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  1. Disgraceful from the club agreeing this change so close to the date shambles
  2. Subsidising all tickets rather than giving free travel would have been a fairer way of spreading the love
  3. Not sure he will be that big a miss as some are saying he is not exactly prolific in front of goal. Will give Rowe more of a chance to show his attacking prowess. I think he has something about him
  4. Ties in with the point the ticket office confirmed about the 27th May giving the full view. Thanks She didn’t mention the other date in March which will give us 2 individual weeks to sort it out
  5. Agree I have the athletic which has a heck of a lot of content in it that a local version will struggle to compete with or you can ignore and just follow sexy Bennett on Twitter for all the latest ncfc gossip
  6. I am not sure catering dept will know the score. I spoke to the ticket office and after that date the club will know for sure who will definitely not renewed and this is the week to get the best availability any availability now is extremely limited
  7. So we have sections 122 and 123 the view from 123 is decent but the 122 is poor it’s going to be a lottery as to how good your seat is going to be
  8. Typical lack of ambition from the club what do we expect
  9. My sources at the club confirm there is indeed a movers and shakers week
  10. Your comment makes no sense whatsoever but they rarely do
  11. Can only reiterate what the lovely lady I spoke to at the ticket office said p
  12. £27 is a bit rich as well for a ticket in the fa cup
  13. Even free wouldn’t persuade me to travel to the game by club cabbage
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