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  1. spencer 1970

    Amadou off?

    Ama do one.
  2. spencer 1970

    Who do you want to go down?

    any 3 from these 19 - Liverpool Man City Leicester City Chelsea Man Utd Tottenham Wolves Sheffield Utd Southampton Arsenal Crystal Palace Everton Burnley Newcastle Brighton Aston Villa West Ham Bournemouth Watford
  3. spencer 1970

    Photo Question for a "pressure off" weekend.

    Thanks chaps. I was well out. I thought it was Drewe Broughton (R), Kenton (L) and Llewellyn kneeling...rubbish. ...and indeed, a lovely kit, I had both H and A shorts.
  4. Just found a random/daft Delia photo online and wondered who the youth team players are. I reckon I who 3 of them are but couldn't get the top middle 2. 10 points, ultimate respect from your peers and a signed letter from Victor Segura in the post for getting all 5.
  5. spencer 1970

    Draw for 4th round of the FA Cup

    I hope so mate.
  6. spencer 1970

    What did we learn. Vranic must start.

    I'd add that if Cantwell would have started instead of Onel with the reverse switch happening once Todd would have tired, then we would maybe have been more effective. Onel hasn't brought much much quality of late as teams seem to have worked out he's not as widely dynamic as some others we have. I thought the Spuds weakeness was on that side and we could have put them to the sword earlier. I'm not complaining though, a decent performance all said and done bar a rash "2019" challenge that got punished and a few not jumping in the wall.
  7. spencer 1970

    Do you think we will stay up?

    If we carry on flipping between bad and inconstant with the odd flash of how we can play...not enough, we're down. However, if we can push on and turn those flashes of brilliance into form AND we're still only a few points off 17th (as we are now), then who knows. We'll know I bit more after the Palace game on NYD as that and a few games in-between are winnable.
  8. spencer 1970

    Anyone seen Big Vince ?

    Ha! Pretty much everyone I know that calls themselves "Big" has simply spelled or said the word "Fat" incorrectly.
  9. spencer 1970

    Zimmermann Zimmermann Zimmermann

    See, this is what happens if you listen to hardhouse.
  10. spencer 1970


    ...and Jose is in. Modern toss football at it's most mental. My spud mates are screwing'!
  11. Friday night, 2 and a half hours before kick off and not a peep...They hate us don't they? Lots of chat about a game in 2 days though...been the same all week.
  12. spencer 1970

    Fabio Quagliarella

    I reckon some of the posters lot would do this to our team https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2740487-inside-the-stalker-hell-of-italian-footballer-fabio-quagliarella poor ol' Quags.
  13. spencer 1970

    Jack Rodwell

    Can we recall Sean Raggett? worth a look maybe?
  14. spencer 1970

    £906 million

    more than that CK. Here's the full list