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  1. Just what a find he was, not his best game last night but what a goal that was and he didn’t stop running his socks off, absolute pitbull of a player with class and vision. Our scouting network has been completely transformed. Him and Onel will worry a lot of defenders if we go up.
  2. If we went up who you want us 1) to buy and 2) to get rid of. 1) any of Che Adams (Birmingham), Matt Grimes (Swansea) as replacement for Tettey, Daniel James (Swansea), Fraser Forster (Southampton) 2) Nelson Oliviera, James Husband, Steven Naismith, Matt Jarvis and Ben Marshall
  3. Also McNally to Arsenal where you read that the Beano?
  4. Why sell Grabban? Hardly gonna help a rival unless you mean to get relegated
  5. Bradley was solid for me in Premier League so much so he was linked with England squad at one point Some people wrote him off but been there done that but how is Grabban proven?
  6. Swansea and Southampton haven''t done bad have they? We don''t always have to think small
  7. You obviously have the inability to read. Success is down to Paul Lambert on the field and the beauty the rewards bring with it. Was McNally giving dressing room talks at halftime then? If we go down again this window will be our downfall. Not addressing our defence is a massive concern. Arguably we wouldn''t need one of the promotions you listed on your three or the Wembley experience had he acted sooner.
  8. Huge loss on what basis? Your inability to grasp reality? We had parachute payments, had players on automatic wage reductions and went straight back up. You are in cuckoo land of you think we made a loss in their multiple millions. Yes the blanket cheque does not arrive on Day One but the transfer budget would and should of been there. It was our lack of business acumen which cost us.
  9. No no and no He deserves to be no where near the team, he will kill morale before Xmas if he gets ahead of Jerome or Hooper Against Palace he proved he was not good enough Take the money and run for the hills of Cromer or wherever there are some in the pancake land of East Anglia
  10. He is still at Fulham and Celtic right? This man is not a magician, far from it. He got lucky with Lambert who masterminded our return to the promise land. The debt being repaid was solely down to him from the on field success we enjoyed. He has done well with Alex Neil but it is early days. We were best team and squad in league last year and should of gone up. It''s not like we went from League One to Premier League in successive seasons like under Lambert, that was pure genius. For all the successes there has been failures. He failed to keep the best manager we ever had, who I can only believe feels he was not supported as he certainly didn''t go to Villa for an endless transfer budget. The he appointed an underwhelming Chris Hugton who lets face it no one was excited about and arguably we played the worst and most negative since Hamilton''s reign. What was worrying was the failure to act quicker by sacking him when it was clearly we were nailed on to go down. We had him far too long and then in the most bizzare of circumstances we appointed Neil Adams which was a pure unspeculated gamble. From his 5 games to try and rescue us he had an impossible challenge but none the less we allegedly scouted Europe for the best, were told a new manager be announced within a week yet it took weeks for confirmation that in fact we had the best in Neil Adams. We have had the Joe Royle calamity, the calamity to send a Championship rival our best defender in Seb Bassong. Can you really imagine Daniel Levy or Jeremy Peace sanctioning such a deal, it is the equivalent of loaning John Terry to Man City, it would and never should happen. The scout appointments have been very uninspiring, the network almost does not exist based on current signings. The Football Board has been laughable. We spend £9m on Ricky and that appears to make us scared every to spend money again. Where was the due diligence on this signing. Did our chief scout really think someone as lightweight as him would set the Premier League alight with so little pace. This transfer window again has been farcical, we are the embarrassment of the tabloids and broadsheets with comical pursuits of Robbie Brady making £2m initial bids. We then reject a £7m deadline pursuit from Bournemouth for Grabban who has made it perfectly clearly he wants out. Already suspended how does a team, a player and more importantly the fans really get passed this. This is not the Wayne Rooney story of years ago who clearly wanted more money, this is a player who acted in the most unprofessional way imaginable. We have no striker in other than MBokani but with one up front will Grabban really return to the fold ahead of MBokani, Jerome then Hooper and we always have Lafferty if needed. The bids reported by Sky for Naismith, Gayle, Walters and then interest for Murray show blind panic and no cohesive it definitive approach. We now have Bassonn, Martin (playing his career at right back until recent) and the enigma that is Ryan Bennett at centre back in a defence that is proven to leak goals and has already been relegated. We have had all summer to rectify our obvious priority. Then unexplainable we sell Bradley Johnson out of no where, our player of the season who scored 15 goals last season. Goals like this are hard to come by. Bradley is a true professional who gave his all for the club. Hughton suffocated everyone offensively but Bradley worked hard and has ended end product for a man in his peak. First game was not great but how can we be so flippant to disregard him after that one game, it''s saddening and £6m does not go far as we know these days, blimey Jacob Butterfield was £4m and is not a patch on our midfield warrior. I only want the best for this club but am deeply worried and think McNally is culpable for a lot of this, had we acted sooner arguably we would of not been in Championship last season. In addition this man is getting richer and richer with insane bonuses while using fans as cash cows, increasing ticket prices, increasing memberships, having a one kit for one season policy, bringing three kits out which are all yellow and green which again makes a mockery of the club. The ability to hand plastics memberships for one game to go to play-off shows the mercenary nature of him.
  11. He needs to after that shambles Maybe his bonus is linked to profit the club makes If he gets a bonus this year the board need to be strung up at City Hall If we lose to Bournemouth then in the words of the fabulous and charismatic Ricky Wilson "I predict a riot"
  12. You are absolutely right we have been wonderful in transfer market in recent years What is most concerning is the lack of a plan. We were bidding for anyone and everyone at the end, Naismith, Gayle, Walters Absolute blind panic
  13. Will need to be erected if Alex Neil saves us from this utter shambles God knows where all goals will come from now McNally shafted is with our player of season and clean sheets for that matter considering we couldn''t do it last time in this league. Bassong, Martin and Bennett as our centre backs is horrendous, Championship outfits have better
  14. Not sure how anyone can be a fan. Ok he has made excellent appointments with Lambert and Neil but he makes too many mistakes. Chris Hughton being one and dragging his term on to long when it was obvious to everyone but him. The appointing Neil Adams, we allegedly scouted Europe and knew who we wanted yet it took weeks to confirm Neil Adams on back of 1 point in 5 games. Our transfer policy has been a joke for some time and that includes the scouting system. Last year we wasted money on Odjidja and Lafferty and Miguel costing £10m combined. We bought likes of Wolf who we can''t even give away. The good signings are few and far between. We now have five strikers in Mbokani, Jerome, Hooper, Lafferty and Grabban when we play one up front. It was key we should of sold the poison that is Grabban as we will never get another £6m offer
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