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  1. 2011 being when we got promoted under Lambert, then we achieved a 12th place in the following season and 11th after that (in congested lower mid tables). The point stands, do you think the competition we faced in any of those seasons is comparable to the level of the premier league now? We have at best stayed at the same level financially as that time when everyone up there has accelerated. And, yes we’ve been in the Prem twice since then - relegated both times! What’s your point? You seem to be making mine for me Cheers
  2. I’m halfway through but a few interesting points here. He acknowledges that promoted teams that based their promotion campaign on a solid defence will have greater success in their first premier league season. Wonder if he will change his approach to become more solid next season.
  3. Thankyou for highlighting the pertinent part, including “in the current state of football”. The football world is vastly, vastly different to 2011. I think I’m right in saying that for the premier league season just gone we are the only team without a billionaire owner. It’s extraordinary. It can’t be compared with 10 years ago. And we certainly can’t be compared to Leicester ! I wish I had a crystal ball to see what future seasons under Delia are like it’s just my opinion that we’ve seen the ceiling of our potential with her ownership, given what other teams are able to do.
  4. The post is mostly tongue in cheek (of course it would never happen), but it is an interesting thought experiment to see the views here. Delia has taken a lot of criticism on this page when we’ve seen bad times on the pitch like last season, but confronted with this choice it seems most would prefer to stay as we are. For me we’ve seen the ceiling of what we can achieve with Delia in the current state of football. Rock bottom of premier league. And I have totally made peace with that. If we want to establish ourselves in the premier league - whatever that means given everyone below 8th seem to be treading water - then we’d need foreign investment. This Saudi money is an extreme example of foreign investment but I tend to agree no billionaire hands are truly clean. I’m happy to stick with Delia and continue this roller coaster we’ve been on. I just don’t think we’ll ever get to the ‘next level’.
  5. WTOB - Wrong Type of Billionaire. We’ll have to go to the next in the queue then, no bother.
  6. The Saudi backed consortium to takeover Newcastle have pulled out due to the Premier League due diligence process taking too long. A huge blow for the fans who thought they were finally seeing the back of Mike Ashley. Perhaps that Saudi money could be tempted to buy another club beginning with N...
  7. Hmm...do the similarities end in bone structure? Or do they play similarly/injured as frequently?
  8. I’ve said this elsewhere I think it’s better to forge a new partnership with players for the future. Sure keep Stieperman around for competition / backup but we know he isn’t the future.
  9. How about getting Kemar Roofe back to the Uk from Anderlecht? Scored goals wherever he has been and looked great for Leeds.
  10. The Twitter ITK says the club insiders view Dowell as a future Vrancic and not a Todd replacement.
  11. I was thinking about him the other day actually and checked out a highlight reel of his time in Greece. Half of the video was him trying stupid flicks and tricks to play people through. No way would that fly with Farke or the fans after a while when most of the time it would result in a loss of possession.
  12. Sitti, Sinani, Sorensen, Dowell and Placheta all coming into the first team. Trybull, Leitner, Vrancic, Stieperman, Cantwell and Buendia surely heading out the door. Can see Tettey and McLean sticking around. And Hernandez of course.
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