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  1. Looking forward to Farke getting the excuses in nice and early hardest place to visit in world football my large ar$e
  2. It’s really not hard look at his insta and put 2 and 2 together honestly
  3. I think the footballing world are laughing at us because of them just listen to match of the day or talk sport
  4. One in a hundred away fans will have to drop their trousers and hear the sound of a latex glove being put on from what I have heard
  5. I can confirm this we had a paddling pool from Argos and a pipe attached to an oxygen tank for the bubbles true story
  6. Farke’s record in the premier league is truly awful Even after record spending for us and compared to the likes of Brentford’s start we are still doing poorly with no sign of improvement we should be gone by now but we know the stowmarket 2 at this level have little capability
  7. Only lambert and culver house can save us now
  8. We are a badly managed premier league club who consistently make the wrong calls when making big decisions that won’t change until the leadership and direction of the club changes Delia out stinking rich Arab owner in
  9. Goals are a pipe dream, we need to work on shots on target first If we ever score again I will have no idea how you are meant to act it’s been so long
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