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  1. GJP

    How good is Emi?

    Unbelievably good. You're not seeing a more naturally talented player at this club.
  2. He's a great passer. He keeps the ball. He scores goals. He creates goals. He wins tackles. He wins headers. With him and Emi in the team at the same time we play some brilliant stuff and those two clearly have an understanding (great football brains).
  3. In the last 10, 20 even 30 years we've not had many better in goal. Maybe none.
  4. GJP

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    I think he could play in midfield. But not at this level.
  5. GJP

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Would there not be benefit in training with better players and under better coaches? If they really want him it'll happen. And his people will know if the other big clubs are interested or not. If they advise him Spurs want him right now, they might not wait and there's no firm interest elsewhere then surely he's a goner. Only ifs though.
  6. He does track back but that's not what he's in the team for. He's in the team to hurt the opposition and he's become very good at that. Kane is obviously very good at sticking the ball in the net but Sterling is the one who brings it all together in the final third. Sancho is obviously a great prospect but Sterling delivers more.
  7. Absurd to describe Sterling as a luxury player. He also has an excellent understanding with Kane.
  8. Well generally teams do try to get the ball to their best/most dangerous player(s). And Sterling is one of the most dangerous players around.
  9. Had last night been a serious game against a serious team Sterling would have played.
  10. GJP


    I don't think I've ever looked at the team sheet and thought "Ugh, Tettey". For me he's a name you look for and hope to see.
  11. GJP

    Casino Royale

    Well exactly. Southgate has proven he will put talented young players in so there's no problem over that. And he's been putting JM in squads. To me it looks like he's saying to JM "You're this close, go that extra bit and show how much you want it." I don't really know how much Southgate cares about the casino thing but there is clearly something about JM that doesn't sit quite right with him and is perhaps at odds with the good guy image JM tries to project.
  12. GJP

    Raheem Sterling

    I love Norwich but I love football generally. This is a great Norwich team so it's a joy to watch them. But I will also be looking forward to watching Kevin De Bruyne because he's the best midfielder in the world. Similarly Sterling is one of the most dangerous forwards and Aguero is one of the most deadly finishers. Etc. Overseen by the best coach in the game. Even those times when Suarez scored for fun against us, we may have made it easier for him than it should have been but you still knew the guy was on totally another level to anyone else.
  13. GJP

    Maddison and Mings

    Yes. Though, maybe, AWB is not as good in attacking positions as Max but defensively he is better.
  14. GJP

    Frank Lampard

    Guardiola did ok at Barca. Zidane has had reasonable success too.
  15. GJP

    James Maddison article re U21s

    Madness not starting Foden if he's fit and available.
  16. Playing for Celtic hasn't done Virgil van Dijk much harm.
  17. AWB is a very good defender, to say the least.
  18. GJP

    Buendia cost 5 Million then .

    Whatever we paid for him it was worth it. The most exciting talent I can remember seeing in a Norwich shirt.
  19. England started the game with Chilwell (22), Rice (20), Rashford (21) and Sancho (19). And Sterling is still only 24.
  20. GJP

    Grealish or Bamford

    Grealish is a very good player.
  21. As comebacks go, that was decent. They wanted it more.
  22. GJP

    Super Mario

    Unbelievably good at football.
  23. GJP

    Relegated without Buendia?

    Regardless of the stats, Buendia is just another level. By a mile the most exciting prospect I've seen at Norwich.
  24. GJP

    Another interesting analysis of Norwich

    Hard to know where the ceiling is for him, apart from that it is high and probably higher than any other player Norwich have had.
  25. GJP


    Sublime player.