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  1. I’ve called you a contrarian in the past, but totally agree with this!
  2. Get in the sheds for a rocket from Farke. Subs on 60 mins if we come back out looking the same.
  3. After that shambles I never take a penalty for granted now. Still we got promoted that season!
  4. You posted the pinkun story on the forum where Farke explains this! Do you start so many threads you’ve forgotten what articles you’ve posted?!
  5. I hope this does happen, though I’ll be jealous of the lucky 10,000. Let’s not forget it would mean a lot to the players and coaching staff as well to see the appreciation from the fans.
  6. Very nice - we’re on the countdown now, crossing off the wins required as we go through. Only shame is fans allowed into stadiums the week after our (promotion) season ends
  7. Yes he broke into the team a couple of months ago and saved Lennon from an all out riot from Celtic fans. Quality player but he had no interest in playing for us, held out for the Celtic move. Doesn’t qualify as ‘one that got away’ for me.
  8. These yanks know anything about the wage cap being talked about coming in next year?
  9. They’ve talked about Eddie Howe and Frank Lampard as possible replacements in the past. The delusion is strong.
  10. Look at our results without Emi and our results without Todd. Emi is by far more important.
  11. Now he’s signed a professional contract I don’t think that applies. If a player runs out their youth contract I believe that you go to arbitration for compensation.
  12. An excellent referee from my time watching Australian football. I implore you all to watch this video of his last A-league game where he and the other officials were mic’d up as they are in rugby, gives an insight into how he deals with players on the pitch...and VAR!
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