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  1. Are you looking for any players for this season matches?
  2. Just wondering if anyone is from Gorleston here?
  3. It shows today that we are comfortable in passing around ourselves confident in attacking and defending, but missing that killer ball to open tightly organised teams up. We''re probably 1 or 2 players away from being a class side in this league. And team spirit is very high and farke although maybe not a great tactical changes is a fantastic man manager he made sure he congratulated every player and put an arm round for support and acknowledgement of their hard work today.
  4. www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11688/11486355/ipswich-v-norwich-to-be-shown-live-on-sky-sports-red-button
  5. Atleast we won''t be embarrassed on national tv then.
  6. Any ideas where we can watch the derby match, i cant make the beam back but can''t see any tv listings
  7. You only have to wonder into Norwich and see how poor german design and construction is. Bland Norwich Market where the rising roofs don''t work. And Roselane car park again built by Germans
  8. ill be going just need to spend some money joys of divorce spend now save latter
  9. When will the renewal pack come? I need to buy next season''s asap and stop my direct debit. Also I wonder if the club would allow me to buy out remainder of this seasons instead of using direct debit. any one knows?
  10. where does its drop off on match days and pick up from? First website looks a bit vague, I haven''t used a bus since my college days
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