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  1. “Good process” I wonder if hooper is leading the apology rankings? He certainly has had some high profile **** ups. There seriously must be no ref pipeline at all for him to still be in the game.
  2. She said it was funny watching you noshing Stu through tears begging him to stay.
  3. Forgot to plan for the cigarettes did he? Not surprised.
  4. Just to check, does he run all his PR by you during pillow talk? Cos if so you’re giving him duff advice.
  5. Legacy will be he has failed in his mission and will leave the club in a worse position than found. But if you’ve given fans good memories along the way do people care? I would say they should but the Webber fan club will be along to talk about the training ground again.
  6. Who sacks Wagner then and who can come in? No idea how the U23 manager is but something has to change. The squad is hot garbage for sure (thanks Webber) so you’re looking for a motivator with experience the wrong end of the table.
  7. Claiming a big fat salary to do Delia and Michaels job for them, and poorly, for many many years. The club is worse off since he came in lower league position and no Maddison’s to save us next year. He’s been so bad for this club it’s untrue.
  8. “Webber the biggest Charlatan in football.” A post many including myself were writing two or more seasons ago. Yet he’s been allowed to stay and fester his ‘Centre of Incompetence’.
  9. Absolute rubbish. I have it on very good authority that Cantwell is loved by Rangers fans. The only bright spot in a season going downhill. Kids wear his name on their jerseys. And that’s coming from me who thought he would be a flop and out of the game in 2 years. He’s done well which coincides with him being backed by fans.
  10. Everton out by Aberystwyth. We should be pleased they pinned the tail close to the donkey.
  11. Disagree. If it’s a tight offside then benefit goes to attacker, don’t call offside on the field and let VAR check.
  12. It’s a howler from the VAR official not paying attention to the game. But I thought refs are told to give the goal in tight offside goals and let VAR sort it out. So on that guidance Darren England has assumed the pillock Hooper has followed guidance to give the goal and he’s confirming the goal.
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