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  1. It's not always as easy as simply saying "upgrade" is it? Remember the £10m "upgrades" Tzolis and Rashica?
  2. Me too. Farke and Smith can't both be wrong. I think he adds consistency where others flick between form and failure. A great squad player.
  3. Great that Antman is in the squad though, his super-strengths will be a surprise to most...imagine him popping up at corner un-marked/unseen. Whats a pairing if The Wasp makes the grade too. #telepathic
  4. Considering we look to be losing quite a few players either in Jan (to actually receive funds), or at the end of the season when their contracts run out, then it make sense, especially as he's young, and we're alreasy starting to see the potential.
  5. Shame if he gets sacked before Stoke as if so, I'll never get to know what style of football he played.
  6. Definitely this. You do tire of the same questions over and over again and his response and tone of voice was exactly that. Very easy to bite.
  7. I've met him twice and he's been nothing short of an absolute Gent. A very likeable chap. On the pitch he's a different animal, but that's a different game.
  8. Agreed. it works for the top teams and is en vogue at present, especially on the continent, but neither Man City OR Liverpool played 433 yesterday and I cant see us getting in the Europa League any time soon. You have to be adaptable these days, but for a start against most teams in this league, WE have to be the ones pushing and on the front foot, and 4231 suits us and our players more than 433 does.
  9. This fella is out of contract. Wages might be an issue but could solve a problem if on a short-term deal IF(?) he is fit that is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Denayer
  10. As for the delay in the annoucement and press embargo, this explains part of it https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_London_Bridge#:~:text=Operation London Bridge (also known,death of Queen Elizabeth II.
  11. I was 30 minutes out. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61585886 Heard it from too many different sources for it not to be true.
  12. Update: announcement at 6pm today. She's dead.
  13. Apparently already gone. they're waiting for the rest of the family to reach Balmoral before announcing it. I've heard from a pal that works at The Scum, and another who's a pa for a Baroness.
  14. Yeah, sorry I bit. I love my Norfolk roots, some of the fans of my club, not so. Sick of the trickle-feed London-abuse, had it loads at Carra Rud over the years. When asked with a "get orf moi laaand" styleed question of why I supoort Cidee with my accent, I usually replied, "I'm in it for the trophies". That usually kills it. Anway i've calmed down now a few absolute weapons showed their true colours over getting excited on here about putting one on Truss. Flecking laughable states...so many wrongs...so called men in 2022. #cretins
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