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  1. It’s either Tzolis’ mum or agent that posts sometimes on this forum so maybe they are better placed
  2. The last man that hauled down Mbappe no less - christenson
  3. Why? Probably got an extra bung if they made it out of the groups.
  4. Didn’t give it a 2nd thought on replay then looked away and he’s going to the monitor then pen given! Not only does that happen at every corner in every game in every league and not get given as a pen, it would have happened earlier in the game.
  5. Won’t be missing Iran when they’re dumped out at group stages.
  6. The sort of player Germany might have and I’d be so envious. What a player. Everything looks easy.
  7. Oh dear. Are we doing this again. Is it coming home?
  8. They should spend time watching football on what an actual foul is rather than whingeing.
  9. Goal music at the World Cup? Has that always been there? Better than vuvuzellas.
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