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  1. He used up that free pass in the abysmal post project restart form. Stuck by him then. We’re even worse this time around.
  2. You’re right - should clarify none of the players recruited permanently are of PL standard since Pukki. And that’s with three PL transfer windows.
  3. Thinking about it, Webber hasn’t made a decent first team permanent signing since Emi, which is over 3 years ago. It suggests Webber got lucky in 2018 and actions since proved his recruitment is not all that. I thought something was coming together but Farke is unable to polish this turd. Maybe another can but looks unlikely.
  4. We aren’t winning ergo no sign of Webber. Simples.
  5. Got no hope of keeping the ball with him near the pitch. Has never scored goals wherever he’s gone.
  6. -49 last time in prem and now we’re on course for -84
  7. Did he say we were naive? That worked two years ago in his and players first season but no longer washes.
  8. From what I saw of his behaviour on the bench the players don’t look like they’re listening. Just do what they want - and badly at that.
  9. Would be nice wouldn’t it. We’re treated with utter contempt by the media and all other fans, and rightly so. And unfortunately Farke has to be the casualty here as we aren’t showing any hope or ambition by keeping him in role.
  10. Might not all be Farkes doing but I do thin he’s lost the players. Was at the game near the Chelsea bench and his reaction to the players appearing not to follow his instructions told me it’s not working. Time to go.
  11. The “compaition” wasn’t mentioned in the post.
  12. I didn’t get that impression from the post included in the story. ”You haven’t seen the best of me. But you will” Anyway could well be. I’m at a loss otherwise. This is his career as well. Maybe he thinks if I play with and it’s a shower of sh*te it will harm me more than sitting out, firing off cryptic posts.
  13. Todd made a very cryptic instagram post yesterday about an announcement today…not seen anything yet
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