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  1. He's ex Liverpool, of course he's on the tele.
  2. If you watch the PinkUn highlights, it's interesting to see the reaction of players when we scored, Alex Tettey was still in our half when Cantwell tucked his goal away, but was on his toes to join in the celebrations....... good to see.
  3. The old 'if such and such happens, I'll eat my hat' ....... when did wearing a Norwich shirt, or having a tattoo on your @rse become the equivalent penalty should the unlikely occur?
  4. The way I read this was that Wilder was saying, they can get a result at Goodison Park and using our result as an example of what is possible. I don't agree with his examples though, saying that they've got results against Chelsea and Leicester when we've played Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City and are still above them. Suggesting that we caught them cold is misrepresenting the facts, both Teams had players on International duties and we were so short of players, we had 2 keepers on the bench. .... back to my original point, if Wilder thinks that Blades getting a result at Everton matches what our boys did last week, well, it just isn't.
  5. I think televised games are worth about a million each, there's a set fee for the first 10 or whatever, then paid for each game beyond that. Inconvenient for the fans that pay to go, but good business for the Club.
  6. .... but if the Premier League pulled out, it would kill it at a stroke. Crowds are down and the bigger Clubs field reserves and youth prospects until the latter stages.
  7. Interesting to read some of their opinions, the idea that next season they'll not only be in the Championship but will be competing at the top end. It's complete nonsense of course, if they are promoted, their best players will be cherry picked by Clubs in the Championship with more money and, as we all know Evans will pocket the windfall. That'll probably signal the end of Lambert as he'll have raised his stock and would have no appetite for another relegation battle. Their finances have put them back 30 years, which is appropriate as that's all they ever talk about.
  8. Gotta love Delia, no question, these are special times, long may they continue.
  9. Hey Blademark, thanks for the input, great that you took the trouble to fill us in. I've seen a couple of your games on YouTube and you look more than capable of handing out a few bloody noses, good luck for the rest of the season.
  10. They can't afford dental implants, although if you've only got one tooth it'll work out considerably cheaper.
  11. I wouldn't worry too much, the ink is barely dry on Farke's contract and Webber has only just signed. Neither are likely to go all 'Billy big chips' over beating Man City. The chance of either jumping ship for some basket case big Club doesn't stand up to me. The usual suspects, Villa, Newcastle etc are already under new management as are Brighton and Watford. This is a project, that they started from scratch, it's only now starting to bare fruit, I'd be amazed if they walked out at this point.
  12. There's a heap of lazy journalism our there, saying that Man City were complacent, underperformed, or tired from International duties. Even when it's pointed out that Norwich played their part, it's dismissed out of hand. The hours, and column inches, dedicated to how Man City will survive without Laporte, when they already have a million € squad to choose from beggars belief.
  13. Man City drew with us in the second half..... the Club's in crisis.
  14. I'm with ric, 4 is fine, a point a game is par for this season, would I take more? of course but that would be a bonus.
  15. You could understand the classy one touch stuff if it were against someone rubbish like 1p5wich, but this Team did the Domestic treble last season. The most expensively assembled side, possibly ever. Young kids playing tippy tappy in their own penalty area against one of the World's top Teams, no wonder the footballing world have been talking about it.
  16. Whatever the rights and wrongs, the people I feel sorry for are, as always, the fans. If this goes wrong it's them that'll suffer.
  17. I'm also looking forward to seeing Onel unleashed on the Prem, just when they think they've worked us out, we bring in natural width with raw pace.
  18. I just hope that when we play them, Mings doesn't do a job on Pukki.
  19. If we can cope with the physicality, we've got this..... right now, a draw would be an ok result.
  20. Surprising, as you'd like to think that the locals would want to see an entertaining game. If we turn up and not get bullied, there could be something in it for us.
  21. Agreed, but we don't want to get like that lot down the road, still talking about it in 40 years time.
  22. I saw highlights of Blades v Saints, it was like a Championship game. West Ham are a solid side at this level and won't be looking down at the end of the season. Home draw against them isn't a bad result.
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