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  1. WD40


    Brilliant! Love how Jamie Carragher goes all quiet and red when Gary talks about pundits writing Norwich off for being naive...almost like someone gobbed on him out a window. Yes we all will remember that Carra!
  2. WD40

    Binner supporting work colleague!!!

    Give it time. Once the older generation who can actually remember the glory days die out then it will slowly ebb away. Clubs like PNE have many major honours but their fans aren’t bleating on as it’s consigned to history. As Farke might say, “yeah I’m really relaxed about it”.
  3. WD40

    Sheff Utd fall out

    Is this what we want City fans? An apathetic billionaire, appointing a stooge at the top and using the club as a play thing? Good luck to Sheff U. As soon as this chap is bored they will likely be in trouble. As an aside. Are we the only club without billionaire backing??? It seems all the clubs that are perceived to be small, e.g Bournemouth and Sheff U, have billionaires that go unnoticed by general media but they get plaudits when they get mid table as if they haven’t bought their way in.
  4. Hypothetically if Leitner or Vrancic were fit, McLean or Tettey surely can’t be dropped for the next game. There will be an element of ‘horses for courses’ and Burnley away will pose a different challenge. But those players that bided their time and took their chance deserve to keep their place The tactics were noticeably different against Citeh with Lewis and Byram holding their position. Farke saw how open we looked when losing possession and full backs well up the pitch. It will be interesting to see what he does for Burnley.
  5. Hang on: no Zimmerman, Klose, Godfrey, and Hanley for 20/30 minutes. Who is playing defence? Hanley and Amadou, then Lewis and Amadou? Doesn’t need to be said but probably the worst position to be playing league champs in
  6. WD40

    What's wrong with Super Mario

    Wasn’t prem quality against Crawley was he. Had a stinker. It’s been a bad week for us!
  7. WD40

    Now Hanley is injured

    Or recall one of our promising loans?
  8. Can we spend a few million of the transfer fees saved in the window on the best care and protection for Pukki during the international break? Im thinking armed guard detail 24/7, cryo baths, the best physios, maybe some embryos to give him a burst of youth. Because with him out of the team we look totally without threat.
  9. WD40

    Patrick Roberts

    Answer was no, by the way. Srbeny cannot.
  10. From what I could follow on radio stream...not ready for XI unless we changed our system.
  11. It’s interesting how in the past prem seasons we have fairly content with going out early to ‘focus on the league’. Now with the squad as it is and what we consider as depth, it is a disappointment. In a way it’s a marker of how things have changed.
  12. Following on that radio stream (thought Jarvis was good as an aside) so caveat these comments. Seemed like Amadou didn’t work in deep CM as not accustomed to the game, much better playing at CB which we may end up seeing. Didn’t really hear Srbeny’s name at all. For all his shortcomings Stieperman is in the thick of things usually. He has not furthered his claim. And Idah isn’t Pukki, and not should he be yet but obviously things not clicking up front.
  13. Klose off for Godfrey. Clattered apparently. Seems to be spending a lot of time on the injury table.
  14. Does seem to be am issue at set pieces...not picking players up inside or outside the box