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  1. Don’t get me wrong Cantwell has at times done ok this season but it’s totally beyond me how anybody would leave Hernandez on the bench to start him. In my opinion Hernandez and Stiepermann have been our biggest threats going forward this season. I think Hernandez and Buendia wise give us good balance also. I’m not saying Cantwell is a poor player but he’s not quite ready yet.
  2. Forgot about mcclean maybe him for Stiepermann if he’s not fit. Good point
  3. So with no Klose and no Tettey what would everyone do Friday? i think I would be tempted to go with Krul Aaron’s Zimmermann Hanley Lewis Godfrey Vrancic Buendia Stiepermann Hernandez Pukki If Stiepermann isn’t fit to start I’d maybe drop Pukki back in the hole and play Rhodes.
  4. What’s everybody’s thoughts? I’d go with : Krul Aarons Zimmermann Klose Lewis Tettey Trybull Buendia Leitner Stiepermann Pukki I think we may keep the same team and if that’s the case couldn’t really argue.
  5. I can’t see another thread on this so I’ll start one. I would go with : Krul Aarons Zimmermann Klose Lewis Tettey Leitner Buendia Pukki Stiepermann Rhodes I would like to see Trybull involved soon as I think he’s to good to be sitting on the bench but with Saturdays win and injuries in mind that’s what I would go with. What’s everybody’s views??
  6. Ok cheers how much and where can I pick them up? Cheers
  7. Wildschut 7 million Naismith 8 million Klose 8 million Pritchard 7 million Huddersfield''s record signing is in the region of 3 million! Just sums it up really! And why have we still not bought Maddison on!!!!!
  8. I think it will be something like : Ruddy Martin Bennett Klose Olsson Tettey Howson Josh Murphy Pritchard Naismith Jerome
  9. Anybody know where I can get a couple as now sold out? Or know anybody selling any? Cheers
  10. Agree with feedthewolfs team I meant. Sorry new to all this!
  11. I''d have to nearly agree with that however can''t for the life of me see what so many people see in jerome. He''s lazy offers no movement and stands off side for most of the match. The team Saturday with grabban, hooper and wes worked much better than any team featuring jerome has done all season because at last we had movement in the final third!
  12. Pleased jerome dropped Not pleased Bennett playing Pleased bassong playing Pleased hoolahan playing Actually don''t think it''s too bad of a team!
  13. Does anyone know of any online threads to watch the game now wiziwig has gone?
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