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  1. In which case this model will never work. No one would work with webber before except Farke. Farke makes same mistakes week in week out at this level. I believe if last season was a normal one we'd never got ourselves back up. Now I want this to work but it won't. We have to make progress and now is the time to twist but the board are too inept to change things early on. Maybe it's time Delia took a lesser role
  2. I really want Farke to succeed with us and to remain. But I just can't see us getting more than 20 points, under him all season. What happens if we get to 10 games without a point let alone 3 should he go then? We need to capitalise on what we've spent and achieved last season and build on staying up and further. Atm just can't see it happening. If we get to 10 games we're a quarter of the way through and we could be adrift by then. I'll give him to game 12 to be within touching distance of 16th.
  3. Isn't just temu the midfield should be getting shots on target.
  4. I'm not going moan about the offside fact is we didn't make their keeper work. We deserved too loose that awful
  5. Says it all we're not going stay long.
  6. It's rubbish for home supporters too, really can't see why you can't ppv games online. Should be easy to do...
  7. I was there as too as smiley In my younger days. I remember putting a html code to make my signature more appealing and pretty much breaking the site for a day or 2. We also had word assosiation games from memory?
  8. We're just not good enough. We'll be close in alot of games but we will be lucky to finish higher than 19th
  9. How wasnt their number 27 playing him onside?
  10. https://fb.watch/7GfZaIa7yk/ I don't understand where the air is between cantwell and their defender. VAR knew they messed up, as they usually/used to show the reasons for it on the screen
  11. I thought it was closed due to building work? Where's the best alternative places to park?
  12. Have you had any luck getting the covid pass onto Google pay would make things simpler
  13. I'm hoping to take my 6yo son to some games this season, ideally I'd like a season ticket, but it doesn't seem possible to get one of these, nor get him onto a waiting list, so the next best option would be getting a under 12s membership. Have any of you been successful in getting tickets for your children on this membership, after applying and he would be in the lowest priority group with never attending a full match. And we'd like 3 seats next to each other. Our usual seat had a spare seat for 1 person for a number of years until the current occupier brought his season ticket.
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