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  1. WD40

    Jamal Lewis

    Could be looking at that speculation the wrong way. The left back cover is being brought in as Byram could be moved to right back if we sell Maxy Aarons. Seems more likely given rampant speculation about Max, unfortunate as that would be.
  2. Anyone else finding these articles saying Levy of Tottenham has ‘sanctioned a £15m bid’ for Aarons laughable. Double it and add a bit mate. https://www.football.london/tottenham-hotspur-fc/transfer-news/max-aarons-tottenham-15m-move-17521472/
  3. WD40

    Great goal, total disgrace. I'm done.

    Saw this poster on Twitter underneath Michael Owens tweet where he agreed with the decision. The technology isn’t being used correctly by the referees. The referees who we cannot hold to account. The images aren’t provided where a player definitively is onside/offside when the ball is played so may get it wrong. Needs to allow for a margin on error favouring attacking teams. I fear for them that the word ‘VAR’ and ‘Stockley Park’ are now so toxic that people won’t give them a chance next year should the rules change.
  4. WD40

    City v Spurs match thread

    Actually gutted. The mental impact of being 2-0 up would have been huge. What can you do? Entertaining sure but still rooted to the bottom and will be down.
  5. WD40

    City v Spurs match thread

    Kane offside on that cross from Eriksen. Where do you draw the line on when you use VAR?
  6. WD40

    Connor Southwell

    Which part is the ‘ludicrous’ comment? I’m not suggesting Conner grill Farke on his mistakes but for the benefit of viewers that want a bit of extra insight as to what may have been an improvement to tactics, that is useful. Otherwise you’re just giving a video match report.
  7. WD40

    Connor Southwell

    I don’t think Freezer will be best pleased Southwell has moved in on what was supposed to be his territory post Bailey (the video match reports). But Southwell is much better at breaking the game down tactically and at times suggesting what a better tactical set up would be.
  8. WD40

    Leicester match day thread

    Wish Stieperman had a go on his favoured left foot there
  9. WD40

    Team for Arsenal?

    What a finish but also Hernandez playing the right ball! Hopefully we come out pressing them again as they are susceptible but worry about a red card.
  10. WD40

    Team for Arsenal?

    Is this rigged or what?
  11. Leitner with an attitude problem?
  12. Would be nice to see Amadou in his best position and Vrancic as an option on the bench. But a lot of our offensive weapons are being shown up.
  13. WD40

    Today's Match Thread

    Dont understand how thats a clear and obvious error or a penalty. James has lent his wait into godfrey pushing him away from the ball - hence he doesnt touch the ball - but its James' own momentum that takes him down. Ridiculous.
  14. WD40

    Today's Match Thread

    They looked horrendous that first 20 mins, cantwell tries to put his foot on the ball on the penalty spot and its 1-0. Then Amadou again exposed as a mid playing defence for 2-0 but apart from that he has played well. Cantwell should have tested the keeper on that chance at 0-0. We can get something from this but needs changing.
  15. WD40

    Today's Match Thread

    Must hook Cantwell