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  1. Who's agreeing with it then...? I don't listen to it either and I wouldn't know about it if I wasn't on here or on tw@tter. Being critical of how our approach has been ... do you see that as agreeing with these w*¨%ers? Or should we just go with the flow and accept losing so many games in a row and being rooted to the bottom of the PL yet again after spending "so much money". There is a self-inflicted problem too , I think even you would be prepared to admit that.
  2. Not far from the truth this... Everybody has their opinion, either it's the money or it's selling your best players or it's the tactical nouse of our manager, etc... But in the end it's only ourselves we've got to blame... That's where the Brentford comparison is valid. They are brave and have taken the game to the opposition...I haven't seen us really do this yet this season...I mean from the off . We did put in a good defensive display against Burnley, so let's hope we become braver and more self assured
  3. Not even gonna bother watching, I've seen the football I wanted to see
  4. I agree with this . I think it's a very good thing that we stopped the rot and a goalless draw shows our defence held tight. Yet my expectations haven't changed. If we have to be ecstatic about this, then what chance do we realistically still have. Imho I saw two Championship quality sides battle itout for a draw. Not a lot of PL quality on show. This is no criticism, just my feeling while I was watching the game. This could easily be a Championship game, ...next season. But I hope not, and I hope we won't be in the chumps next season. First point of hopefully many more, but forgive me for being a bit reserved
  5. I understand...but do we have the players for this? I 'm not convinced we do
  6. Nail on the head, that's what's essentially missing from this team. I like Normann , but he does not seem to be the hard grafting DM in the style of Drinkwater, Kante ,... Just think back to the seasons under Lambert , where Holt was our Focal point up front. This was a comfort for the midfield as he could hold up play as the midfield got themselves organised. That's why I think there's not much use in even contemplating this kind of system , we don't have the players for it...
  7. Well, I have posted it here before. Silence , total silence or standing with your back to the playing field when the team takes the field, maybe with a banner. That is one of the most powerful ways to show the ones in the box seats that the end of the line has been reached. I don't want it to get this far , but I think that would be a very powerful way No booing , no rioting , etc...
  8. I would make that very hard decision if we come away with nothing from the next two! Like others I don't like the fact that we have to part with someone who has been such a servant to the club, but the harsh reality is what it is! If we just let him at the helm , then the ship will sink imho... If (big IF) we get someone in that has the necessary experience and the knowledge , than it would be the right decision.
  9. I feel sixteen (Sechszehn, seize,...16)!!!! losses on the bounce says enough
  10. I feel the supporters should make themselves heard (no booing though )... Next home game should be one where everybody involved at ncfc knows we are not putting up with it anymore! A powerful way of doing this , is silence...absolute silence... How, oh how...could we get this organised? Not at Norwich, people will cheer , even if the club are the absolute laughing stock of the country
  11. Yes it is, I'll eat my shorts if we don't get relegated
  12. You couldn't be more right there AJ ! It's not just the money... it's the right frame of mind and the kick up the ar$e or the pat on the back you get from the coach who is good at motivating his players or giving them a hiding when they're due one! We've had a manager or two that were good at that part and they did keep us up a few seasons...
  13. Next match we should be handing our paper bags at CR , to put over our heads when the opposition we're supposed to beat score a 4th minute opener after a defensive mix up. No booing , just silence and the crackling of paper bags. Same way to get your point across. They do it in the states and it has an enormous effect.
  14. Not going to happen Lakey , I don't have a crystal ball and I am not claiming to have one. But the confidence has gone and one touch of brilliance from Everton... = back to square one imho
  15. Yep , I don't see anything changing very soon. Those who think we will beat Everton on their home patch are living in cuckoo land
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