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  1. Including 2 Championships (1 to come ) and a play off final win amonsgt 5 (6) promtions and 4 relegations. Never a dull momement (barring that last Hughton half season).
  2. …in the last 13 season, (could be 10 in 14 if the bookies are no doubt right ), it’s certainly a thrilling football club we have here. Would the 9 league changes in 13 seasons be a record? I couldn’t find out on the web, does any Stato on here know?
  3. I was right behind that. We all remember what happeend at half time too!
  4. *bump* Alex Neil may have had a few disasters when spending big, but it looks like he often had an eye sometimes too. The previously £100m rated Koulibaly look like he’s joining Bayern for £54m. Doubtful to have ever happened but lets face it, Klose didn't really work out as planned. (note "Lee Croft Effect"). https://www.caughtoffside.com/2021/02/28/bayern-munich-set-to-snap-up-world-class-centre-back-from-under-the-noses-of-liverpool-and-for-less-than-half-the-price/
  5. ...purely a hunch. I take zero credit. Funny though. I've also put a fiver on 0-3. Don't shoot Melinda Messenger.
  6. I'll put a Fiver on Hernandez plays a part tomorrow and its a classic Farke Smoke-screen.
  7. "Green shoots" seem to be appearing though. Another hard fought 0-0 home draw against a team above them...Oxford Utd.
  8. Alright, I'll pray for a loan next season. I forgot we were lil ol' Nodge.
  9. ...what a better loan signing than Antoine Sibierski or Steve Walsh? You have a short memory.
  10. Considering what Maddison went for, I reckon the Norwich board use it as a guide.
  11. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/oliver-skipp/profil/spieler/406638 Transfermarkt. Don't shoot the messenger.
  12. Just *B* Bumping this one back up. Valued at £7m do we not think that Skipp is worth a cheeky bid should we go up? He's absolute class, probably £10m in honesty and is he going to get ahead of the 4 current spuds players going for 2 positions? They luve a splash out too... ...plus seeing Naismith, Klose and RVP as our top 3 most expensive signings makes me itchy. We need to right the wrong and this is sooo right.
  13. Thats GOLD nutty. Some lovely ol ghosts in there. Thanks mate.
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