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  1. Michelle Keegan or Taylor Swift?
  2. The stark facts spell out just how dreadful her ownership has been how much longer must we endure the unendurable, deal with the undealable and accept the unacceptable? Delia out , stinking rich Chinese owner in
  3. The usual flannel from Webber, I am not sure there is anyone left who doesn’t see through it
  4. We have had over 20 years of Delia surely surely it’s time for a change
  5. The first thing that has cheered me up in days although Godfrey and Emi will be a miss
  6. Only team not putting up a fight is our team and that’s the scandal of this season going down with a fight we would all be fine with that but we went down without even a whimper
  7. Ignore him I do! He isn’t even one of our own To make matters worse
  8. The thing is lakey we have tried the Delia Smith way, it’s a few seasons of satisfaction with the majority being utter dross surely it is time for a change and something different
  9. So you do you consider is responsible for our worst premier league season in history i can’t wait to hear your perils of wisdom
  10. At least Villa are putting up a fight unlike our useless lot
  11. The hair represents his attitude to football it’s a perfect example of his need for fame v just getting on with the job and letting his football speak for him
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