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  1. Delia Smith stoked the social media fire when she said '10-20 per cent' of Norwich City fans were 'whingers'. ...I'd say it's nearer 50% Mrs Smith. I reckon we're up there in the ranking of moanyest fans.
  2. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/mortified-todd-cantwell-hooked-rangers-31569811 Mortified Todd Cantwell hooked by Rangers after 35 MINUTES as brutal Philippe Clement call sees star rage in dugout The playmaker could barely believe it after Ross McCausland replaced him amid a error-ridden display.
  3. He was out injured for a while and is edging back into the side, Plus, he started at the weekend. OP, do you read The Daily Mail?
  4. The money will fund the purchase and restoration of Holt Hall, near Gresham's School. The man is a TC. Obvious it's obvious.
  5. Good luck surviving in London on £20K a year?! Hopefully thats propped up with sponsorship money.
  6. I know it's not been great, but tying not to be knee-jerk like a lot were 25 months ago (how did that turn out), hasnt Wagner had his best players either sold (remember this), or more importantly, his front 2 out, and his captain out for most or all of this season so far. the spine has been desimated no? Simply trying to take the emotion to take the weekly on/off emotion out of it as theis is how we got here (25 moths ago)...right? He has done some good with VERY limited funds. i'm not sure most on here actually realise how skint we actually are. I think if the binners weren't doing what they're doing, it wouldn't be so worrying...but do not fear, i feel they're just about to get found out. i'll wager we'll be on 15 years in no time.
  7. Agreed, he was most to blame for the Plymouth debacle. "Proper Fred Karno's" as my Grandad would have said. ...and to answer the others, barring the standard few stray passes, Gibson was solid and put in some vital blocks. We do seem to love to hate our own eh?
  8. I was there. Was a great debut. Promising that he didn’t look out of his depth at all against an "international" front 4, who've all plenty of experience. The lad Fisher, although rough, with a raw technique at times, looks to be a great tackler with very good positional sense. Great to see a full back who can actually defend. some step up from being an inexperienced non-league player a few months ago, to marking an ex-Brazilian international last night.
  9. Yes Capt'! A quick Google tells me that £40k in '75 is £317k in todays money, and bizarrely enough, is only £17k off what Chippy cost us £80k / £300k. I'm not sure which was the better bargain, but I'd put them both in my all-time NCFC XI.
  10. "he's on his way to Nottingham from Rotherham, as the NCFC team are at a hotel there". Is it The Fred Karno's Lodge?
  11. The highlight of going to Fulham away many times in the last 30 years, was was a midweek game seeing us take a 0-2 first half lead via 2, yes TWO, Graeme Dorrans penalties. We drew 2-2.
  12. Best away performance last season = Millwall. Best player of said match = Onel. He's an absolute handfull on his day. Agreed, this is a bit daft, but he can take the stick I'm sure.
  13. it's been mentioned before, but as for the winner, the last Norwich player to touch the ball before Idah tapped it in was Nunez, and when he crossed it, Idah was still onside. The ball was then chested (badly) off a Hull defender, so he couldnt be offside. Goal. Deal with it Rosey jnr.
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