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  1. Makes sense...keep defending like this and we will not survive...injuries or not

    Must go

    I have avoided this message board over the past 5 days. I was gutted after the no show on Saturday and I was down in the dumps regarding our prospects of survival. I deemed it better to steer away from the message board , iso posting about my feelings and whining etc... The usual stuff about the ownership was bound to come up again after our thin squad was depleted by injuries...and then wasn't up to the task ahead against AV. Yet after reading through the thread here , it is clear that there is no clear solution to the problem. Money will not help us stay up imho. The project is a good one and very commendable, but in this situation each club would have difficulties yet taking some more risks on the transfer market , might have made us a bit more resilient...yet I don't think it would have helped that much. I like the project , but I fear it will come to nothing if we go straight back down... even just a few seasons of PL football would do the club , the project etc. a world of good...because of the experience on the pitch , but also because of the £

    Match thread

    I want to stay in the PL ... how about you? This is pathetic!!! Remember Colchester?

    Match thread

    We are going down, sorry, it's early days I know, but with the injuries and this kind of defending... I am sorry...

    Cantwell injury

    Oh please, let this just be a niggle... that's what came to my mind... we just cannot afford another injury...
  6. Well it's a bit too tough to take atm...
  7. I'm afraid I just can't share the optimism this time... Lakey got me in a more positive frame of mind before the Man City game ("let's give it a good go, you never know!") , but we hardly have anybody left to play !!! I know I am exagerating but it does feel like it I just don't see it happening at the moment , a team like Norwich missing 6 starters!!! I'll take a draw against Villa at the moment
  8. This doesn't look good if we can't beat this lot...smh
  9. Thanks for sharing this Til

    Northern Canaries - Consultation

    I've paid for it! They can put the money I spent in a piggy bank for a new stadium ( I can't get any tickets with it).. That's the point , if they'd said 100 £ but we can guarantee you a ticket...I would've paid for it (not saying that this is workable)... this 50 £ for nothing...that's what I think is just unfair

    Northern Canaries - Consultation

    Sorry to bring this up again.. STADIUM EXPANSION...NEW GROUND ANYONE??? I am sorry , but this has shown we need some more seats in the ground...we could fill a 35 k stadium for sure... (rant over)

    Standard Memberships

    hypocrisy is a word that springs to mind... I bought one and had to upgrade ... as I saw that is was dead meat...(no cap on amount of premier memberships ... ) the flees were already circling round the meat a minute after I'd paid...

    Membership Scheme Meetings.

    Thanks Do you really think there will be a change coming in the short term? I definitely concede that I was being naive when I purchased a standard away membership because I thought I couldn't get to many games anyway...thinking I would stand a chance if I wanted to go... But having to upgrade instantly to have nearly no hope either, was the spark to protest and join others who were p!$$ed off... 22nd of Oct ...
  14. Painful to mention this, but f%(€ING Lawro was right

    Crystal Palace Tickets

    no chance (literally) ,...I'm only a standard member...
  16. That's it ... they don't have a team (yet)... It's this fascination with money... You might need to sign good players , but money is not the key to success , a lot of supporters still see it that way. You need to spend to be able to keep competing in the long run , but just splashing out 150 million £ doesn't guarantee you anything. Their team hasn't "gelled" , that's gonna take time
  17. This one was the loudest imo , my memory goes back to 1986... There have been some loud moments and good atmosphere, but this one...

    Player Ratings

    Agree Ricardo...but our lad Cantwell...you know

    Bring on MOTD. Can't wait......

    Good point, totally agree

    Lakey and me 1 most others 0

    Glad you won! Otbc!!!!

    Match Thread V ManC

    Omg...this VAR is cr@p too you know...sitting here w8ing 4 it to come on the screen

    £906 million

    Omg... when will the bubble burst? Sooner rather than later... Man City ... big club? No , owned by big investor... The money has spoiled the game imo But would I want some Asian prince buying NCFC ? No , I don't think I would

    NFL Thread

    Oh yesss, seen them Bills? Comeback from 16-0 down and after a 4 turnover first half. This teams defense will be something to be reckoned with and offense is picking up...circle the wagons #GoBills

    NFL Thread

    Offence looked toothless, defence was good enough...but you're playing Rodgers, he'll always find a pass.... I hoop Allen finds a few tomorrow