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  1. I agree with the OP WE still have a chance and it's within our hands. Sergent has scored a goal, this alone will give him confidence, we need to drop Pukki to the bench and play him as our centre forward. The players must be hurting from last night and should and must put things right Wednesday if we win then there's a good chance of playoffs, it's going to go down to the last kick of the season. I just hope somehow Middlesbrough doesn't play us and get knocked out before the final. Or we get one over them after last night. We need to get behind them!
  2. Yes we may think our manager is dire, dull and boring. There's something been amiss at Carrow Road since covid hit. But where is the support for the team? 1-0 up hardly a song or cheer afterwards until we went 2 up. Then at 3-0 when the place would previously be rocking fans where leaving in their droves from the 85min mark, why? What message and encouragement can that give to the players? We have absolutely no right to think we'd thrash everyteam, we're not going to. What is going on? The players probably need a lift from the fans but we're sitting quiet, and the claps make me think we're watching a game of snooker.
  3. Webber told Smith, during the 23/24 season do not make us the laughing stock of the PL. So he makes sure we don't go up this season. Masterstroke right?
  4. Only Gary Megson has a worse Percentage. Says it all... Name Nat From To G W D L %W Gary Megson December 1995 21 June 1996 32 5 10 17 15.6 DEAN Smith 15 November 2021 Present 34 6 7 21 17.65
  5. Maybe we need to change the way we play. The current ways is making us be bottom exactly like last time,
  6. This season I've had a seat in front and next to us where casual fans have brought myself included for my son. Ideally I'd like to purchase one of these as a season ticket next season so we don't have to move. How long did you spend on a ticket waiting list before being offered one?
  7. Agree with this and the Chelsea game move, gives us a very handy 20 day break to recover from any niggles and to regroup and work on things in training to give the last few games a good push. I don't understand the negativity of the game move. We field and go for both games either side and play some fringe players for Chelsea
  8. He was immense today. Linked well with Pukki. Sargent looked better on the wing too.
  9. Who Who hired these scouts? Webber on the cheap
  10. We lost interest just before farke went. It was the best time for him to go. But Webber didn't have a plan when he was sacked Ended up with Smith. Very similar to the hugheton days I think just a squad not as good
  11. We have money according to Townshend. 50/60 million was quoted we just don't like parting with cash
  12. I want to know why the club arnt accepting people to the waiting list still. Seems shortsighted to me. My son been to 4 games and want to go to more. But I derwent bore him this season
  13. New chant anyone? Webber blamed it all on before. But he pissed it All. Oh webber just f#k off
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