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  1. Is that Elliott Ward? He shouldn't be anywhere near a worst team. Neither should Kane.
  2. Well yeah but we couldn't give Man City £13/14m for him like Southampton have.
  3. Agreed. I might just go for Leitner as he is probably the one more than anyone else who makes the whole thing work. His football brain is second to none in this league. But I wouldn't want to play many games without Tettey either.
  4. Redmond would probably be quite a good fit for this team now with his ability to take the ball in tight spaces and the way he looks to link up.
  5. Just with regard to his record at other clubs since he left, people compare everything to what happened here but how many managers bring promotions/titles to every club they go to? The majority of managers out there are keeping their club afloat (or trying to) in whatever league they are in.
  6. Absolutely love the guy for what he did here. Three years as good as they come for a Norwich fan. Can''t say I want him to see him there but it won''t take away from what he did for us.
  7. Wonder how Jerome would have seen things had he not had a club/contract.
  8. Was saying last season it is obvious he''s got a brilliant football brain. Such a clever player. Nobody keeps the ball better than him in this league. A joy to watch.
  9. I didn''t "downplay" them as narrow. They were all 1 goal winning margins. That is as narrow as a win gets.
  10. He''s the one we''ve missed most but we don''t know if he can do it in this league... Doesn''t quite add up.
  11. We had a decent little run of narrow scoreline wins. Then against two of the stronger outfits we''ve taken 1 from 6. Too much has been made of those 4 league wins in a row. And the weaker links in the recent games have been the youngsters, particularly Buendia and Cantwell.
  12. I thought they did a pretty good job at limiting us to not a lot. Final ball a bit lacking and Pukki not really in it.
  13. Yeah, we''re not getting enough from Cantwell and Buendia. Lewis couldn''t get near Ince.
  14. In fairness, Foden is in the Man City first team squad playing for the best coach in the world... that takes some doing. He and Sancho are quite simply outstanding talents. So I''d have no problem seeing them get in the England squad now because they are the future.
  15. How sh*t are PNE to actually be below them?
  16. Well it is a problem position because Pinto is the only one really proven to play at this level. I was saying pre-season that the fullback areas look dodgy. You don''t get anywhere in football without a robust defence.
  17. Very hard to see him getting anywhere near being England captain when you consider the level of guys who have had the job. Making the squad for a friendly in the next year or so will be hard enough.
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