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  1. Would be nice to see Amadou in his best position and Vrancic as an option on the bench. But a lot of our offensive weapons are being shown up.
  2. WD40

    Today's Match Thread

    Dont understand how thats a clear and obvious error or a penalty. James has lent his wait into godfrey pushing him away from the ball - hence he doesnt touch the ball - but its James' own momentum that takes him down. Ridiculous.
  3. WD40

    Today's Match Thread

    They looked horrendous that first 20 mins, cantwell tries to put his foot on the ball on the penalty spot and its 1-0. Then Amadou again exposed as a mid playing defence for 2-0 but apart from that he has played well. Cantwell should have tested the keeper on that chance at 0-0. We can get something from this but needs changing.
  4. WD40

    Today's Match Thread

    Must hook Cantwell
  5. WD40

    Today's Match Thread

    Jesus how many looks do they want
  6. I would fully expect the number top candidate to come from within the club, and the best candidate at the moment would be head of recruitment Kieran Scott.
  7. WD40

    Wilder 😂

    Because I’m typing this on a mobile and it’s a faff to switch screens edit: to clarify, that means I forgot the exact quote as I was typing in a separate screen
  8. WD40

    Wilder 😂

    What’s caught the eye here is instead of not commenting or just providing a bland response he’s gone to some length to caveat the good points of our play. And it isn’t all ‘other managers’, it’s Wilder who we have had run ins in the past with.
  9. WD40

    Wilder 😂

    You all really can’t read the passive aggressive tone? He certainly has a chip about our results vs their results
  10. Here he is talking about our win, disguising insults as complements https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-united/latest-blades-news/sheffield-united-why-boss-chris-wilder-believes-blades-can-take-inspiration-norwich-citys-win-over-manchester-city-when-they-travel-everton-weekend-634208 ”the likes of Norwich” ”three chances three goals” (simply not true) I bet he can’t believe the press attention has been taken away from his overlapping fullbacks!
  11. WD40


    Brilliant! Love how Jamie Carragher goes all quiet and red when Gary talks about pundits writing Norwich off for being naive...almost like someone gobbed on him out a window. Yes we all will remember that Carra!
  12. WD40

    Binner supporting work colleague!!!

    Give it time. Once the older generation who can actually remember the glory days die out then it will slowly ebb away. Clubs like PNE have many major honours but their fans aren’t bleating on as it’s consigned to history. As Farke might say, “yeah I’m really relaxed about it”.
  13. WD40

    Sheff Utd fall out

    Is this what we want City fans? An apathetic billionaire, appointing a stooge at the top and using the club as a play thing? Good luck to Sheff U. As soon as this chap is bored they will likely be in trouble. As an aside. Are we the only club without billionaire backing??? It seems all the clubs that are perceived to be small, e.g Bournemouth and Sheff U, have billionaires that go unnoticed by general media but they get plaudits when they get mid table as if they haven’t bought their way in.
  14. Hypothetically if Leitner or Vrancic were fit, McLean or Tettey surely can’t be dropped for the next game. There will be an element of ‘horses for courses’ and Burnley away will pose a different challenge. But those players that bided their time and took their chance deserve to keep their place The tactics were noticeably different against Citeh with Lewis and Byram holding their position. Farke saw how open we looked when losing possession and full backs well up the pitch. It will be interesting to see what he does for Burnley.
  15. Hang on: no Zimmerman, Klose, Godfrey, and Hanley for 20/30 minutes. Who is playing defence? Hanley and Amadou, then Lewis and Amadou? Doesn’t need to be said but probably the worst position to be playing league champs in