most complete footballer in the squad and could do everything - both feet, passing range, headers, shots. I'm not sure the ball would every get out of our defence if he wasn't there.
  9. There's not many times I remember Aarons being beaten on his own wing, and I'd back him in most one on ones. Long crosses from the other side and getting out-muscled in the air - I can picture quite a few of those. Attacking he always seems to cut back, stop, or disappointingly dive, without the latter he'd probably have quite a few more goals in his reel-tape. Being injury free and able to play every game in a season is a massive plus too. I guess there's an element of luck to that though.
  10. Looks like it is a minority view, but when Dowell comes on I think he adds more of a forward threat, with clever and non-obvious passes. If the opposition have 10 behind the ball, I think he is a good option. Unfortunately, he now only comes on when Pukki goes off, which negates the impact. He also did a few decent tackles and tracking back against Preston - which had been absent in previous games.
  11. I'd much rather watch our team's playing style than Reading's every week.
  12. It is a fairly low bar to being a good football club owner. See Chelsea's Todd Boehly's ideas - https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/62899010 Edit: already covered by cambridgeshire canary! in
  13. Billy Gilmour's failed loan spell having further repercussions..
  14. I see they've managed to stick adverts in during half-time.. pretty poor for a paid service.
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