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  1. Is this Will good a winger or a striker , more importantly , can he play in a front two with Pukki? also is he cheap?
  2. Ok but where is the photo of midlands yellows appendage?
  3. Yes but we haven’t seen photographic evidence of either the ball position or the size of your d1ck. So inconclusive.
  4. That’s it. From now on I refuse to attend games, check score , follow matches, or have any interest in all things NCFC until they sack this clown of a manager and his sidekick. Talk about stealing a living.
  5. Great . If he does while driving that’s another six points . Top two !
  6. He would certainly have never gained confidence under Smith.
  7. Ask Dean Smith. He’s bound to hang the lad out to dry.
  8. If you read the thread you would hazard a guess that it was directed at smith . Not making a scapegoat of anyone but some people are very quick to have a snipe.
  9. as he is back from suspension , he will undoubtedly be back in the team , but in what position will he be this time ? I am personally going for him playing in goal . We have got to see him there as if there ever comes a time when all outfield players are playing well Dean will have to fit him in somewhere .
  10. How could we when McLean is earmarked for all of those positions.
  11. Dean smith telling us we are a good team and he knows what he is doing .
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