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Found 19 results

  1. Live on BBC One at 7;45. Of course it's womens football which I'm sure will annoy the usual suspects on here but hey, I get the feeling it's going to be a fun one
  2. Anyone giving this one a watch? 7;45 kickoff, live on Channel 4. Or would you rather watch paint dry?
  3. Anyone giving this one a watch? 7:45 kickoff live on Channel 4. Don't really think it will be the most entertaining affair even more given it's a friendly and all, but I suppose the only real international option of note tonight would be Ireland V Greece for the Idah connection
  4. 7:45 live on ITV. Not a friendly match unlike the mens mind so should be fun.
  5. Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia, SRO Macedonia, FYR Macedonia, North Macedonia.. You know the country. Tonight at 7:45 live on channel 4. Anyone giving this one a watch?
  6. It's the match up we have all been waiting for, as the Norn Iron take on Kosovo. But who will win? And yes, these are the kind of threads that get made when league football isn't on. God help us.
  7. Live tonight, at 7:45 interestingly on channel 4. Or if you're not interested you could instead watch Pukki V Romania. All up to you
  8. Well, at least the away kit is nice. Least said about the home kit though..
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